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Writing morning pages – The art that changed my life

‘Does writing morning pages actually help you grow?’, this is the most common question that lands in my inbox every time I post my morning pages on my Instagram stories. Posting my daily morning pages on Instagram was my way to stay accountable to this beautiful art of opening-up yourself.

It has been roughly 7 months that I started writing morning pages regularly and I cannot even explain the change I have experienced throughout this journey.

writing morning pages

Morning Pages are the brain-child of the author Julia Cameron, ‘ The Artist’s Way’ where she states the incredible benefits of writing three long pages every morning without fail.

‘Morning pages are the three pages of longhand writing, strictly stream-of-consciousness’, she explains. There are some other beautiful tools inside her book but the concept of morning pages is way more appreciated.

My story of writing morning pages – the awakening

Truth be told, I’m not a morning person, and waking up early to write three pages was something I was never going to consider adopting.

However, the last December was the best month of the entire year when I decided to bring some changes in my life and started with picking this book to help me in my journey of creativity.


I went through the first chapter and it clearly mentioned the importance of writing morning pages along with some real-life stories.

I was quite impressed and amazed because I always admired journaling but never thought of diving into morning pages earlier. So this is how I started writing my first morning pages and kept posting them on Instagram.

After writing morning pages constantly for one month, I started seeing some mindset shift and my thoughts were indeed changing. I was turning into something I had only imagined but never thought it was possible.

New ideas came to me, my worries found an escape route, my anxiety had a place to rest and above all, I found myself. This was when I made it clear to write these pages daily, no matter what.

I do have missed some days when something urgent popped up from nowhere or I had to run for some morning errands. However, I realized that the truth behind escaping this routine of writing morning pages was my fear, I was scared of acknowledging my feeling and tearing myself up on these pages.

If you’re inspired enough to start your journey of writing morning pages, do not repeat my mistakes. It indeed is super scary to meet yourself ( new) or rediscover your completely new self when you start opening-up. But trust me, this journey will only help you to lead towards the path of your truth. Do it anyway!!

What are the morning pages?

As discussed earlier, morning pages are the three pages of longhand writing which are purely the stream of consciousness. You don’t have to make sense while writing your morning pages nor you have to edit them. Just go with the flow and write them down.

The best thing about morning pages is that there’s no wrong way of doing them. If three long pages seem intimidating at first, you can start with having two pages and gradually upgrade your style.

When I started writing morning pages, there were days when I was completely clueless and I had no idea what I should be writing. I literally used to write, ‘I don’t know what to write but I’m trying to find out’!! To my surprise, even on such days, I would end up clearing my head.

I always get so many questions regarding my process of writing morning pages because everyone writes in their own way and I found this style of writing more soothing and comfortable,

Here’s how I write my morning pages:

My process of writing morning pages

I clearly don’t have a positive mindset most of the days when I’m about to write my morning pages. Also, I have this weird habit of coming into consciousness after an hour of my waking time ( totally weird and you can laugh) but I need some time to get going after I wake up.

So clearly I’m not in my best mood while starting up and hence I had to find a way that works for me.

This is how I start my morning pages, ‘Today I’m feeling ___ and the reason is ___’ and the journey starts from there. I write all about what’s bothering me or taking space inside my head and how can I find more peace & joy even when things are uncertain.

These things help me shift my mind from pondering over darkness to looking at the silver lining, a ray of hope beams up as I continue writing these morning pages. This is the sole reason why I urge everyone to start journaling and writing morning pages.

They are the magical tools that will open up the entirely new world of hope and beginnings. However, we all have our own style of writing and also ranting, take your time, and find your voice. Always remember, there’s no right way of writing these pages except writing them, anyway!

How to write morning pages?

This isn’t going to be the typical guide of writing morning pages because this process is sacred and is so different for every individual. However, I’m going to walk you through some steps that will help you get started with this beautiful art of writing morning pages.

Step – 1: Have a dedicated space for writing morning pages

Having a dedicated space for pouring your thoughts on paper is super soothing. For this, just find a quiet corner of your home or your nook where you can write your morning pages without getting interrupted by anyone else.

I love writing my pages on my desk with this beautiful succulent by my side ( I so love plants and especially the indoor ones) You can also set it up as per your style by adding your favorites. When I started writing morning pages, I used to play some soft music to accompany me but now I clearly prefer complete silence.

Step- 2: Have a dedicated notebook or journal

Well, people usually prefer using a long notebook for writing morning pages while I love writing them in my journal. If you would have read my previous pieces on journaling, you would already know that I absolutely love journals, books, and everything about stationery items.

Having a dedicated journal will keep you accountable to show up and you will always love to write in your favorite book. Besides the journal, I also have my favorite pens that I totally love writing with. You surely need something smooth that flows as fast as your thoughts.

