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Holiday self-care gift guide – thoughtful gifts for well-being

Holiday self-care gift guide – A complete gift guide for mental wellness

This year has been super long and I know we are all waiting for December to arrive super soon. Well, if you’re someone like me who loves planning for Christmas well ahead of time, you’re at the right place.

With all the holiday hustle and stress, let me take this burden of selecting a proper gift for your loved ones off your shoulders. This self-care gift guide is all you want for your loved ones to cheer them up this season. Believe me, when I say, you will find something for everyone here.

self-care gift guide

The gift-giving tradition is my favorite one unlike Sheldon ( Big Bang reference) who hates gift exchanging during Christmas. Last night, I was watching this episode ( 3rd time. lol) on Christmas celebration and this idea of creating a perfect self-care gift guide for mental well-being hit my mind.

Oh boy!! this is my first ever gift guide and I’m so excited to share all the beautiful stuff that I adore. Also, I will only recommend you if I love the product, so it’s coming from the experience.

While this year had been quite a lot of roller-coaster, I guess we can make an end worth remembering, and what can be more beautiful than choosing some thoughtful gift for your loved ones and show them how much you care for them.

Let’s make them feel relaxed and choose the gift that supports their well-being because, in the end, people remember us by the way we make them feel. So without any further delay, let’s get this party started.

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21 self-care gifts to calm your mind, soul, and body

With this beautiful self-care holiday gift-guide, I planned to have all the useful and calming things that can help you nurture your mind, body, and soul.

1. Himalayan salt lamp

If your loved ones or you love lamps especially the ones that give you a soothing and calming effect, this Himalayan salt lamp is the best one. It is believed that these lamps are carved out of pink Himalayan salt and they have various health benefits.

self-care gift guide

They are well-known for the benefits like having clean air, help you sleep, soothes your allergies, boosts your mood, and provide the calming effect. I love lamps especially the ones with dim light and these are the perfect ones because they help you bring peace.

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2. Cute plant hangers

It cannot be denied that plants have the most calming effects on mental health. I love indoor plants the most because they normally come with low maintenance but my mom loves the outdoor ones so we have quite a range of plants at home. If you’re looking for some indoor plants, the succulents are the best and it can be a beautiful gift for plant lovers.

Plants help reducing stress and they do boost the mood. I love seeing my greens getting greener during rains, it brings so much calm. Besides this, if you already have some plants, these cute plant hangers are the steal. They will make your home look fresh and beautiful along with having some extra space for new plant babies.

3. Fleece bathrobe

I actually have a variety of gifts dedicated to having a phenomenal bath experience. Taking a hot bubble bath is super refreshing even after a long workday and this Fleece bathrobe is the perfect one to keep you warm during cold winter nights.

This cozy bathrobe comes with a fluffy belt tie at the waist and double belt loops for a customizable fit. This bathrobe comes in various colors but my personal favorite is the grey one. Trust me, your girl secretly wishes for this!!

4. Portable sound-box

Sometimes, all you need is some good music to make you feel better. Besides listening to songs, I use my portable sound-box speaker to watch movies on the holiday movie nights. It gives the same effect as if you’re watching in a movie theatre.

self-care gift guide

If you’re someone who is fond of music or who loves watching movies with some extra effects, you totally need this. I’m getting this sound-box for my fiance because he’s such a music freak and you could leave him alone with this sound-box for hours !!

5. Tapestries

I totally love these bohemian style Tapestries. Aren’t they pretty gorgeous? With such bright colors and random beautiful patterns, these tapestries can be used as bed-sheets or to hang up on the wall and give some gypsy touch to your room.

self-care gift guide

The beautiful colors and patterns boost my mood and I’m so set to get my work done. I got this inspiration of hanging these fairy lights along the edges of the pretty tapestries and they indeed look so enchanting during the evening. This indeed is such a thoughtful gift for someone struggling with low moods and anxiety.

