What if launching your soul-led business doesn't have to be hard or complex?


1-1 VIP Coaching container

The VIP 1-1 coaching journey with Sonia is a personalized and transformative experience,  for a heart-centered, courageous woman entrepreneur ready to defy all the limitations, unapologetically own her magic, step into her unfuckwitable energy and shape a purposeful business that makes a difference and generates abundance.

What if you don't have to hustle your way into building your purpose driven business and have 'I'm in' clients?

Building a business that aligns with your soul and nourishes your heart can be a beautiful and fulfilling journey. With a blend of mindset mastery and energetic awareness, you will effortlessly attract your ideal clients and create a thriving business that aligns with your values. 

Over the course of 8 transformative weeks, I will hold space for you to uncover your unique magic, break free from limiting beliefs, and awaken your most radiant and powerful self, so you can create a business that catalyzes change and makes a meaningful impact in your life.

I know how it feels to have a strong desire to have a soul-aligned business but have no idea how to make it happen!!

My experience working in a toxic job left me feeling unfulfilled and searching for a sense of purpose. 

I had a burning desire to create something of my own that would not only bring me joy but also creates ripple effect in the world.

It was terrible not to be able to live my purpose and serve my dharma on this planet.

I had no idea how to even ‘name’ my business let alone launch an offer and get paid clients.

It took me three long years to learn and understand the energetics and mindset of building a soul-led business.

I don’t want you to struggle alone in figuring things out and take three long years hence, I’ve laid all the ground-work for you in this ahhh-mazing business coaching experience.

You already know in the depths of your heart that you're meant to sign 'SOUL YES' clients and give them life-changing transformation but you're stuck at square one.

You're worried of how it will all work out!!

your logical brain gets in your way every time you think of building your business and leaves you sleepless wondering "how it will all work out".

You feel anxious of the next big step.

you're not sure if you'll be able to make income and support your family through your business.

You think 'you're not good enough' to have a business.

you think you need to have more certification, a branded website, sales page and so much knowledge before building your business.

You try to figure it out all alone and give up.

you feel burnout and frustrated trying to figure out the missing pieces all on your own.

You're scared of uncertainty

you don't know how to trust your intuition and partner with your magic, and speak to the spirit of your business that truly guides you.

You feel overwhelmed of all things you need to 'DO'

you think you need to 'DO' or are suppose to do more in order to sustain or even have your amazing business.

But here's the thing:

Nothing 'out-of-the-world' was ever created sitting on the couch and thinking all day long!!

Trance-formation demands courage, courage to step into your power and take RESPONSIBILITY to make things happen for yourself.

The revolutionary business you dream of requires you to think from the version of you who is LIMITLESS, who knows what true expansion looks like.

It’s absolutely NORMAL to feel anxious, worried and scared before taking the BIG LEAP but here’s the truth – we get one SINGLE LIFE. It’s NOW or NEVER.

Being a woman of color, cycle-breaker and black sheep, I GET YOU.

The reason why you feel stuck and are not able to trust yourself has nothing to do with you.

We, women have been taught to ‘fit in box’, to be ‘good, obedient girl’, ‘to please people’, ‘to follow rules’, ‘to shrink and keep our opinions to ourselves’ for too long to impair our ability to trust our instinct, to let our inner-wisdom guide us, to step and roar in our true essence.


You are here for a reason and your desire to create a soul-led business is sacred.

Building a soul-led business is simple when:

  • you lay strong foundation for the same.
  • you know what you deeply desire and why making it happen is your responsibility.
  • you gain clarity on ‘who’ you need to BE.
  •  you take aligned actions to serve your people and live your dharma.
And if you’re wondering how I know about this, let me formally introduce myself…

Hey there!! I'm Sonia..

After working for 3 years in a toxic workplace, I started my freelancing business during pandemic writing $20 blogposts. 

I and my husband scaled our freelancing business to six-figure USD only to find out that I was meant to BE more.

I stepped into this online biz world and realized the missing piece. When everyone preached and talked about masculine structure – the strategy, funnels, tips; I dived deeper into mindset, subconscious reprograming and energetics.

This work TRANSFORMED me inside out and led me to create a soulfully aligned, joyful, nourishing business that not only led me to plan my first international vacation with my husband but also helped me change lives of hundreds of women all over the world.

As seen on

Check out what Souraya has to say about my 1-1 coaching!!

But wait a min... I 've got a hot sauce to pour, the secret ingredient that brings distinct flavor to my coaching approach!!

My 1-1 coaching program is a truly special and unique experience, and it all starts with personalized journal prompts. These prompts are more than just questions on a page – they are thoughtfully crafted, potent invitations to dive deeper and peel off the layers one prompt at a time.

As a certified journal coach, I pour my heart and soul into creating personalized prompts each week for my clients, guiding them on a journey of unraveling their true essence that has the power to ignite growth and transformation in their business and life.

Caution – My clients have reported these journal prompts to be a ‘GOLD-MINE’ and ‘PANDORA’S BOX’!!

The VIP 1-1 experience with me is sacred and world-class because you'll...