So this was all about setting up your space and having your journaling weapons before starting to write morning pages!!

Step – 3: Start writing those damn pages

What are you even waiting for? We got a quiet space and our favorite stationery things, now it’s time to start WRITING!! Write three pages about anything and everything and do not stop. Let your thoughts flow and free the space inside your head. Put your head down or maybe set a timer and start writing continuously.


It indeed will be daunting in the beginning to write three long pages early in the morning but trust the process. These miracle morning pages are going to gift you so much that you’ll always be super grateful.

Also, do not edit your pages, we are not here to become some highly renowned author. This practice is solely for you to acknowledge your feelings, let you meet yourself, open your heart, and know your truth. So leave grammar, editing, re-reading your stuff on the bay. You just need TO WRITE!!

Step – 4: Repeat this every day in  the morning ( NO EXCUSE)

If you really wish to see some results, you need to work on that. Writing morning pages will only be fruitful if you practice them regularly. On some days, you won’t feel like writing and I totally get it but you need to push yourself and show up on these pages.

Just have a short brain-dump session and write down everything that bothers you. Moreover, you don’t have to read or edit what you already wrote. This is just a tool, not a record.

I get this question a lot on Instagram ‘What if we don’t like to write?’, while there’s no other such alternative to writing morning pages. But for some tough days when you don’t really feel like writing, I have some mindful exercises to help you.

( Note – This isn’t an alternative to morning pages)

I will be adding a special section of such exercises inside my upcoming ebook. Join the waitlist and be the first one to receive all the juicy updates. These were literally the only steps to follow to start with morning pages.

Always remember, there’re no rules when it comes to journaling or writing morning pages. JUST WRITE!!

Now, if you’re still not tempted to start with your daily morning pages, keep reading for I’m sure after knowing the benefits of writing morning pages, you will be pumped enough to start.

Why you should write morning pages – the hidden gold

Writing morning pages helped me in the ways I can hardly describe. If you’re still on the fence, this section will help you get started with your journey of writing morning pages.

  • They clear your mind and help you gain a better perspective.

Every single morning when I show up to these pages, my mind is messy – literally a total mess full of the things I don’t even know. But as soon as I start writing, I realize this gradual shift in my mindset where I always end up with positive pep-talk or re-parenting myself.

Sometimes, you will be writing the most hurtful experiences of your life, something that will make you cry and feel shitty; on such days, listen to your inner child and re-parent yourself. Here’s how you re-parent your inner-child and help yourself heal. A bonus tip – Always end your morning pages with some powerful affirmations or by expressing gratitude.

  • Morning pages spark creativity

Writing morning pages every day can spark and boosts your creative juices. I get so many ideas to work upon while writing these pages. It makes you listen to your voice, open up to yourself, and dig the goldmine that’s hidden within.

That being said, morning pages aren’t solely for writers or creatives. They are for everyone who wants peace in life ( so literally everyone) Once your mind is quiet, you get clear thoughts and that helps you ignite your creative spirits.

  • Morning pages will help you slow down and find peace

When I started meditation as my morning routine, it was super difficult for me to just stay still and let my thoughts wander. If you’re someone like me who finds it difficult meditating than morning pages are the best way to slow down and find peace.

It indeed is the form of meditation where you let your thoughts flow on paper and allow peace to wrap you in its arm. ( I’m a poet so bear with my metaphors. lol) But seriously, these morning pages are like a warm hug and they will shake you up at the same time.

  • Morning pages open up the window to your soul

The journey to self-love and healing starts from acceptance. When you accept yourself the way you are, you start healing and this is what morning pages are here for. Writing morning pages will let you know about yourself, the raw you which will guide you to the path of self-acceptance.

Morning pages taught me to be fearless and stop thinking about what others expect me to be. This was a long journey that I have shared on this blog post here.

  • Morning pages help you crush your inner critic

When you practice re-parenting your inner-child, you listen to your deep hidden stories that were buried for a much longer time. This lets you be kind and compassionate to yourself and silent that little annoying voice inside your head that always says, ‘You aren’t quite enough’!!

Writing morning pages daily has made me still and listen to my heart. It’s my sacred space where I pour my worries, joy, fears, ambitions, dreams, and everything that I’m feeling. And I really want you to open up to yourself, for yourself, and grab this beautiful art of journaling.

I really hope that this piece helps you start your journey to writing morning pages and open an entirely new world for you.

I would be more than honored to answer all your questions on how to write morning pages or how to find time for writing morning pages because this really works and I want everyone reading this to start writing morning pages. ( got a little bossy here)

Do drop your questions, views, suggestions in the comments and I will get back to you the quickest. Also, I love to stay connected with my audience.

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