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Fall self-care ideas – 51 awesome things to do during autumn

Fall self-care is something that I wait for an entire year to plan and make my own huge kickass list. Autumn indeed is my favorite season because it teaches us so many life-lessons besides snuggling up and getting ready for the holiday season.

But this year, time flew super fast and fall is around the corner already, can you believe this!! Where did the entire summer months go? If you’ve been busy hiking or camping like me during summer, you probably wouldn’t have noticed how these past months flew by. 

fall self-care ideas

However, I know that in this family outings and getting along with your friends, you would have missed out on self-care. I love planning my self-care routine daily using this free planner but at times, we do fail when life gets tough.

But this season has given us an amazing opportunity to plan out our fall self-care routine with all the self-care activities that we longed to do during autumn.

I have always struggled to come up with some beautiful fall self-care ideas so this time, I made sure to plan them well ahead of time. Damn!! I’m so excited to show you my big, huge list of autumn self-care ideas which I had been noting down for a while now. I am pretty sure that you’re going to love these self-care ideas for fall as much as I do.

Why do you practice fall self-care activities?

Honestly, self-care should be practiced all year round and not only in some season. This year has been pretty tough on us all so having some extra self-care ideas for autumn does no harm. Moreover, after spending much of our time outdoors during summer, we are finally settling down as we approach new seasons.

I love winters and especially the night times. But if you’re someone who loves basking in the sun, you may face some challenges while setting your mind and body for this new change.

Self-care is basically the nourishment for mind, body, and soul. It definitely is more than just pampering yourself by having a hot bubble bath. No doubt. it really it’s up to our mood but practicing fall self-care is much more than those.

Fall self-care ideas:

I made this long, huge list of fall self-care ideas to get your fall party started ahead of time. If you love autumn just like me, you probably would love these self-care activities for autumn. I have mixed some indoors and outdoor activities so as to give you a broader view of how you can take care of yourself during the fall season.

Besides, I have also linked a few products that I adore during fall for overall nourishment. Feel super free to check them out for I only recommend something that I love using.

What are we even waiting for, let’s get the fall party started!!!

51 fall self-care ideas to nourish your mind, body, and soul:

1. Journal your thoughts

Journaling has helped me heal my unknown wounds. I love this practice so much so that I had to list it the first one. If you’re a stationery addict like me, you would love these beautiful journals. I also have this amazing three-day free course on journaling.

2. Bake some delicious cookies

I absolutely love cooking and baking. This has proven great for my mental health. I always wait for fall to try out some delicious recipes and without fail, I had to include them to my fall self-care ideas. Here is some amazing cookie recipe.

3. Get some aromatherapy

4. De-clutter your summer wardrobe

I used to hate doing my wardrobe but lately, I am loving it because it created space for my new clothes. (lol) Also, I love this organization cupboards for my clothes and essentials.

5. Invest in some cozy pajamas

As it’s pretty cold during autumn, having a few cozy pajamas does no harm!! I love keeping myself warm and I bet you too would love these cozy pajamas.

6. Get yourself some fall clothes

Who forgot fall photoshoot last year? Me!!

I was so stuck up with the work that I forgot to grab some fall-themed clothes last year for the photoshoot. I wanted to make sure that I don’t miss it this time. Hence, added to my fall self-care ideas.

7. Practice gratitude

Being grateful never goes out of fashion. Grab my favorite gratitude journal here. This should actually be an evergreen self-care idea.

8. Collect those colorful leaves

9. Enjoy some romantic fall movies

10. Spend time with loved ones

11. Revisit your goals

This is the best time to look back and be proud of everything you have achieved so far. You may wish to revise your goals and set new ones for the last few months. Grab this beautiful goal planner from here.

12. Get yourself a weighted blanket

Snuggling under this weighted blanket is so super comfortable and cozy. I can easily get peaceful sleep for 7-8 hours straight cuddling these affordable blankets.

13. Try some essential oils

Here are my favorite essential oils for relieving stress and anxiety.

14. Practice self-forgiveness

It’s okay to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you did in the past. Welcome the new you in this season of change.

15. Grab yourself some tea bags

Who here is the tea addict like me!! You definitely can’t miss this super famous spice chai-tea. Being an Indian, you cannot imagine someone not drooling over some chai-tea.

16. Move your body

I have been following this workout routine and my body feels so flexible + energetic. The best thing is, I love my workout outfit.

17. De-clutter your mind

Release the negativity and detox your mindset through these simple tips. Free your mind from all toxic thoughts this fall season.

18. Have a digital detox day

I have been practicing this lately on Sundays and it indeed is helping my mental health. Give this a try, I’m sure you’re going to find this really worth.

