What if there was a sanctuary that could house you and your business as you give birth to your creations into the world?


An 8 – WEEK in-depth program to alchemize your business as you build & launch your offers and attract your most aligned clients (who get you)!!

Listen up new entrepreneur (coach/healer/artist/ service provider)

I know you have BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL vision for your business but you’re NOT focusing on things that will help you grow and scale in this phase.

That new shiny strategy to sell out, the fancy funnels, gorgeous website, well-structured content, cute Instagram feed, perfectly lit-videos for TikTok will NOT help you make money in the beginning phase of your business.

It’s very EASY AND NORMAL to get ‘overwhelmed’ and caught up with what others are doing specially when you see them ‘selling out’, ‘signing new clients’ and reaching next income goal. You feel you should be there too.

Because of which, you try running in all direction aka different platforms, building funnels, landing pages, content calendar, perfect offer which takes you away from simplicity of building business.

THIS STUFF IS DECORATION, you don’t need the fancy house décor when you’re struggling with paying for new house mortgage.

Because of overwhelm and exhaustion, you would want to give up. You feel nothing is working and there's no use of building a business. This is why 80% of businesses fail in the beginning phase.

Aligned Business Alchemy is a ROBUST base, a strong foundational program that will hold the tower of your business firm during any cyclonic condition.

This is your playground to try things out without fear of doing it right, this is the ‘golden’ stage of your business where you explore your ‘zone of genius’, this is the phase where you plant the seeds you want o harvest.

And I give you all the skills, energetic and mindset shifts, strategy that’s needed for your to scale without overwhelm.

stop feeling overwhelmed

‘MORE WORK doesn’t equal MORE SALES’ – you need to take off your employee hat and wear an entrepreneur crown.

Entrepreneurs are ‘solution seekers’, they approach things from the place of curiosity instead of fear.

Not signing clients? – Curious entrepreneur will try new ways of saying their message and reaching to people while employee will sit down and feel disgusted about themselves thinking no one likes what they’ve to offer.




Not everyone will see your vision in this stage of your business.

Tbh, it’s extremely courageous and brave of you to start your business and follow your calling but the truth is, you won’t be always supported.

People value conventional paths such as being a doctor, engineer or lawyer more than running an online business. They won’t always see your vision or support you.

That’s why it’s extremely beneficial to have a coach who sees and trusts your vision, who believes in your highest version that’s already living your desired life.

Inside ABA, not only are you supported by your fellow ‘visionaries’ and ‘dreamers’ but also by me. I coach you every single week on anything that’s holding you back from building your business.

Take a moment and go on a journey with me:

You’re looking back at your business after 8-week in complete admiration of what you have created.

No doubts or questions like – ‘Will this work out for me’? or ‘Am I missing something’?

Creating content that makes you fall in love with your brain, that pulls your soul-mate clients to your Instagram profile and instantly DM you asking ‘How can I work with you’?

Knowing exactly ‘what to say’ about your offers that makes your clients feel as if ‘you’ve been in their head’!!

No worrying about ‘5 step strategy’ or ‘secret formula’ while building offers and launching them with ease into the world.

Signing your ‘most aligned’ clients, the ones who have been waiting to work with you and feeling the joy of serving them.

Hitting your next income goal and welcoming wealth into your life by doing what you love.


This isn’t a fantasy. It gets to be your reality.

Just as a mother needs care &; nourishment as much as her baby, as an entrepreneur birthing your creations into the world, you deserve all the love, care and nourishment for yourself.

This is what Aligned Business Alchemy is all about.

Aligned Business Alchemy (ABA) isn't just another business course..

