Are you ready to Unravel Your true self?

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Unravel Yourself - A guided journal to unearth your hidden magic

A 31 day guided journal that will take you from feeling lost, doubtful and disconnected to deeply guided, supported and aligned to your higher purpose. 

UNRAVEL YOURSELF - A guided journal to unearth your hidden magic

Here’s my tested manual to unearth your hidden magic and unravel yourself so as to live an aligned, purposeful and soulful life.

With 31 mindful topics and 200+ consciously designed prompts; this journal is everything you need to know your inner-self and unravel your profound truth.

Imagine how it would be like to wake up each day with new-found aliveness, abundance and appreciation!!

Unravel Yourself journal equips you with soulful prompts that will empower you to live your one single life with authenticity, dive deeper into finding your higher purpose and will make you realize how truly powerful, phenomenal and limitless you are.

This guided journal is more than just prompts and this is what makes her truly incredible.

With every journaling topic, I have drafted my raw, vulnerable story on how journaling shifted my mindset and changed my freaking life. I want my journalers to not feel alone as they journal and having true, life-changing stories will always anchor them to journal their heart out.

Journaling has changed my freaking life and I want you to have the similar experience

I picked journaling during the hardest, lowest period of my life when I was struggling with anxiety and felt lost, disconnected, out of alignment.

For over four years I worked at a toxic workplace that adversely affected my mental health and to help myself heal I picked journaling and it changed my whole freaking life.

It was only though this beautiful art of journaling that I was able to bring back my lost peace, re-connect with my higher purpose, heal my angry inner-child, know my worth and step into my power.

I’m utterly grateful to embrace this art and now teach the same to my fellow journalers.

What my incredible journalers have to say about Unravel Yourself

There’re different kinds of journaling and I’ve tried a fair share. From journaling about my days and highlights to journaling for productivity. But Sonia takes you on a journey through journaling, to go further and reach deep. With her mindful journaling, she guides you to get into the right mindset before you start writing, so already at the beginning, you start the healing process.

Nicole Van Gamberghe

guided journal


I absolutely fell in love with this guided journal instantly. From different journaling prompts to its explanation to your personal story, this journal is so much more than just a journal. I found this journal the perfect way to begin my journaling journey and now there’s no looking back. The badges of honor are the most thoughtful and rewarding experience inside the journal. This is the kind of journal I would want to carry everywhere.

Mansi Jora

Here's why you need to grab the journal

Unravel your authenticity by observing your repetitive patterns

Journaling enables you to dive deeper and know your true self. The one who is not influenced by the society, the one is who is not filtered by someone else’s opinion – the inner raw self. The journal prompts are specifically designed to help you unravel yourself.

Break-free your limiting beliefs and embrace growth by adapting new, empowering ones.

When you dive deeper into knowing your truth, you will face the challenges that will make you feel uncomfortable. Through journaling, you can reach to the roots of these challenges, shift your mindset around them and adapt a new, empowering belief to help you live an aligned life.

Realize how truly powerful, phenomenal and limitless you are.

I deeply believe that every single one of us carry the sacred magic which we are unaware of. When you choose to journal, you allow that magic to unfold, you give yourself the opportunity to be the highest version of yourself, you unearth your hidden magic.

Experience breakthroughs as you journal your heart out.

Journaling consistently is an incredible skill that you can gift yourself and it’s impossible to not experience breakthroughs as you journal.

Through this journal, I’m taking you on the journey of leveling yourself up by shifting your mindset, by truly knowing your worth, by taking your power back.

Re-write the disempowering stories you have been feeding yourself and take back your power

The way we talk to ourselves matter a lot and similarly the stories we feed ourselves has the life-changing power. All these times we have been telling ourselves low, disempowering stories but now is the time to shift the narrative.

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The Uniqueness of this journal

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to be consistent with journaling and I really wanted to address this issue through my journal, this is why I have incorporated badge system. Whenever you hit a milestone i-e journal for 10 days or 20 or 30; you reward yourself with the uniquely designed badges.

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