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Gaining clarity and higher vision through the art of journaling

How can journaling help you finding clarity and serve your purpose?

I can totally understand how it feels being stuck in life knowing that you have some purpose, a mission to serve but you just can’t seem to find the way. It’s so necessary to have some clarity in order to live your life’s purpose and serve what you’re born for. However, this can be tricky at times because our mind is not in alignment with our heart’s desires and at times it’s simple so confusing.

gaining clarity by journaling

There was a time in my life when I felt exactly the same. I had this burning urge to help and heal people with my words and to make them believe in the infinite power they are. I wanted them to tap into their power of being their best self and realize their true potential. But I felt so stuck in this journey. I lacked clarity though I had a clear purpose. This is when journaling came to my rescue.

I have been journaling regularly since December 2019 and it has helped me in a way the words could never describe. This form of art healed me and made me aware of my purpose, my mission, and most importantly; it led me to my truest, most authentic self. I could literally go on telling stories of how journaling saved me but in this piece, I, precisely want to share my framework on gaining clarity through journaling.

However, if you’re new to journaling, I would highly like strongly recommend you to go and read this piece on how to start journaling as a beginner.

journaling for clarity

What is journaling?

Just to give a brief idea; “A journal is your completely unaltered voice.” – Lucy Dacus

There are various definitions of journaling but this one stood out so in alignment with what I believe. Journaling is a form of meditation, a sacred ritual that lets you meet the universe within.

Every time I journaled, I came out at someone wise, someone who had answers, someone who was so immensely powerful. journaling empowers me by bringing clarity, reducing my stress, making me aware of my strengths and so much more. I cannot wait to share my process of gaining clarity through journaling with you in this piece.

The daily journaling routine for gaining clarity and higher vision

I have a routine when it comes to journaling and I cannot wait to share the exact same steps that I use to find peace and purpose through this beautiful art of journaling. I perform some before journaling rituals to get the most out of this sacred practice.

Before journaling:

So before starting the practice of gaining clarity through journaling; I do these two powerful things. 

  • Move your body

I make sure to do some exercise and move my body before journaling. This makes me feel aligned in my body and I can literally feel the energy within. If you’re short of time, try a quick run or just sway on some energetic dance moves. You will be amazed by how physically powerful you feel.

  • Meditate

Now that my body is in its alignment, it’s time to train my mind to work my way and to be at peace. Mediation is the most powerful medium to make you feel grounded. Listen to some guided meditation or this podcast that I use during my morning meditation to get back within. It’s okay to start small but just sit in peace with yourself.

The five-step framework on journaling for clarity:

Here’s a step-by-step process or the framework that I personally follow to gain clarity and higher vision through this beautiful art of journaling. There’re times in our lives when we’re totally confused and have no way to lead us in the right direction.

During such times, journaling has immensely helped me by holding my hand and guiding me to the path of inner wisdom. This may seem illogical right now but as you finish understanding this framework, you will be amazed by the results. So let’s get started:

Step – 1: Set powerful intentions 

Before starting my journaling practice, I set clear, powerful intentions on what I’m looking for through this process. Whether it’s gaining clarity or finding purpose; know your questions. You cannot get answers unless you’re asking the right questions. Write in your journal what are you looking for.

At times, we are not clear on what we want from life, and during those times, just close your eyes and ask yourself; ‘what am I finding here’? Without much brainstorming or putting thoughts, write down the first thing that hits your mind. Trust your intuition for it’s always leading you on a guided path.

Write about your goals, your big dreams that you want to achieve, the life that you wish to live, and everything that your heart desires. It’s safe for you to spill all your vision here.

The famous psychology professor, Mr. Gail Mathews quoted;

“You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.”

The science behind this is that our conscious brain needs continuous reminders of what we want to achieve and be in our life in order to make it a reality. Writing down our goals and dreams speeds up this process and your brain now has multiple reminders on what you want as your reality.

This process is what I refer to as: ASK.

