Nourish your mind, soul and body during this holiday season and bring in peace, calm and love by taking care of yourself, one day at a time- for you deserve all the love and care you give to others.

I am so sure that you’re pretty excited for the holiday season but somewhere within you also feel stressed out, confused and little unsure on how this year’s holiday season will be!!

I so hear you and I can totally feel you. However, you do deserve peace, calm, love and clarity to be in your best moods during this best time of the year.

  • You deserve to be felt loved
  • you deserve to have the tools that make you less overwhelmed about the current situation.
  • You deserve to serve and take care of yourself without feeling guilty.
  • You deserved to have healthy boundaries during holiday season.
  • You deserve all the love and care you keep giving others, selflessly.

Imagine how it would be like to:

  • Enjoy this holiday season in the best health with your loved ones
  • Feel relaxed, calm and peaceful
  • Release all mental blocks that come inthe way of your happiness
  • Be in the blissful state where you can rejuvinate yourself
  • Take care of your mind, soul and body without feeling selfish
  • To be a container for the entire family and community who is filled with love



  • Holiday self-care tips                          
  • My holiday rituals
  • Winter skin-care routine
  • Holiday meal planning
  • Holiday mood tracker
  • Stress-relieving coloring pages
  • My Holiday gratitude list
  • Space for messy feelings
  • Holiday movie watch-list
  • Holiday Bucket list  
  • Holiday expense tracker
  • Holiday happiness audit
  • My Christmas wish-list
  • Thank-you note to self
  • Holiday sleep-tracker
  • Holiday gift-planning
  • Holiday guest list 
  • Holiday self-care tool-kit
  • Holiday playlist
  • Holiday Affirmations + BONUS PAGES 


Here’s what you get with 35+ pages holiday self-care planner:

  • Ready to print three exclusive quote pages
  • My exclusive gentle reminder sheet
  • The powerful affirmation sheet to help you during hard times
  • Three extra covers to choose from

This self-care planner is for you if you’re someone:

  • who really wants to help themselves stay healthy during holiday season
  • who is deeply willing to take action to nourish their soul, mind and body
  • who wants to stay calm and peaceful during the holiday rush

 Here’s the thing, the reason I love self-care rituals, routines, practices because I believe in nourishing myself. I love   myself to be so worthy of practicing self-care and show up daily.

 And I strongly want you too to love yourself so fiercely that you take a step to help yourself during uncertain times. I   want you to put yourself first without feeling guilty or selfish and enjoy this holiday season as the best one ever. ( you   gotta end this 2020 with full force)