  • ABA is a sanctuary for you to come home to yourself and your business. A sacred portal for you to explore your gifts, medicine, alchemy without any judgement or noise from the outside world.
  • This is your place to bring your creations to life, nurture them with love and set them free to serve the world.
  • ABA is your permission to honor your wildest dream of having a business, vision that no one can see yet and break the ‘societal’ norms that cages you in it’s limitations.
  • ABA is your canvas to play, have fun and bring ‘child-like’ curiosity back as you create your joy-led business.
  • ABA is an adventure that will set your heart on fire, hold you through the windy roads and leave you curious for your next quest.
  • ABA is a step into ‘newness’, the newness of your becoming as you bring your alchemy into the world.
  • ABA is love filled home to house you and your business as you welcome clients, new offers, launch them to serve for greater good.

Aligned Business Alchemy is the earth that will hold you + your business to the ground when the winds of uncertainty scares to uproot you.

Over the span of eight weeks you'll receive:

🔮8 in-depth modules + video training on EVERY aspect of your business.

Think of this as a ‘treasure guide’ to all your business adventure. You’ll be held and guided all the way as you build your business from scratch or refine the already existing one.

We begin with building strong foundation and understanding the relationship with your business then going all the way to creating ‘juicy’ content, building ‘irresistible’ offers, learning to launch joyfully and attract ‘I’m IN’ clients.

🔥8 LIVE ‘HOT SEAT’ coaching session with me to get you unstuck right away

This is GOLD. Think of going through ‘offer creation’ module and feeling stuck during the process wondering about ‘pricing’ or ‘clarity’. Show up for the LIVE coaching session with me and I’ll guide you through every single problem you might be facing.

Think of how many weeks or months you might be spending just figuring out the ‘pricing’ of your offer instead of getting coached right away and selling it!! 

Coaching collapses time and saves money!!

 💸Money-making challenges to help you MOVE and make results in your business

I don’t want you to ‘gobble up’ the information and learnings without actually INTEGRATING and IMPLEMENTING what I teach. I deeply believe in embodiment and I only teach things I embody aka I know it works for me + my students.

Think of these challenges as ‘power-up’ to help you move and create results in your business NOW (not after you have 10k followers or 100 buyers) We show up in NOW and make things happen.

 🎁 1-1 coaching session with me (WHAT!!) – Pre-sale BONUS

I love offering private support specially to the ones who take actions. If you grab your spot during pre-sale (ends on 14th JUNE), you get 60 mins 1-1 session with me to get coached on ANY-DAMN THING about your business.

Bring me your new juicy offers, or your content to sparkle them using my alchemy or pick my brain for your launch plan – nothing is off limits here. My students have reported this as ‘GOLDEN HOUR’ WITH SONIA.

You + me + the spirit of your business = ALCHEMY 🪄

 📝 8 juicy workbooks with ‘journal prompts’ by me aka your journal queen

You bet I saved the best for last!! 

In complete honesty, I am your journal queen when it comes to designing’ unique prompts and help you integrate the teachings into your system. It’s easy to go through the videos and forget what we just saw and our brain needs REPITITION to build new neural networks.

Think of these journal prompt workbook as your ‘magical portal’ that will open up the pandora box of all things hidden inside of you. This in itself is worth THE ENTIRE INVESTMENT.

With these workbooks, I have ZERO DOUBTS that you would not extract the nutrition from the modules.

 🎁 Pre-sale BONUS(es) (SCROLL to reveal)

🧠 Module 1 - Aligned Mind Alchemy (3-part module)

🔮 Module 2 - Discover your Alchemy, Magick (2-part module)

🍑 Module 3 - Aligned Content Alchemy (3-part module)

🎉Module 4 - Offer Alchemy (3-part module)

🚀Module 5 - Launch Alchemy (3-part module)

💸Module 6 - Sales Alchemy (3-part module)

⚒️Module 7 - Integration week (all the tools)

🪄Module 8 - Cosmic collaboration (2-part module)

Picture this when you think of Aligned Business Alchemy

INR - 1.5 lac or $1800

Payment plans are available at NO ADDITIONAL interest charges – reach out to me @thesoniamotwani on IG. I’m NOT planning to have more than 10 aligned clients for this round.

The first 5 people to join get an *exciting bonus* 

BONUS (on top of all goodness)