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Journaling to heal your relationship with money

How you can shift your money mindset through journaling?

I had been pondering on writing about healing the relationship with money and shifting my money mindset through journaling for a very long time. Since the 2020 pandemic, I am working actively on my money mindset and journaling has been the core of all the shifts, transformations, and manifestations I have experienced around money.

If you’re in a place or situation where you feel money is not enough or that you are struggling with the flow due to any reason, let this post help and guide you.

journaling for money mindset

My intention through this post is to help you reframe your limiting stories around money, heal your relationship with money and welcome the abundance into your lives.

Let me tell you, this transformation around money mindset through journaling demands work, active work on your thought process and if you devote yourself to following these, I’m sure you’ll welcome abundance into your lives because I have.

After having taken various courses around money mindset, reading books, and working on my broke, scarce mentality; I have paved my way to manifest aligned businesses for me and my husband. Let me show you how.

Heal your money story:

The stories we tell ourselves about money leave imprints on our subconscious. I carried many limiting stories around money that kept me stuck for a very long time and the worst part was, I was not even aware of these stories.

Anything that you believe about money that limits abundance to flow into your lives is your limiting story around money.

It’s so crucial to become aware of what are you thinking about money, and what you believe to be true about money and this is where journaling plays such a crucial role.

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Journaling will make you pause and think deeper, this art will make you realize what’s going on inside of your head and how you can shift or reframe that.

The question may arise; how do you know you’re carrying a limiting story around money?

Look at your finances, your business, or your job – Do you feel fulfilled and satisfied? Does your bank account make you feel safe and secure? If not, you have some underlying beliefs about money that are making you feel stuck.

We all have a money story. It’s how we were taught to think and feel about money by our parents, the culture we grew up in, the media that we consumed, and so on and so forth.

Journaling to shift your money mindset:

Journaling isn’t simply writing about your day, there’s so much more to it.

When you sit down to journal, you take time for yourself, pause and become conscious. In the busyness of life, we have forgotten to stop and really become aware of what’s happening inside our heads because our life is a direct reflection of our thoughts.

When you realize how your thoughts are impacting your life, and your money story; you’ll be prompted to do this work every single day.

If you’re new to journaling; here’s my detailed guided post on everything you need to know about journaling along with the science behind journaling.

Besides, here’s my guided journal that will help you begin your journaling journey and dive deeper into who you truly are.

Journaling for money mindset is all about getting your thoughts about money on paper that might be swirling around in your head. We are unaware of the limiting beliefs we are carrying about money and journaling gives you the opportunity to shed light on these beliefs, and stories and reframe them.

You don’t have to be an avid journaler in order to help yourself heal your money story. You just need to be willing and curious enough to know what stories or beliefs are making you feel stuck, and what is preventing you from living a financially abundant life that you truly deserve.

I want you to powder on each of the below journal prompts with curiosity rather than an eye of judgment. We all start somewhere, let this be your somewhere.

journaling for money mindset

Journal prompts to reframe your money mindset:

Here’re some money mindset prompts that will help you heal your money story or any wound you’ve been carrying around money.

1. What is your earliest memory of money?

Really think about this one, as at first, it might seem difficult to try and tap into such an old memory. Once you have time in mind, begin to expand upon the point by asking yourself more questions. Was it a happy memory? Was it tied to scarcity and confusion? Was it tied to frustration and anger? Where were you? What was happening internally? Who else was there? What emotions or beliefs were they displaying in relation to money?

2. What did you see, hear, and feel about money while growing up?

What did your family believe to be true about money? How did they talk about money in the family, with their kids? What did you always hear to be true about money in your family? What did your parents believe to be true about money?

What were some of the most common things you heard your parents say about money, positive and negative? There are many well-known phrases to do with the money that we hear all the time, like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “money makes the world go round”, or “money is the root of all evil”.

Did you hear any of these while growing up?

For me, my parents never really talked about money in front of us as if it wasn’t a topic of discussion. We were just told to save, save and save; nothing much. This is why I developed some weird spending habits. I always thought money was scarce and that I have to always save everything I receive.

When we are kids, we are like a walking sponge absorbing everything around us. It’s so necessary to unravel the childhood stories in order to heal your current relationship with money.

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3. What do you believe to be true about money?

What are your thoughts about money? What do you believe is true about money? Do you feel as though there’s never enough, or do you feel abundant and like you are always supported?

Here’re some of the examples of limiting stories around money. Take what resonates the most:

  • ‘I am not good at managing money ‘
  • ‘If I spend money, I will never have enough’
  • ‘I cannot have enough’
  • ‘I cannot save enough’
  • ‘I need to sacrifice my family time in order to earn’
  • ‘I am greedy for wanting more money’
  • ‘It’s actually a sin to have more money’
  • ‘ People with more money are bad people and have done something illegal’
  • ‘ Money is hard to earn and it requires a lot of hard work’
  • ‘You can always get it cheaper’.
  • ‘Living within your means is the best way to live.’
  • ‘God doesn’t want us to have money’.
  • ‘You shouldn’t make a lot of money by helping people.’

There’s so much trauma around money, especially for us womxn. We have been taught to play small, fit into some defined boxes, follow the rules, be a good girl which makes it further difficult to feel worthy of having abundant money.

4. How does having more money make you feel?

Do you feel confident when you have more money or do you feel guilty for having more money? Does having more money scare you? If yes, why?

Do you believe you will lose the relationships you have just because you’re earning or having more money? Do you believe that more money will make you look evil?

If you realize that money is just a resource and it amplifies who you are the – What does having more money mean to you?

Simply put, if you’re a good person with good intentions; having more money will simply amplify that. Because with that money you are going to do more good for the collective.

Money in good hands changes the world.

5. What do you think others will think if you have more money?

Are you worried that if you have more money, people will think you’re not a righteous person or that you’re an evil one?

Many times, we believe that people around us won’t accept us if we have more money if we fail to fit in. We think that they will judge us or consider us bad for having money.

Let me tell you the harsh truth about people:

What others think of you is not your business to think. People think according to their perception, experiences and thoughts – it has nothing to do with you.

When I understood this, I stopped giving others the power to rule my head.

When you stand in your truth, you don’t care of what others think of, or perceive you as. You know who you are and that’s all it matters.

6. What kind of relationship do you have with money?

How would you define your relationship with money? Think of this as a romantic relationship – how would you define it now?

Do you spend enough time knowing your finances? Do you pay attention, take care of, and appreciate the flow of money? How do you treat money in public?

Is it one of constant turbulence and drama? Are you providing for each other, or do you feel like you’re the only one doing the work? Do you feel fulfilled in your relationship? If not, what can you do to improve it?

What little steps you can take to enhance your relationship with money?

Maybe; plan money dates with yourself and get to know all your finances.

Journaling to shift your money mindset – conclusion

Working on your money mindset is a long-term thing and you are worth spending that time on healing your relationship with money.

I want you to take one step at a time, one prompt a day, and come back the next day.

Our brain needs repetition in order to reprogram and create new neuropathways.

If you’re wanting to dive deeper into this beautiful art of journaling, consider grabbing my journal – Unravel Yourself which has 200+ mindful journal prompts on 31 beautiful topics ranging from anger journaling, inner-child healing, limiting beliefs, creating abundance and so much more.

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