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31 guided journaling prompts for self-love

Journaling prompts for self-love and positivity:

Journaling is indeed a super powerful tool that will make you dig deep within to find the gold that lies in your depths. This may seem poetic but trust me, journaling has helped me gain clarity, re-discover my authentic self, healed my inner child, and most importantly gave me the courage to accept myself the way I am. In this piece, I will be taking you on the journey of practicing self-love through the power of journaling.

So the other day, as I was going through the comments on my Instagram post; I read someone said; ‘ Self-love is so trendy nowadays’ and I had no idea how to respond. People indeed are talking more about loving ourselves now than ever before because we so need this.

We really need this power of being in our truth and accept the way we are, we need self-care, self-compassion, and self-acceptance which are a part of practicing self-love. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be trendy. However, I also don’t believe in the ‘everything fancy’ kind of self-love.

Self-love is also admitting when you make mistake and taking a stand for it. It’s about being intentional, looking after your emotional wounds, doing the inner ‘hard’ work, and confronting your own self when you’re wrong. It’s so much more than just loving yourself.

At the end of this piece, I will explain a quick journaling ritual that I follow every time I sit down for my journaling practice.

Why do I need journaling for self-love?

Well, as a child I never accepted anything if it wasn’t backed by a solid answer. Thus, I thought of mentioning why you need to journal for self-love before putting together the journaling prompts for self-love.

Self-love is a daily process, a step-by-step improvement, and nourishment. You cannot expect to fall in love with yourself madly all of a sudden and this is where journaling comes in. At times, we are not ready to accept our truth, accept the way we are and that’s where exactly we need to dig within and find the root causes.

You need journaling to process your thoughts and ask yourself some tough questions in order to love yourself. When I started practicing journaling for self-love, I found so many unresolved emotions that I had been holding within. I had to open up in order to heal and find myself.

How to start journaling for self-love?

Here’s how I practice journaling which I have also explained in detail in journaling for clarity. So this is what I follow before sitting down to pour my feelings on paper.

  • Move your body 

Even if that’s a 10-minute run, go for it. You will be surprised to see the amazing flow of energy after a quick walk or a run or even a Zumba dance. 

  • Meditate and set intentions

Sit in peace and start a guided meditation. Light a candle and set some powerful intentions. Put your right hand on your heart and intend to get the best from this journaling session.

  • Sit in peace and write your heart out

So now that you’re done with meditation, take few long breaths and bring your consciousness back to your body before starting to write in your journal. Find a quiet place and start writing without a break. Do not worry about your spelling or grammar; just keep writing.

Here’s a detailed piece on How to start journaling as a beginner. 

Journaling prompts for self-love:

1. What is something about yourself that you fail to accept? Why is that so?

2. What limiting beliefs are you holding back about your capabilities? Get rid of one of them today.

3. What’s the favorite part of your body?

4. Write a love letter to yourself and mention every single thing you appreciate about yourself.

5. What do you need to forgive yourself for?

6. What’s one compliment you struggle to accept about yourself?

7. What makes your heart sing?

8. Name something amazing about yourself that makes you so unique.

9. Write 5 best qualities you possess that make you a better human.

10. What habits are you looking forward to starting this month?

11. How will you describe yourself, in a loving way to a stranger?

12. How can you set some intentional boundaries for yourself?

13. In which areas of your life, you need to slow down and give yourself grace?

14. What’s something you need to get rid of in order to create space for new things?

15. What makes it difficult for you to love yourself the way you are?

16. What’s the most loving thing you did for yourself today?

17. What your past self would be proud of you for?

18. Write a letter of forgiveness to your body for failing to appreciate it.

19. Create a list of things you are proud of yourself for.

20. Capture a selfie, and write everything you love about your face.

21. What’s one change in your life that can bring more happiness?

22. How can you find ways to rest and slow down today?

23. How do you make this world a better place? ( We are all doing something that’s making this world a better place but we so fail to acknowledge it. This is your chance to appreciate all that you do with compassion and love.)

24. What do you think can make you a better human? How are you planning to instill those qualities in yourself?

25. Think deep and answer; Are you being hard on yourself? Why?

26. What are some things that make you feel bad about yourself but you do them anyway?

27. What parts of yourself are you ashamed of? Why so?

28. What are you bringing into your life that completes you?

29. What kind of work makes you feel worthy and deserving?

30. How can you show little acts of kindness to yourself today?

31. What words, thoughts, and beliefs you associate yourself with? Are they helping you grow as the person you want to become?

Loving yourself can be challenging if you’re not ready to accept yourself. Besides this, you need to be willing to be authentic and honest while practicing journaling for this is solely for you. You really don’t have to show these answers to anyone. Just start pouring your feelings on the paper and let it cleanse you.

Do share your thoughts on how you felt after journaling in the comments below. I would so love to read them.

journaling for self-love

Journaling for self-love: 31 self-love journaling prompts.

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