About Me

Heya gorgeous souls!!

Thankyou so much for landing over to my blog. I am super grateful for having you and so excited to tell you about myself. So here we go:

I’m Sonia from Gujarat, India – an author, mental health advocate, blogger and a lifelong dreamer. I started writing poems on mental health and wellness on Instagram around four years ago and had been receiving immense love from my readers all over the world. To give more insights and build a safe space + community to heal and help people, I created this blog. I am a firm believer of the power of self-love and I practiced it to nourish my mental health. I know how exactly it feels to be in poor mental state and to suffer from anxiety which everyone labels as overthinking or the phase of worring or excessive sadness but the wearer only knows where the shoe hurts.

I suffered from mental illness at my workplace and there were some tough ( tough seems an easy word for this) days when I felt myself breaking down altogether without any clue of what was happening to me. The only escape I had was writing, writing saved me and is saving me daily with one poem a day hence I wanted to write all about sunshine and that little ray of hope that I could bring into your lives by my words. I am so proud of having such loving community here and I am here to give it back through my words.


Who is this blog for?

This blog is for everyone who wants to feel home, who wishes to heal through words, who is ready to commit towards the journey of self-love, who is dedicated in healing the past trauma, who wishes to have a safe place to share and talk, who longs for that little ray of shine.

This blog is for you all darlings and I welcome you here, wholeheartedly. Let’s begin this journey towards rediscovering self.