6. Inspirational mug

Who loves drinking morning coffee? Well, it should be who doesn’t!! Mugs are something that we pick up the first thing in the morning and having an inspirational quote on it sets the mood for the rest whole day. I love having different mugs and especially the ones with some provoking thoughts and poems.

self-care gift guide

If you’re someone who is touched by words, you should definitely have this. This inspirational quote mug will be the best gift for your friend who feels low or needs some kick-ass inspiration in the morning.

7. Throw blanket

With winter quickly approaching and knocking the doors, it’s time to get yourself something warm and cozy. I love this Throw blanket because it makes me feel super warm and I can actually get better sleep during the cold nights. How fun it is to snuggle up inside this warm, fluffy blanket and watch your favorite movie on winter weekends!!

self-care gift guide

You can also try this weighted blanket and gift it to someone struggling with sleep anxiety. This definitely helps to get better and sound sleep when you’re struggling with anxiety.

8. Comfy slipper socks

The one thing you can find me doing the whole winter season is wearing my comfy slipper socks all day long. I catch up cold quite quickly so I always try to keep my feet warmer especially during the festive season. It also gives me some fairy-tale feeling (lol) and yes my fiance always makes sure that he gifts me new pairs of these slipper socks every winter.

These are super warm and soft and you can just wear them all day and night. They’re also easy to wash and re-use again. Grab your own pair if you love healing your crack-heels and sparing yourself this cold.

9. Rose Quartz Roller

Let’s talk about skin-care during the winter season. Does it feel itchy and dry during cold days? Here’s what you need for some quick face massage and on spot relief – the rose quartz skin roller. This makes my skin super smooth and also tightens it without using any products.

Such an easy way to have a face massage!! Besides this, it is super portable and hence you can carry it in your bag without thinking much about the space. Grab this and make your skin look super refreshing during this holiday season.

10. White noise machine

This white noise machine has been on my list for so long because I love hearing calming, nature’s sounds. Even my Instagram Reels has all the meditational, peaceful music. It gives me a soothing feeling as soon as I turn on this white noise machine to hear some beautiful sounds of water flowing, birds chirping, the wind blowing through trees.

self-care gift guide

If your loved ones are someone living in the city and are deprived of nature’s sound, get them this white noise machine. FYI, this can also help in increasing concentration and focus while working. This could be a perfect holiday gift for a nature lover.

11. Rose gold earphones

How about getting into the world of music? I love these rose gold earphones for their excellent sound. They do have various color range but I am fond of Rose gold more. These are perfect for all the ages and they are universal so can be attached to any devices.

Besides this, you get a 24-month warranty + 24/7 support service. Isn’t that amazing? This is perfect for solo movie nights or taking some online courses. If you know someone who is fond of music or is attending virtual courses/ seminars; this would be the best and useful holiday gift for them.

12. Empowering question cards

This gorgeous deck of 100 cards is such a beautiful way to spark meaningful conversations. These cards have though-provoking 100 questions about life and living that will make you think about your goals and dreams. It could be a verbal journaling session and you could have some deep conversation ( the old soul kind) with your loved ones and get them to know better.

Each card has a unique and abstract design. These designs represent the adventures, stories, and ideas that make us who we are. The questions are designed to deepen relationships with your friends, family, co-workers, and partners.

You’d be surprised by how much you can learn from someone when you ask them a few entertaining and fascinating questions. This description was something to fall for. Grab these must-haves in your holiday self-care gift guide.

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13. Herbal tea bags

For someone from India, you can totally imagine how much we love drinking tea. It’s in our morning and evening routine but to be healthier, here’s the best alternative – Herbal tea bags. The best thing here is that it has a variety of flavors to try so if you’re fond of Tea and would love to start Herbal one; this is the best gift.

holiday gift guide

One box each of our delicious fruity herbal teas–Meyer Lemon, Acai Berry, Wild Raspberry Hibiscus, Lemon Ginger, Mango Passionfruit, and Strawberry Pomegranate Red. You’re sure to love our sweet, tangy, fruit-flavored teas. Wouldn’t it be just perfect for tea-lovers? 

