BIG MAGIC HAVEN - the membership

An yearly membership for women ready to RISE THE FCK UP in their BIG MAGIC energy, embrace their unapologetic self and get visible online to sign up their aligned clients.

Welcome, to the big magic haven

A community of self-led, unapologetic and courageous AF women who're ready to rise the fck up, step into their power, embrace their authentic self and show up in their business in their BIG MAGIC energy.

My love, stop being a side dish when you're an irresistible, mouth-watering, smirking hot 'gulab jamun'


I know you deeply desire to have a wildly successful business where you’re serving thousands of your people and generating income for yourself.

I also know that there’re people right in your corner who are waiting to buy from you right NOW but..

it’s your responsibility to SHOW UP in your power, be visible and allow them to discover you.

People want to buy from you but the question is – Are you ready to step into your BIG MAGIC energy and show up as your unfiltered, unapologetic self online?

Are you ready to BE SEEN in the way that doesn’t scares the fck out of you?

Are you ready to embrace the power you behold and pour it in your content, messaging, marketing and selling?

Are you ready to bring in BIG COURAGE to take the leap and be the magnet for the ones who desire to be in your energy?

Here's the truth...

People cannot pay you if they don’t know you exist.

This is why, inside BIG MAGIC HAVEN I’m going to exactly teach you how to bring out your BIG VISIBLE ENERGY.

This will change your business forever.

🔥The EIGHT part detailed module of 30-40 minutes each on RISE THE FCK UP will allow you to embrace your big magic energy, channel your inner wilderness, unshame your being and change the way you see yourself and your work.

💖Monthly Coaching session with me where I answer each and every question of yours from creating content to launching to signing on clients. Think of this as hot seat coaching to get you towards your six figures.

📝 All the future masterclass replay access. Rewire your brain through repetition. Listen at your own pace and integrate the learning as you’ve a forever access to these inside the membership.

🎉Money making challenges to help you sell your offer online and make your investment back.

🎙️Big Magic SPELLS – an exclusive podcast for the membership queens to answer all your questions every single month. Consider these as private audio notes to turn on your BIG MAGIC ENERGY.

🎁BONUS Yes, you get access to all the previously recorded content, past Q and A sessions, the entire library of resources with strategies to help you get visible in front of your people. 


What happens when you're inside the membership, in the energy of BIG MAGIC:
  1. You step into your BIGNESS, re-discover your big magic and become a magnet for your people who desire to work with you and pay you.
  2. BIG MAGIC HAVEN is your playground to get WILD, BOLD, UNAPOLOGETIC, PLAYFUL version of you who gives a damn about her BIG MAGIC and isn’t scared to show the world who she truly is!!
  3. We work on your BIG MAGIC be seen, tap into your unfiltered version, extract your mission and message from your soul and magnetize those you need you…to you. And then monetize it. You deserve to be well compensated for your magic.
  4. You make income with your energy, heart, intention, power, desire and action all while being in your BIG MAGIC ENERGY.
  5. No more playing small, charging less, doubting your worth, feeling imposter, second-guessing your vision. It’s time to RISE THE FCK UP.

I created this membership for women entrepreneurs who...

🔥Are done playing small, staying hidden online, letting the fear of being ‘seen’ engulf their BIG, BOLD dreams of creating an authentic online business.

🔥Are tired of being ‘judged’ and ‘shamed’ for showing up as their unapologetic and unfiltered self.

🔥Deeply desire to ‘create content’ using their authentic voice, letting their BIG ENERGY attract their most aligned clients.

🔥Are ready to get highly-compensated for her brilliance without working her a** off the entire day or being tied to her computers.

🔥Defines her own rules in business and isn’t afraid to show up in her power, own her truth and sell from the place of authenticity.

🔥Are here to bring in their BIG MAGIC, get visible online, show up in her power, build a brand that lets people discover her and pay her.

🔥Desire to magnetize their people to them. Continually. Always. Because this is who you ARE.

Modules at glance :

Module 1 - Owning your BIG MAGIC

Here we build a solid foundation of your BEING. Stepping into your BIG MAGIC energy and becoming the one people buy from.

People desire to work with you when you desire to show up for yourself and sell from the place of power, integrity and love.

No more hiding, it’s time to honor your hidden treasures and RISE THE FCK UP.

Module 2 - Breaking the glass ceiling

Your limiting stories about yourself, your people online, your offers is what’s keeping you stuck and holding you back from BEING your most vibrant self online.

Here, we’re going to address all the stories/ beliefs you’ve been telling yourself that’s preventing your content and marketing to be uniquely YOU.

