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The Art of balancing Rest and Productivity

The art of balancing self-care while working from home:

Do you find it difficult balancing productivity and rest while working from home? Due to sudden lockdown and new rules, we are all confined in our homes. This has forced us to find some alternatives for our work routine. However, it’s not always easy to get comfortable with the change and get pro at balancing work-life. Practicing self-care while working from home can be daunting especially if you’re an extrovert and love socializing.

When I was working; I had dedicated hours for my work and as soon as I used to get home; my mind would literally shut from all work duties. But as we have started adapting ourselves to this new normal, the thin line between work and self-care is blurred. We can hardly take out some quality time for ourselves. Above all, if you have kids at home; it’s super difficult to manage things ( mama, I can feel you here)

Working from home and staying productive is like two different ends of the same thread. It’s indeed challenging to manage but we need to cope up with the current reality and help ourselves thrive.

To overcome this struggle of balancing rest and productivity; I started using few self-care practices that immensely helped me to stay calm and focused. In this post, I’m going to share how practicing self while working from home helped me stay healthy; physically as well as mentally.

How to balance self-care while working from home?

Balancing rest and productivity is not a cakewalk. Sometimes you feel inspired and productive while there’re some days when we just need a break; essentially some Netflix and a bowl full of popcorns. Here’s how I managed to carve a self-care schedule while working from home so as to get enough rest while getting my work done.

1. Create a routine

While embracing this change of working from home, the most challenging thing was to stick to the routine. I used to get up early and had some alone time before starting my work-day but as I started working from my comfort zone; my nighty schedule got haywire.

I would work till late then wake up late and skip all my morning routine activities. I liked this new way of living for a few days until I started feeling super lazy in the early morning hours. I realized that I had to build a different routine that works with my new lifestyle. Most importantly, I had to include self-care while working from home.

Many of us fail to give importance to having a proper schedule/routine. More than a discipline, it’s the way of living that gives you the freedom to work on your own terms while taking care of yourself.

Plan out a routine that works for you and includes all the activities that pump you up in the morning and help you wind off at night. Use some alone time to ponder the wonders of nature. Now that you don’t have to commute; utilize this time for having a quick walk after work or a morning jog.

Here’s a detailed post on having a miracle morning routine that helps you stay fresh.

2. Set boundaries for before and after work hours

When you’re working from home it’s super easy to get your boundaries invaded. You suddenly feel the urge of checking your phone as soon as it beeps or even without any beep, you feel tempted to check the mails even after your work hours – there are no healthy boundaries set. This makes it difficult to be productive and you get one more excuse to not get enough rest as you didn’t get your work done.

The wise thing to do here is to set dedicated work-hours and be vigilant about the same. Do not let yourself get distracted by any other attractions while working and do not let your work hinder your rest time. This is as simple as work while you work and play while you play; often taught your kids so? It is also important to set boundaries with your colleagues and boss.

Let them know that you’re not available after certain work-hours and stop yourself from crossing those boundaries. It’s okay to delete the email app from your phone during weekends if you really want to give your mind some rest. Practicing self-care while working from home is basically showing yourself the much-needed grace.

3. Have a dedicated space

The reality is not going to change even if we try to resist it. We need to adjust ourselves to this phase and balance productivity and rest. When you don’t have dedicated space for your work, you don’t exactly get into the mood. I always feel super dizzy while working from my couch even when the deadlines are on my head. Have you sensed this feeling of not being productive due to the change in demographics?

I would highly suggest having a dedicated workplace where it’s all about your work. It can be a comfy space with a desk and chair but make sure it’s a peaceful one. Similarly, when you’re done working, turn off your laptop or shut the door of your office to let your brain know that it’s play-time. Moreover, decluttering your workspace is also super essential to help you get your work done on time + mental peace.

Learning to practice self-care while working from home comes with a lot of trial and error. Somethings that work for others might not work for you. However, I’m sure that these tips will surely help you plan a better work-life balance without overwhelming yourself.

4. Do not multitask

Growing up, I always wished to be a super-woman; the one who balances it all. But as I grew up, I realized how mythical that term was. When you strive to be a wonder woman, you force yourself to do everything beyond your capacity and this throws self-care out of the picture. I can totally understand when you have a never-ending to-do list and you have to cover it all single-handedly; it feels overwhelming.

However, research shows that multitasking reduces your productivity. You cannot give your 100% focus to a single task when you are working on multiple projects which degrades your outcome as well as the performance. Thus, it’s wise to stop convincing yourself to do it all at once.

Instead, have a priority list and start finishing off the work as per the urgency. This way you can reserve time for self-care while balancing rest and productivity. Building a self-care routine while working from home is a tough task to handle but you need to realize how badly you need to balance it.

5. Take regular breaks to help you focus

Make sure that you’re not so indulged in your work that you fail to take some breaks. Maybe go for a little walk outside or just get up and roam around the house or have a glass of water. This sedentary lifestyle comes with its own challenges and you surely don’t want your health to suffer because of your work. I always try to take mini-breaks like for tea or coffee while I’m working for a long span.

This refreshes me and I’m back to work with newfound freshness. Try this out and I’m sure this will enhance your rate of productivity and you will be able to take some time for self-care while working from home.

The art of balancing self-care while working from home – conclusion

In the end, when we’re working from home, we tend to take self-care lightly. However, I urge you to take a stand for your health and help yourself to balance rest and productivity while you work from home.

I hope that these tips will guide you to understand how much it is essential for us to practice self-care while working from home. I would love to know your ‘new’ routine and how are you managing your work from home lifestyle. Do drop your views in the comments below.

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