14. Bath bomb gift-set

And here I’m hopping back on bath essentials. Having a hot bubble bath is something I highly recommend to add to your self-care routine because it really helps you calm your mind and soothes your soul. This bath bomb set is a handmade one by a refugee and their main aim is to welcome the refugee community and celebrate them.

holiday self-care guide

Each set includes 12 bath bombs. These REMEDY bath bombs are made with a specific essential oil blend know to combat muscle soreness and fatigue. The catch here is that these bath bombs come in totally recyclable material hence it would be a perfect gift for someone who loves pampering themselves but is also conscious about the environment.

15. Inspirational books

Okay, so this is for everyone who wants to gift me something this holiday!! For everyone who knows me, they all are already I’m such a book hoarder and I love collecting + reading inspiring books. I’m not quite fond of fantasy or fictional ones but the self-growth and personal development books are my favorites. Currently, I’m listening to an audiobook on Audible – Untamed.

I have this list of 9 amazing books that you can bundle up in a set and gift it to someone who loves reading inspiring books. You can never go wrong with gifting books and they’re such a great company. I also love all the stationery items so linking this beautiful stationery set here in case you wish to grab this as a gift for your loved ones.

16. A journal for self-discovery in nature

I recently came across this workbook and fall in love with its description. I cannot wait to get my book and start working on it. This book is a reminder of the magic that nature beholds in its lap and is for everyone who wishes to pause and live in that wonderful moment.

The Wildflower’s Workbook, a fresh-as-a-daisy self-guided journal, will help you connect with the magic of the natural world, as you write, reflect, and daydream your way through its inspiring pages.

Wish to learn this amazing art of journaling. Take my free 3-day journaling course here.

17. The one-minute gratitude journal

Being grateful has totally changed my life and I really push my readers to practice this beautiful art of gratitude journaling. This one-minute gratitude journal is the best way to remind yourself of everything you’re blessed with.

The holiday season is the best time to stay grounded and appreciate the little things that we always take for granted. Let this be the reminder of how truly blessed we are with health and wealth.

Read all about gratitude journaling + a free challenge here.

18. Aromatherapy vanilla candle

There is nothing like having enough candles!! For someone like me who loves having candles, this is the perfect holiday self-care gift. I personally love the vanilla flavor candle because it’s super soothing and makes you feel so calm.

self-care gift guide

Whenever I’m doing my journaling practice or writing sessions, I make sure to light this beauty by my side. Aromatherapy has great benefits for someone with mental illness as it helps reducing anxiety and calms you down. This will a beautiful present for someone who’s fond of candles.

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19. 2021 planner

Do you like staying ahead of time and being productive? Well, then this 2021 planner is the perfect gift for you. This Fringe studio 17-month dated planner is my favorite one because it has everything you need to stay organized. The spiral binding makes it super flexible and the looks are super elegant.

Grab this gorgeous planner for yourself or for your loved ones who want to crush their new year goals. I love getting planners well ahead of time so that I can set my monthly goals and plan all my work around it.

20. Wooden bath- shelf

If you have a bath-tub, this is the most essential accessories you would need to attach to it. This beautiful bamboo bathtub tray gives you the feeling of a luxury spa at home. It’s perfect for holding your smartphone/ tablet, books.

This bamboo bathtub caddy lets you enjoy a good book, watching movies on your tablet or a great glass of wine while you sit back and relax. Luxury bathtub caddies are the perfect gift to give a friend or loved one who enjoys a relaxing bubble bath with soothing aromatherapy!

21. Relaxing coloring books

A new collection of 48 stunning images inspired by traditional henna. Detach yourself from everyday distractions and unwind with detailed images that will keep you focused and entertained. Images in this book vary from minimal detail to highly detailed, making it perfect for markers, fine tip pens, and color pencils.

This beautiful coloring book will help you stay mindful and reduce daily stress. This is a perfect self-care gift for someone who wishes to be mindful and reduce daily stress. I love coloring mandalas for they give such a calming effect and they make you feel in the moment.

The holiday season indeed brings fun, love, and laugh and I’m super excited to plan the best days of the year.

I hope you find this self-care gift guide takes the holiday gift-buying stress off your shoulders so that you can work on other stuff.

Do you have something to add to this list?

Comment below and I would love to add your recommendations here.

Also, save this post for later reference, I know you will need this!!

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