We will be addressing the core childhood wounds & how to move past them.

Module 3 - The BIG CLARITY magic

Do you feel unclear about your message online?

Does it feel as if you’re talking to everyone in your content and not being SPECIFIC?

This is the goldmine of clarity. You’ll get utterly clear about ‘WHO’ you are speaking to in your content, ‘WHAT’ is your core message and translate that in your personal brand.

YOU are the BRAND, which is why we will extract the message from your soul and weave it in every piece of your marketing.

Module 4 - Show the fck up

Let’s be clear, people cannot hire you if they don’t know you, if they don’t see you aka if you’re NOT VISIBLE.

It’s NOT your job to spend hours finding your people online or to look at what others are doing in the name of inspiration.

It’s your job to be BOLDLY YOU, show the fck up so that you’re visible to your people.

Be so magnetically YOU that people cannot help but come to you, sign you up and be in your energy. 

We will also be addressing the BIG F thing here. (fear of being seen, judgment and failure)

Module 5 - Rebel Content Energy

Your content is how *new* people online get to know you. They learn more about you, sign up with you when they SEE the value in your content, when they see YOU in your content.

It’s time to stop letting ALGORITHM decide if your content is worth pushing and dial up your inner rhythm that lets the algorithm vibrate on your frequency.

I’m the Queen when it comes to content & I say this from experience that your content is going to be 10x MORE YOU as you be in my Rebel Content Energy.

Module 6 - 3 Unfckwithable Business skills

There are skills that help you hone your craft and then there are ones that help you make money in your business. We are talking about both in here.

These three unfckwithable skills that are so rarely talked about will take you from feeling defeated everytime your offer didn’t sell to coming back to your power and reclaiming WHO the fck you are.

This is how we reprogram our brain and build resilience.

Warning – This is only for you if you’re in for the long run.

Module 7 - Desired & In - Demand

This is my favorite module and was created when I was in the complete state of flow. I’ve filled the energy of you being so desired by your people, you being in-demand that people cannot help but come to you.

Your outer reality changes when your inner reality shifts.

Being in demand is the inner state of being.

This is the module where the guesswork of ‘being booked out’ dies in peace & the magnetic energy of irresistible desire ‘to work with you’ is born.

Module 8 - Money Fcking loves you

Well well well, if this isn’t something that excites you to make more money – nothing will.

Selling is an inner game and you’ll become fcking phenomenal playing it when you don’t feel uncomfortable around receiving money, when you ‘charge’ the amount that feels delicious to you and let money serve you.

My journey to $5k months was profoundly shaped by my willingness to know my numbers, learn about money energetics and expand my nervous system to receive more every single month.

We will rip off the old money stories & expand your capacity to feel the abundance.


- Sanjana (copy conversion expert)

My experience with Sonia has been, to sum up in a word, TRANSFORMATIONAL. 

Let me tell you how. When I found her, I wasn’t sure about the direction of my life. I remember going second last in the group call and bawling my eyes out because of the burden I was carrying. Slowly, with every session, I began exploring each of my fears and limitations with more depth. I began seeing the other side of the tunnel, and surprisingly, it didn’t look pitch black to me. At all. It was bright like the rainbow. And I’ll always thank Sonia for showing me that. 
The best part about Sonia is that she won’t tell you to do XYZ. She doesn’t overwhelm you with tips and tricks. She’ll ask you to look within and find the answers. I re-connected with my inner rebel, the dreamer who warps reality, whom I’d tucked safely in a blanket of “safety.” I learned to trust myself a little more with every growing minute of screen time we shared. She’s my coach, but mostly, she’s my confidant – she’s that easy to talk to!
While I’m at it, I’d also love to thank the community inside the membership for holding space for me while I mended my proverbial wings. I’ve found life-long friends and sisters inside this group of talented creatives. 
So, if you’re on the fence about the membership, I’ve but one message for you. Do it to unburden yourself.
I assure you it’s easier with Sonia. She’ll be there with confetti and cheers when you’re on the upturn, hitting every goal of yours. She’ll also be there with a cushion of comforting words when you’re not feeling yourself. She’s someone who pushes you, but she’ll be the first to let you know when you’re pushing too hard against your growth.
Very few coaches online will hold space for you *no matter* what season of life you’re in. Sonia is one of them.

🔥I am NOT done yet!! Peep the BONUS🔥

An audio course on selling your offer without selling your soul !!

An exclusive podcast for the membership queens to answer all your questions every single month.

The 7 day magical experience to book out your programs, create content that speaks to your aligned clients and GO WILD in your biz!!