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How to embrace change mindfully

Are you dealing with sudden life changes and are looking for ways to embrace change?

You would have probably read all the famous quotes on change; change is inevitable and so necessary for growth, without change you cannot evolve into your complete potential, and so on. But let’s be real. We are simple beings and it’s okay to be scared of the change.

Change indeed is inevitable and is the only way to live this life but you really don’t have to be hard on yourself or force the change.

embrace change

Change can be minor as well as some big-ass life-changing ones. You’re so allowed to feel your emotions around it. However, embracing the change was something I learned when my life took a totally new turn and I was left with nothing ut to accept the change.

Our mind has the tendency to reject the uncertain and hence when it comes to change, we are so not ready to accept it.

My story of dealing with big life change – how I embraced change:

I just got married last month and yes it was challenging to go through the change though I was marrying my best friend. It’s never easy to cope up with change or accept change as a part of our life.

I had a tough time convincing myself of all the major shifts I was experiencing mentally and emotionally. My mind of making some weird stories around uncertainty and I wasn’t capable of shutting it down. These thoughts used to make me super anxious and I had great trouble getting sleep.

embrace change

I know, many of us feel the same and hence I wanted to share my story to let you know that you’re not alone in this. Coping up with change though it’s not that sudden is difficult.

You may be experiencing a different kind of change but know that you’re not alone in this phase. Whether it’s shifting or moving to a new place or taking a new job or having a new family member at home; change is scary.

However, it’s not impossible to deal with it. As a human, we possess all the strength to deal with every uncertain moment of our lives if we train our mind the right way.

Here’re some tips that I used to help myself embrace the change:

How to embrace change as a way of living life:

When you are left with no other way but to accept the change, you will find a way to accept it. Here’re some tips that I used to help myself embrace change and overcome the fear of the unknown:

1. Accept that change is scary

The more you run away from things, the more they chase you. This is so true when it comes to accepting the change. You may reject the idea of embracing change a thousand times inside your head but it will bounce back in. The best way to cope up with the change was to accept it.

Accept that you’re dealing with some major life change and it’s okay to feel scared. We are just humans and it’s okay to feel our emotions. It’s okay to be scared and do it anyway.

I used journaling to help me deal with this phase of change and told myself some comforting stories. Here’s my free course that will help you get started with journaling.

This wonderful art of writing kept me sane during the hardest time and embracing change was no different.

2. Do not force yourself to feel normal

The worst thing you can do while embracing change is to force feeling normal. We have this thought pattern that once we pretend to feel okay, it will get better. However, this isn’t always true. You cannot fake it until you make it in case of experiencing change.

Do not force yourself to feel better when you’re dealing with the change. Allow yourself to feel the emotions and take it one day at a time. It’s okay to not be strong and brave always.

Embracing change when you’re not ready is going to be difficult but know that you don’t have to force yourself to feel normal. You’re feeling different because you went through some shifts and it’s okay to feel that instead of resisting it.

3. Realize that growth and change are proportional

It was hard accepting the fact that change and growth work hand in hand. In order to grow, you need to step out of your comfort zone and experience the new shifts that life gifts you.

This perspective made me realize how necessary it was for me to embrace the change. But once I understood this concept, I started telling myself some positive stories about embracing change.

It may seem scary to accept the change but in the end, you will meet a polished version of yourself. I’m experiencing so many personal shifts and I’m proud of myself for welcoming this change ( though with a head full of doubts)

4. Try including something from your regular schedule

While everything changes, our mind is not able to accept it all of a sudden. Hence, having something from your previous routine can console your mind that everything isn’t changed. I still keep my morning routine the same to help myself cope up with the change.

If you’re having some old habits or a routine prior to the change, you can always use it as an anchor to embrace the uncertainty. One of my favorite things to do was write daily morning pages.

I stuck to it and helped myself go through this shift at my own pace. The idea is to find something from your earlier routine and adapt it to your new normal. This helps the mind to accept the change.

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5. Have a creative outlet

Do not misunderstand this. You do not have to be an artist or a profound writer to be creative. If as a child you loved painting or doodling or penning down your thoughts, bring it back to life. Using art as a medium to embrace change could be super effective.

embrace change

As I mentioned earlier, I used journaling to pen down my emotions instead of stuffing them up inside me. You can do it as well.

Besides this, you can also join some online classes to learn a new skill and help yourself to think of something else rather than worrying about all the future possibilities.

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6. Exercise more often and eat healthily

It’s common to rely on comfort foods while undergoing the change. Maybe because the carbs boost serotonin that might be reduced due to the stress of accepting change. It’s okay to let yourself feed on some convenient food but also keep a track of it.

You need to make sure that you’re taking care of your physical well-being as you try to embrace the change. One way to cope with this feeling of accepting change is to indulge yourself in some physical activity and keep your body on the move.

Go for long walks in nature or join a nearby gym and work on building a fit you. Exercise has great benefits on our mental health as well.

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7. Note the positives that came along with the change

This was probably the best thing I told myself. Change is super uncertain and scary but it can come with a lot of positives. Note down the positive things that this change brought.

embrace change

For me, it was about living with my best friend and creating the life of our dreams, enjoying every moment as we always imagined, and expanding myself to learn new skills. All changes are not bad and let your mind know that with this change, comes growth.

Make a list of all the positive outcomes that this change brought, you will be amused by the result. This exercise helped me embrace the change and believe that everything was happening for my highest good.

8. Know that ‘this too shall pass’

Sometimes when it was hard for me to accept the change, I used to convince myself that this is just a phase and it shall pass too. This single sentence gave me so much hope to look for the upcoming phase.

embrace change

At times, we are so convinced with the idea that this very moment is our entire lifetime. However, this is just a phase, a span that will soon pass. Holding onto hope when the sky gets darker is indeed challenging but that’s what makes the sunrise worth all the wait.

Embracing change is not easy and I ain’t telling you to give yourself some false hope, just know that this won’t stay forever.

9. Seek support

There’s no shame in asking for help when you need one. Undergoing sudden, harsh change is daunting to tackle and you shouldn’t force yourself to do it alone. Seek support from your family members or even visit a therapist if needed. Just know that you’re not alone in this process.

Dealing with the change is tough shit and it’s okay to ask for help from loved ones, this won’t show less of you. 

How to embrace change as the way of life – conclusion:

It will not always be easy to embrace the change and I’m telling this from my own personal experience. Somedays you will feel like running away from everything and doing everything in your power to avoid this change. But let me tell you; this change is only here to turn you into a butterfly.

You won’t grow unless you go through this harsh process. Change is necessary for your growth and even if you agree or not, you gotta face some uncomfortable stuff in life.

However, I really hope that the above points give you some useful insight and much-needed strength to embrace the upcoming change.

Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email if you need to talk or share anything. I would so love to have you inside our community.

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