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My Daily Journaling Routine for Mental Clarity

What if I showed you my exact daily journaling routine that I use for my mental clarity?

Wondering what to write in your journal daily? It can be frustrating to stare at the blank page when you’re just beginning to journal and this can prompt you to leave journaling all together. Hence, here’s my exact process of my daily journaling routine.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on an Ultimate Guide to Journaling or Journaling to heal your anger, you’d know that Journaling is an integral part of my life ( well what else you can expect from a Journal Coach). Journaling changed my entire life by shifting my mindset, healing my inner child, bringing much-needed clarity and much more.

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In this post, I’m sharing my exact daily journaling routine that brings clarity and steadiness to my life. Besides, I always receive questions the same on my Instagram about my daily journal routine, so here it is.

If you’re new to journaling, you’d want to check out my detailed guide on How to begin journaling consistently.

I still remember struggling in my toxic job, barely making any living, and journaling to gain some clarity around the purpose of my life. Through journaling, I was able to leave my toxic job and build a business that serves my purpose of helping women step into their higher power.

I’m on a divine mission to help women realize how powerful, phenomenal and limitless we are. Journaling helped me to realize my worth and I’m sure, you’ll be guided through this art too.

Moving onto my daily journaling routine. However, I wanted to share my gorgeous journal before we actually dive into the daily journaling process that I use to gain mental clarity.

Unravel Yourself – A guided journal

Let me present to you my best-selling journal – Unravel Yourself. I published this journal on 9th September 2021 just when I decided to be a journal coach. Since then, this journal has helped over 500+ beautiful souls.

When I talk about Unravel Yourself, I feel this electric sensation run in my body. She is more than just a journal with some prompts. I wanted to make sure that I’m adding a personal touch for my readers so that you don’t feel alone during your journaling journey.

guided journal

Along with 31 mindful journaling topics, and 200+ journal prompts; I have shared 31 personal transformational stories from my life that will give you a profound reason to journal every day. Check out the journal here.

Now back to our post on my daily journaling routine.

My Daily Journaling routine for mental clarity:

To begin with, my daily journaling routine ( which mostly is in the morning) has five sections and in this blog post, I’m going to explain each in detail about each so grab yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s get started. Oh, it would be helpful for you to have a journal as well.

Journaling for me is a sacred space where I come home to myself. Your journal can be your thought-work book, creative outlet, stress buster, healer, a friend in need, or an expander. It’s how you choose to show up.

Section 1 of Daily Journaling routine for clarity – Braindump Journal section

If you’re someone like me who has bazillion thoughts running per minute, you would definitely need to have a braindump section.

I leave one separate page for all my brain dump exercises so as to have some mental clarity and space to think better.

I set my timer to 10 mins and dump all the thoughts that are occupying my headspace. These thoughts can be of my daily to-do list or something that someone said to me the other day that I’m still holding onto or just my mean little voice saying me to do things perfectly.

daily journal

Remember, your journal is your space and you don’t really have to follow any rules. Do what feels most exciting yet simple to you. I always prefer going with fun and simple things.

For your next journal session, carve some time for a brain dump. It will help you release all the unwanted thoughts that might be occupying your headspace. Include this in your daily journaling routine or even before bed to gain clarity and peace of mind.

Let’s jump onto the second section of my daily journaling routine. This is my favorite one.

Section 2 of Daily journaling routine for clarity – Setting intentions

I don’t really set goals for the day but I deeply believe in setting some powerful intentions. Intentions are nothing but the energy behind your actions.

So, if your goal is to finish up the pending work that you might be procrastinating on for a while, what’s your intention behind doing that work? How would you show up for the same?

If my goal for the day is to write a blog post or create content for my IG – I close my eyes and set some strong intentions for the same. How do I want my readers to feel when they read my work? How would I show up for them to provide them the most value today?

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Setting an intention for the day anchors me in my truth, in my being, in my authenticity. When you write your intention in your daily journaling routine, you remind your brain of who you are and you always show up from the place of ‘who we are’.

This is why I love setting intentions for my day.

In my journal, Unravel Yourself – I’ve dedicated an entire section to the rituals I follow during my daily journaling session.

Section 3 of Daily Journaling routine to gain clarity – Get in touch with my feelings

Being aware of how I feel is a huge part of my inner journey. When you know how you feel, it’s easier to shift those feelings and lean into a better state. I never ask you to feel always ‘good’ or to just ignore hard emotions.

As a human, it’s inevitable for us to feel always good and when you acknowledge all your emotions, you acknowledge your human experience.

