Nine steps to reinventing yourself at any stage of life

The nine proven steps to reinvent yourself at any age:

We all agree that life is not always the bed of roses and that we have our own lows & highs. However, at times life feels stale and we totally lose interest in living fully. We seem totally demotivated even while doing our favorite work. If you’re the one feeling this, I can so feel you. But this is also the red signal for your life that urges you to start fresh and reinvent yourself.

reinventing yourself

If you’re familiar with my story on how I left my toxic job, you would know that it would incredibly difficult for me to find myself after such toxicity. I was literally lost and life seemed a complicated puzzle that I never wished to solve.

During that time, I had two options; either to continue living my life without any freshness and liveliness or to take the charge and reinvent the life that I always desired. I indeed chose the latter and this single decision made my life so worth living and I’m forever grateful to have taken that step.

Is reinventing yourself at any age even possible?

Reinventing yourself when you feel like a wreck isn’t always easy but hey, it’s also not impossible. If you’re here reading this, it shows that you’re willing to change, to take that first step that will make your life better. Be proud of yourself for just being aware of this.

As we evolve and grow in this journey of being our best selves, we tend to have shifts in our mindset, and our perception changes. It is okay to change as you grow and reinvent yourself at any damn stage of your life.

I’m going to take you on the simple ride of NINE steps to reinvent the life of your dreams. This is the exact method I followed to reboot my life when I felt super demotivated.

Nine steps to reinvent yourself at any stage of your life

1. Know yourself inside out

The first step to reinventing yourself is to know who you truly are. When you fail to understand and know your own self, you surely cannot embark on this journey of re-discovering your new life. In this step, you need to sit with yourself and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you dive deep into yourself.

Being your authentic self will be the first step of this transformation. Besides knowing who you are, you need to be super clear about your starting point.

When I left my job, I had no idea where to start from but I had time in my hand to experiment and find my way. It was only through trial and error that I found my soul’s calling. You will only be able to find your passion or your ‘why’ when you truly know yourself.

Here are 100 questions that will help you re-discover yourself. Try doing one at a time so as to not overwhelm yourself.

2. Define your core values

the way we behave and the work we do comes from our core values. If you’re starting a personal brand or business, you need some strong core values as the foundation for your brand. These core values come from within.

Ask yourself what truly matters to you – what is that burning desire behind doing everything you do. Is it freedom or family or luxurious life; why do you want to reinvent yourself? These core values will always remind you to stay on track even when you feel demotivated.

Also, as we grow and evolve; our core values change and that’s okay. The main thing here is to define and have some strong pillars (core values)

3. Let go of the old patterns

When you’re truly ready to embrace your new self, you need to let go of all your old patterns. It will be only after having a proper mindset detox that you will be able to create space for yourself to thrive.

In the process of reinventing myself, this step was truly the most challenging one. Because let’s be real, it’s difficult to cut off the old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns when you’re so used to believing them. But the trick is to actually trick your mind into believing the new beliefs, the new truths that will help you live your best life.

I did that by continuous and daily journaling, practicing self-love, having a proper routine and so much more. The way we live truly defines the way we think. Thus, it was super important for me to bring this shift in order to reinvent myself and find the ‘new me’.

Growth mindset >>> fixed mindset, always.

4. Stay in the momentum

After following the above three steps, this is the one where most of us struggle. The start is always with full force but as we get into this mode of reinventing ourselves, we lose the momentum at times. This may indicate getting back to old patterns, not following the regular rituals or routines, skipping the mindset transformation exercises and so on.

Trust me, it is super difficult to bring back the momentum once you start taking things casually. So avoid, strickly avoid falling astray.

However, being a human I can totally understand that you cannot force yourself and this is where the tools that I used to keep up with my momentum come to light.

Journaling, meditation, and yoga are my most favorite tools when it comes to staying on track. I kept reminding myself during my journaling session about my ‘why’ and this is what keeps me going even today. This process of reinventing yourself might seem like a hell lot of work but hey, you’re so worth it!!

5. Identify what you truly want

There will indeed be some tough time when you’ll feel super demotivated and life would feel stagnant. During such times, the only force that will pull you out from this ‘sloth mode’ will be your eternal passion. Identify what you truly want, what your soul desires the most, and make every possible move to achieve it.

Once you have something to die for, you will live your best life. This sole reason for accomplishing your soul’s desire will always keep you going.

When I was lost during my tough time, the only desire of spreading light through my words kept me going and made me what I am today.

Always remember, you only get one single life; why not live it in a way that leaves your impact forever.

As soon as you realize this, you will be on your way to reinvent the vibrant, glorious, magnificent you.

6. Step outside your comfort zone

As we discussed, when you’re on the journey of reinventing yourself, you need to break old patterns and beliefs. This also means stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks. You would have heard and read a million times that growth happens outside the comfort zone and yes I’m going to repeat the same.

reinventing yourself

You cannot grow from the place you’re most comfortable with. You need to do something challenging, scary to make yourself believe in your own potential. Once you step out of your comfort zone, you already know your hidden potential and you will be unstoppable.

Try challenging yourself and do one thing daily that scares you the most. This will prepare you to embrace the ‘new’ you.

7. Take inspired actions 

Once you’re thorough with your strengths, core values, your passion; the next step is to take inspired action. You need to visualize the new you and totally behave like the one. When you take any decision, think of what that person ( the new you) will be thinking while taking this decision.

Live your life as if you have already reinvented yourself. It’s so truly said; if you can visualize it, you can have it. The point here is to take actions being the self you always imagined yourself to be.

8. Build your support circle

The journey to reinvent yourself isn’t always easy and at times it does feel lonely. However, if you have a community, a group of like-minded people supporting you throughout this journey; you will feel guided and supported.

Having supportive friends in your inner-circle is necessary but I would highly suggest widening your circle with coaches and mentors. They will help you gain a better perspective and most importantly you will have an example of someone who has done everything that you’re up to.

These mentors and coaches usually have their own mastermind groups where you can meet people who are on the same journey as yours. There’s so much to learn indeed.

I so love my transformational group, we meet weekly over zoom call and discuss our personal as well as professional progress. You indeed need such humans on your journey of reinventing yourself.

9. Celebrate yourself throughout

The journey to reinventing yourself couldn’t possibly end without you celebrating your life and yourself. If you don’t still have any reason for celebration, celebrate the fact that you decided to reinvent your life. This very thought is worth celebrating.

Reinventing yourself is a long journey and you will need some motivation and encouragement throughout this process. Wouldn’t it be incredibly amazing to be your own cheerleader?

Pat your back, give yourself some treat, spend a solo date night whenever you accomplish something ( even small). Open up your heart for yourself for this inner-work will indeed require so much of self-love.

Reinventing yourself – conclusion

I really want to appreciate you for choosing to do work for yourself. Just imagine, if each one of us starts this mission of being our best self, how amazing this world would be!! And I’m so proud of you for choosing this journey of reinventing yourself.

This journey may not be as smooth as you would have imagined but believe me, all these ups and downs are so worth. If this feels overwhelming, I would highly suggest to pin this post and take one step a day.

Are you ready for this transformation?

I would love to know which step from the above ones seems challenging to you. Do drop your views in the comments below, I would so appreciate it.


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