A little something about me

I’m Sonia from Gujarat, India – an author, mental health advocate, blogger and a lifelong dreamer.

I started writing poems on mental health and wellness on Instagram around four years ago and had been receiving immense love from my readers all over the world. To give more insights and build a safe space + community to heal and help people, I created this blog. I am a firm believer of the power of self-love and I practiced it to nourish my mental health.

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Silent Defiance

An open refusal to everything that hurts the the soul


My debut poetry bestseller is a rebel through words.

Silent Defiance is the journey of discovering self through the jagged path of self-love, passion and empowerment.
There is a yell, a cry, a scream in response to every ache, break and quake destructing our realm of peace and when these are silenced, the words incarnate the rebel.
This resistance embarks towards the journey of empowerment through the jagged path of self-love with the eyes brimmed with passion and the hearts seeking the supreme desire of discovering self.

May you find an eternal home of healing among these words.

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What people are saying about my book

Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. I re-lived some of my past experiences that required healing, and i wasn’t even aware about it. After reading this book, I felt healing blooming somewhere inside my chest. It’s a must read.

Yashvi Shrivashtva

This book takes you on an incredible poetic journey picking you up from the hurt, guiding you towards the path of self discovery, making you realize the importance of self love and ultimately empowering you enough to follow your passion. This book is everything that is needed to fix a broken soul.
With the perfect projection of words and an equally captivating cover, this book shall surely add elegance to your library as well as thoughts.


I enjoyed reading the poems very much – many were so very relatable on various levels that I was deeply touched and at times, after reading a few poems, I had to just stop, deliberate and think about it. These poems have been very thought-inducing as well.
I am very sure that a lot of the readers have been touched just as well. The delivery and the writing style of the poetry has been good but can be developed furthermore. The imagery produced at times was also beautiful in their entirety. The poems, all aroused emotions in the reader and I applaud the poet in this regard.

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