  • dive deeper into re-discovering your inner magic and connecting with your inner intelligence.
  • learn and hone the skills that would build an unshakeable foundation for your business.
  • get crystal clear on who you’re here to serve and how you can create an impact without hustling or grinding.
  • learn to show up online, take the space and attract the soul-yes clients all while honoring your mind, body and spirit.
  • create your own magnetic offer with my proven system as I walk by your side during this entire process.
  • channel ‘potent’ content with no fluff that speaks to your aligned client and pulls them towards you.
  • shift your identity from someone ‘who desires to have a business’ to someone ‘who already runs that business’
  • reprogram your subconscious and build an unwavering belief system that supports you even after our 1-1 term ends.

You listen so keenly- and give simple yet extraordinary result producing solutions- just shows how much you have invested in those skills. 

I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed our sessions together.
There are so many takeaways from your sessions – you are such a beautiful soul who puts all your energy into helping me during that designated time and you are just a DM away.
You listen so keenly- and give simple yet extraordinary result producing solutions- just shows how much you have invested in those skills. 
Your prompts and the questions you ask(wow) -they are such important questions and when one answers them they lead to revelations, sometimes it’s the question we often hesitate(fear) to answer – but doing it will really help.
You have taught me techniques to improve the nervous energy felt during critical times,
You push me out of my comfort zone – makes me grow every time – thank you for this accountability (it is key)
Thank you so much for all that you have done and will do in the future.

Bhairavi Govindarajan

Freelance Illustrator, Anesthesiologist


I'll take you on a guided journey to unleash your hidden magic and align it with your soul's purpose to create your revolutionary business in these 8 - weeks.


Transformational Journaling

Journaling changed my whole freaking life and you cannot expect my coaching without some deep, transformational journal prompts. Every week you receive personalized journal prompts created by me for you, specifically. My students have reported these prompts as

Expansive mindset & energy

Bring me your reasons for being stuck in your business and let me turn it 180 degrees through my mindset and energy coaching. I will break it all down in simple format for you to ditch confusion in your business.
Leave it to me to shift your mindset when you enter my coaching.

Business skills

I deeply believe in sustainable business. I want you to have the skills that no one speaks of in the business but are the core foundation of building and scaling a sustainable one.
I bring to you my experience of subconscious re-programing to expand your business in a way you have never truly imagined.


One time payment of

$250 or INR 20k

This is for you if you already have business and offerings. You need some mindset shifts and my personal attention to point out your blind-spots.

This is also for you if you already completed my 8-week intensive coaching.

A 90-minute deep dive session to optimize your business by re-evaluating systems, adjusting your mindset around offers and pricing, and addressing blind spots that keep you stuck.

3 day WhatsApp support after the session to keep you accountable.


2 x  payments of

$500 or INR 40K

What’s included?

  • Comprehensive 2-month 1-1 coaching to build your soul-aligned, joyful business.
  • Six private, one-on-one Zoom sessions for in-depth analysis and guidance.
  • WhatsApp support between each session to keep you on track and answer any questions you may have.
  • Six tailored journal prompts worksheets to dive deeper and unravel your hidden potential.
  • Coaching tools and practices to deepen your growth and transformation beyond our sessions.
  • A safe, supportive, and confidential space for you to open up and share your challenges without any fear of judgment.

Let me paint an 'After - coaching' picture for you.

As you open your eyes each morning, you’re filled with a sense of love and gratitude for the life you get to live. You know that your work is changing lives and making a real impact in the world.

Checking your phone, you’re greeted with a flood of notifications from PayPal or your bank, confirming that your soul-aligned clients are recognizing the value you bring to their lives.

With each passing day, you feel more and more connected to your purpose, knowing that your unique gifts are being used to create positive change and financial freedom. 

The stress and worries of the past are a distant memory, replaced by a deep trust in the Universe to guide you and in yourself to navigate the journey with ease.

You’ve embraced the courage to follow your heart, leaving behind the limiting beliefs that once held you back. And now, as you reflect on all that you’ve accomplished, you’re filled with love for yourself and the life you’ve created. 

You are proud to be making a difference in the world, living with purpose, and thriving in all areas of your life.

I had fear of being in front of camera but after coaching with Sonia, I conducted my best group workshop ever!!

I am so glad I signed up for Sonia’s 1to1 coaching. After being in the membership and knowing that there is more for me in her personal coaching I just went in. Her personalized prompts for each session is so magical, it opened up a channel to explore more about myself and helped me realize that answers I was looking outside was really within me all the time. She provides many great techniques to transform your business and your personal life. She makes sure that you find solutions to all your questions one by one.

I had fear of being infront of camera to conduct my online workshops but after journaling for the prompts given by Sonia and working on myself, I took one of the best group workshop ever! And that too without any anxiety or panic attacks. 
I trusted her methods and I let go of all my fear of being judged. Sonia understands your problem to the core and provides you with the personalized prompts and techniques you require.
Thank you so much Sonia for being the best coach❤️

Malavika J.

Watercolor Artist

What do my beloved clients have to share about their experience with my coaching services?

Listen up darling, you deserve and are absolutely worthy of running a successful business and creating impact + income.

Let no one and nothing make you believe otherwise.

When you move, the Universe moves. When you show up for yourself and do the work, the Universe does the same.

You can decide today to stop playing small and take your dreams seriously + be responsible for the life you deeply desire to create.

2023 is the year when you say ‘YES’ to your soul’s desire, step the f*ck out of your comfort zone, own your voice and sign up your dream clients who absolutely love working with you.

The decision is always YOURS.