19. Go on hiking/ nature walk

20. Make a fall bucket list

21. Practice skin care with these masks

I follow Sunday skin-care routine but having extra skin-care during winter does no harm. My skin gets dry during winter so I definitely need these amazing moisturizers.

22. Nurture your inner-child

Here’s how you can re-parent yourself and heal your inner child, I have picked up these books to re-parent my inner child.

23. Try new yoga poses

Winter demands our increased immunity and yoga is the best source to boost your immune system. Try out these yoga poses for better health.

24. Cuddle with your pets

Are you a cat or dog person? I surely am a cat one but I love doggos too. You may also love these pet-friendly products for your fur baby. Also, who doesn’t love cuddling the fluffy fur baby during winters!!

25. Hydrate yourself more

I definitely need to start drinking more water daily. This has been on my list for long and I have started tracking my water intake in my daily self-care planner.

26. Make a vision board

27. Use an eye mask for better sleep

I literally cannot sleep better with these fluffy eye-masks. These are helpful for better sleep as well as to remove eye bags.

28. Make your own happy list

Reason 57584.. why you need a new journal!! Grab my favorites from here.

29. Go for a drive

30. Build an indoor garden

Raise your hand if you love succulents just like me. Having a plant baby at home can boost your mental and emotional wellness. I love these succulents and they’re super affordable.

31. Try out a new hobby

Recently, I have been loving playing with PS4 and all thanks to my baby brother. I won’t say it as a new hobby but I definitely love distracting myself while playing video games.

32. Visit a new place

33. Be kind to someone

34. Write thank you notes and leave them randomly 

35. Binge-read Harry Potter

I am on book 4 but I am a slow reader when it comes to fiction. Grab your own Harry Potter set from here.

36. Donate your old clothes

37. Re-create your morning routine

Wanna know more about planning a morning routine? Check out my miracle morning routine that boosts me up for the whole day.

38. Cuddle up with your hot water bag

I love these super easy and portable hot water bags and I literally wish to carry it with me everywhere. ( This is just me being crazy!!)

39. Make a Hyygie playlist

40. Listen to some inspiring podcasts

42. Invest in small indoor Trampoline for indoor exercise

I have this on my list for a few years now. Just gotta convince my mom to let this little bud stay home!! Grab the small size trampoline from here.

43. Start a positive affirmation daily journal

I love practicing affirmations in my morning journal and I have these beautiful printables of 13 powerful printables for you to achieve your dream life.

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44. Take a day off and do nothing

Let’s make this rule of taking rest and relaxing our mind and body without feeling guilty. This is something I have been waiting to add to my fall self-care ideas.

45. Add some fall decor at home

46. Have a candlelit bath

Grab these galaxy bath bombs for some relaxing bath time. I love reading a book while having a hot bath!!

47. Practice mindfulness exercises

48. Go to the bed early and grab some extra sleep

49. Get rid of toxic people

50. Start working on your side hustle

51. Go to the therapy or ask for professional help

There is no shame in asking for professional help if you’re suffering. Check out this online affordable professional therapy.

If you’re overwhelmed reading my fall self-care ideas, you can save this for later too. Grab a few that appeals to you now and come back later for some new inspiration. But I would highly recommend planning your fall self-care routine early enough so as to avoid the last moment anxiety.

I hope you loved reading these autumn-inspired self-care ideas, I would love to know your favorites in the comments.

Also, before you go, I would be honored to have you in our Soothe Thy Soul community where you will get weekly inspirational emails for your mental wellness + so much more to live a better life. Join our community here.

fall self-care ideas

  1. Lauren

    July 10, 2020 at 5:28 pm

    Normalize going to therapy! I love this whole post but think that people need to promote the idea of going to regular therapy even if you don’t have prominent mental health problems. Great post!

  2. Cathy

    July 10, 2020 at 5:33 pm

    I love these tips! Self care is so important! Will definitely be partaking in many of these this weekend :).

  3. Rebecca @ Busy Mom Smart Mom

    July 10, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    Love these self care ideas for fall! Fall is my favorite time of the year but it’s always busy for me as a mom. These self care ideas are perfect for taking a time out!

  4. Jennifer Peyton @ Coffee and Creativity Blog

    July 10, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    I love this list so much!
    I struggle with severe depression and it’s super nice to have a list to go to! I highly recommend making just a simple downloadable list of this as well. That when someone is feeling the need to for self care or overwhelmed they can quickly reference the list!

  5. Ivana Mearns

    July 10, 2020 at 9:50 pm

    Self-care is so important! Thanks for all these tips.

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