About Me

I'm so grateful to have you here.

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Hey gorgeous souls,

Thank you for stopping by at Soothe Thy Soul, your personal space for all things journaling, mental health, and mindfulness. I cannot express my gratitude to have you here and I so deeply believe that we connect because of a reason.

However, before diving into what I do, let me take you on the journey of how a technical geek; clogged in the society of validation transformed her life into becoming a journal coach.

Before I unraveled my truth and discovered my magic, I was an over-achieving engineering student who was all set up to grab the prestigious technical job wearing the hat of a proud engineer. I cleared the interview and was ready to jump in and live the life I had envisioned for myself. I made all the arrangements and prepared myself for the life I always imagined while growing up.

However, there was this little voice within that said otherwise. This was my first encounter with what I now call my higher self. This voice asked me few tough questions:

Sonia, so what’s your vision for the life you want to live?

Are you taking this job because it gives you a sense of fulfillment or it’s just for the sake of societal approval?

What do you wish from life?

All these questions hovered over me and I felt so stuck. I had no idea how to answer these questions or even to silence this voice.

You see, I had been writing poems from my high school days and they brought me a kind of peace and calmness. But I never imagined myself being an author or even a coach. I always had this thought of pursuing science and working in an MNC. And now all these questions about the future were just making me anxious and uncertain about my earlier decision.

After battling with my thoughts and talking to my then-boyfriend (now husband), I finally decided not to accept the offer letter and instead work on honing my creativity alongside the job that supports my writing. I applied for an educator’s position at a reputed convent school and was accepted to work there as their magazine editor + fewer lectures.

I was so at peace and excited to work with kids. I knew that this job would help me with my writing skills and above all, that was the school I always dreamt of studying while growing up. I was overjoyed.

But as the saying goes, Universe has its own way of bringing you back to your purpose; things started getting worse.

The toxic work culture deteriorated my mental health and every single day I had to face humiliation, harsh remarks, an ungrateful attitude, rude behaviour which made me doubt my decision. 

I started writing more to help myself and created an Instagram page to find a community. I got more vocal about mental health awareness and started learning more about the same. All my poems and words were deeply rooted in mental wellness and I became more compassionate, kind, and empathetic because I knew how difficult the world can be.

When things got worst at the workplace, I had to stand up for myself and take a firm decision to either demand justice or quit the place. The voices there were easily crushed and hence I firmly decided to quit and work solely for myself.

I knew that I had the power to help people heal their lives through the power of words because I was on my healing journey and writing was my therapy. It was after two short months of leaving the toxic job that I stumbled upon this book named, ‘Artist’s way’. I read the praises about morning pages and started writing them every single day.

Something in me started to shift. I developed the keenness to dive deep into journaling and learn more about this art. It was only through the power of journaling that I was able to find my clarity around my purpose, shift my mindset, reframe my limiting beliefs, calm my anxious thoughts, heal my inner child and bring peace back to my life.

I’m utterly grateful for this beautiful art and I wanted to teach the same to my community. Thus, I enrolled in few courses that integrated mindset, mindfulness, and journaling to uplevel my understanding and help my community.

After two years of journaling and reaping its benefits, I finally decided to write a detailed book on journaling to unravel your authentic self. Besides this, I’m now offering my extensive 1-1 coaching based on my signature framework.

Come, join me on this journaling journey to re-discover your magic and uncover your highest potential.