In this human body, we are bound to feel shitty, we are bound to feel icky feelings and that’s totally okay. This is why journaling is here for you.

morning journal

In your daily journaling routine, add this section where you meet your feelings, accept them, and know that it’s completely okay to feel those feelings.

Then, I use Gabby Bernstein’s Choose Different method.

I choose the next best feeling consciously. Your feelings are created from your thoughts and you have the power to shift your thoughts.

If you’re feeling shitty; dive deeper and understand what are your thoughts here. Why are you feeling these feelings? Journal on them.

Now, choose a better thought, choose a better feeling and remind yourself that you possess the ultimate power.

But how can I stay in that emotion or feel that feeling the entire day?

Well, this brings us to the next section.

Section 4 of Daily Journaling routine for clarity – Choosing intentional actions

Here comes the juiciest part. Just setting intentions and feeling ‘better’ feelings won’t guarantee that you stay in alignment for the entire day. The main part of all inner work is ACTION.

In this section, you’re going to think of the ways you can stay in the feeling you wrote in section 3. Your daily journaling routine has to include some aligned action work in order to stay in the energy of your preferred feeling.

morning journal

Here’s an example from my daily journal; if I choose to be in a state of joy today – what are some of the actions I can take to do so? Maybe I can sit in nature for a while or dance my heart out or schedule some time to work on an exciting project or chat with an old friend.

Anything that anchors you back to your desired state is always worth doing.

If you find it difficult to spare time for this, I would suggest starting small. Also, I don’t believe in the scarcity of time. You always have time, it’s all about priority. Just similar to money; you have money but it’s all about what you need the most in the current moment.

Here’s a detailed journaling post about healing your money trauma.

With that, we’re heading towards the last section of our daily journaling routine for mental clarity. This last section is a little woo-woo and if you believe in the higher power, you’d love this.

Section 5 of daily journaling routine for clarity – Surrender

Now that you’ve done your part, it’s time to let Universe do hers. Surrender your intentions to the higher power / God / Source and let her guide you.

In this last section of my daily journaling routine, I remind myself of how supported and guided I am. How the Universe is always looking after me, how I’m truly guided and protected.

If you think a little deep, you’ll find the evidence from your very own life of how the Universe is always supporting you. You just need to TRUST and have unwavering FAITH.

daily journal

Again, if you need some prompts, my gorgeous guided journal has 200+ mindful prompts to help you with your daily journaling.

A gentle reminder, this is my system and I have found it after years of trial and error. It may or may not resonate with you but there’s no harm in trying. Maybe, on the way of journaling, you might find your very own style. The thing here is to show up with utter honesty.

When you treat your journal as a sacred space, you trust her, you know that you will find the way amongst these pages and that your journal will always guide you.

guided journal

Let me know in the comments – How can I help you more in your journaling journey? I would absolutely love that.

Do not forget to reach out to me just to say Hii on IG @yourjournalcoach. I love connecting with my amazing readers.

Why does this system of morning journaling routine work?

Even if you’re journaling as a beginner or an advanced journaler, this daily journaling routine will work for you. Here’s why:

  • This journaling routine gives you a clear idea of how you’re feeling.
  • It shows you what is necessary to do so as to silence the inner-chatter
  • Your daily journal sets you up for an aligned day
  • This guides you to look at the bigger picture of life and learn to surrender
  • (wink – wink) This journal routine has always worked for me.

Your journal doesn’t have to be perfect in order for you to experience the breakthrough. My journals are messy and I love that, there’s no space for perfectionism when I journal and I want you to give yourself permission to be imperfect too.

Let your journal be a beautiful mess even when you’re just beginning to journal. Explore your inner-self on these blank pages and let your journal guide you back home to yourself.

If at any point you feel stuck or you’re in need of daily journal prompts (because I do); here’s my gorgeous journal that I mentioned earlier. She is my best creation.

Also, if you’re excited to make journaling your daily routine or to use journaling for breakthroughs in your life, we have an amazing membership community of soul-led women who are here to step into their divine magic and live an aligned, abundant life. Check out our Journaling Collective Membership here.

My Journal spread for clarity – conclusion

The most important thing about having your daily journal routine is to have clarity and focus. You don’t have to stare at your journal aimlessly if you have a journaling routine or a structure for your daily journaling.

In meanwhile, you’re definitely going to find your own way of journaling that feels most aligned with you and there’s no compulsion to stick to just one journaling method.

I have a variety of journaling techniques and I seldom change my journaling spread to have some fun and joy in the process.

Here’re some of my favorite journaling techniques that you’d love to read.

Do feel free to drop in any questions you have for journaling or this daily journal routine. I’d love to answer them.

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