Step – 2: Choose how you want to feel

It’s so necessary to be aware of your feelings while journaling. Here as you’re asking for clarity; write down how does it make you feel. How does being in the place where you currently are make you feel? What is the energy associate with it? Do you feel frustrated, angry, lost, confused, anxious, or anything else? It’s okay to be brutally true and list down all your current feelings.

overcome self-doubt

In my case, when I was lost and was finding my way back through journaling; I felt exhausted. I felt hitting a dead end while working in a toxic place where I was not able to be my best self or serve my purpose. My journals are all filled with such feelings during that time and it’s okay to let yourself feel so. However, realize that you are not your feelings or thoughts. They’re not permanent and are bound to flow just like the waves.

Now the most powerful trick I learned from Gabby Bernstein is our power to choose again. We have the power to choose our feelings. So if I’m feeling anxious but I want to feel better I can always forgive myself and choose again. Here’s a three-step formula:

Step one: Write what you’re currently feeling. or Notice your current thought.

Step two: Forgive your thought. Say a prayer and forgive yourself for being misaligned.

Step three – Choose again. Choose the thought and feeling that describes the person who has already gained the clarity. Now, thank Universe for guiding you through this path.

She describes this process in her book in detail.

Step – 3: What am I learning

The next step is to journal what you’re learning in this journey of gaining clarity. What are you understanding, deducting from your feelings and intentions? What insights have you gained?

When I first applied this method I had no idea what were my insights from my feelings of frustration. I then took some deep breaths and just wrote down the first thing that hit my head.

My first insight was that writing helps me bring peace from all the frustrating feelings I carry through my job. I find myself at the joy when I am working on things that heal my soul. I need to find more time in doing things I love. I need to find a way to work for myself so that I can finally quit my job.

And here it was – all my thoughts and understandings were finally taking me somewhere. I felt super smart as I wrote my insights because I was answering my questions all of a sudden.

clarity through journaling

You will feel so wise while writing this because you will literally come up with all the answers. It’s so amazing to have all the answers and understanding within.

This is what I love the most about writing; we all have answers within, the powerful thoughts but it’s only through expressive writing and journaling that you can let those answers move through you.

These two steps are what I call – BELIEVE.

Step- 4: Actions to get there

The next step is an action step. Now that you’re clear with your insights and what you’re learning; you need to find some way to get there. For me, it was creating a plan to leave my job and have something strong to make living from. I had to build something precise to keep the flow of income after I quit my job. What are the decisions you need to make? What are the action steps you need to follow? What will you be doing next? Here’s what I wrote:

I’m deciding:

  • To be brave enough to pursue my path of joy
  • To work on something that fills me with life
  • To go all in and never look back
  • To be willing to fail and learn again

What am I going to do next?

  • Brainstorm on new income streams
  • Work on improving my Instagram game
  • Reach out for potential collaboration
  • Start a blog and make writing my business 

And Boom!! here’s the version of Sonia who has the answers and the steps to work on. The power of words has always left me speechless and by following this amazing framework; I always come out as a super calm and peaceful being. Here’s the last step:

Step – 5: Affirmations to get going

Affirmations are immensely powerful when it comes to training your mind to accept your truth. I always end my journaling session with some powerful affirmations and it fills me with hope and reassures me that it’s all happening for good. Here’re some powerful affirmations that I use:

  • The Universe is always guiding me for the highest good of all.
  • I so deserve to live the life of my dreams.
  • I am living my success journey.
  • I am powerful, confident and the version of me who has it all.

Here’s the detailed blog on setting affirmations.

clarity through journaling

Step 4 and 5 is what I call as RECIEVE.  This is the exact framework of ask, believe, and receive that I used in my daily journaling process and it has tremendously helped me in aging clarity and a higher vision for myself.

I’m so sure that this process of gaining clarity through journaling is going to be super helpful once you sit down and peace and follow through. I cannot wait for you to start creating magic through the power of words.

I would so love to chat with you and know how this process works out for you. Come, let’s discuss in the comments below.

Here’s a detailed guide on journaling for healing.

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