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The Art of Finding Yourself through Journaling

How to re-discover yourself and unravel who you truly are?

Do you feel stuck? As if there’s this kind of emptiness within which refrains you from enjoying your life. Are you questioning yourself a lot? Your life choices, maybe? Or you might feel that you are not living an aligned life that fulfills your purpose of living? If you’re struggling with all these questions; I totally get you and know that this happens to us all.

finding yourself

There’re stages in our life when we feel everything we do is a total waste, that every single day is hard to pass and there’s this heaviness that we carry along. This is when we realize that we need to do something with our life, that we need to re-discover who we are.

You see, all these years we have been told who we should be by society or by our parents and there’s no doubt why we feel so now because we have transitioned because we are on the verge of transformation. This happens when every fiber of your being knocks and yells to find the truth, to find your core, to find ‘who you truly are’.

Why do you really need to ‘find yourself’?

Finding yourself is more of ‘being you’ than actually changing or transforming yourself. Through this blog post, I don’t aim to change you or shift your ideologies; I want you to meet yourself, I want you to meet the ‘naked, raw you’, the you who is unmasked, the you who is vulnerable, the you who feels the beauty of existence.

Not knowing who you truly are can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming at the same. You might try many different things but fail at finding peace. You might have been in different relationships or jobs but struggled to find happiness because what if they’re not meant for you!! This is why it’s necessary to re-discover who you truly are at the soul level, at your core.

finding yourself

Sometimes we lose the touch with ourselves and I know it can be difficult and scary but the good news is; you can always find yourself at any stage of life. The only thing is – are you willing to do the work it takes to re-discover your truth?

Here’s how you can re-discover yourself: ( How did I become myself again)

We have only ONE single wild life, why even live being someone else or doing something that doesn’t bring us peace and joy. When you re-discover yourself, you will feel more connected within and all your decisions will feel aligned to your values, and eventually, you will be guided to live a life of your purpose.

Being authentically you at the core is indeed a freeing and fulfilling experience. You will feel more alive, more aligned, more affirming of how you want to live your life. Your relationships will improve, your mental and emotional health will get better and most importantly you will find peace.

1. Make more time for solitude

Being alone and feeling lonely are completely two different things. By spending time with yourself you give yourself a chance to dive deeper within and find your truth. Solitude filters the noise and the chaos of the surroundings and lets you embrace the beauty of being with yourself.

By solitude I mean, spending time with yourself alone – this can be sitting in nature or taking a walk or even simply cherishing the beauty of now by doing nothing and being in the present moment. It’s really important to have some boundaries with your families or friends when you’re taking time off for yourself. Let them know that you need some space and be gentle while communicating these boundaries.

2. Settle your inner chaos on paper

When I say journaling is transformative; I truly mean it. There’re so many thoughts we are struggling with on daily basis and it’s necessary to give your mind some space by pouring these thoughts on paper.

Let your thoughts run wild on your journal and write your heart out. Do not censor your thoughts or have the pressure of making your journal look pretty – your journal is meant to be messy and it’s totally okay.


If you’re unsure of what to write in your journal, I have created a beautiful journal with over 200+ prompts and my own life shifts while journaling on them. Journaling can really be therapeutic if you dive deep into this art. Finding yourself is more of unlearning, unbecoming who you were in order to re-discover who you’re meant to be.

3. Ask yourself ‘What does your heart need’

In the chaos of the world, we totally forget to listen to our inner self, we forget what our inner-child actually needs. Take some time today and ask yourself; ‘What do I actually need’!! Besides, know that what you want is totally different from what you need.

Something that we want could be compromised but our needs are non-negotiable ones. Do you need more time for yourself? Does your heart need to spend time in nature? Do you long for doing things that bring you joy? Write them all down in your journal.

4. Know that you’re responsible for the life you want to create

Many times, we run our life from someone else’s dimension as if our life is their reflection. However, this isn’t true. You solely are responsible for the life you want to live, for the life, you want to create because guess what! You are unique and what works for others might not work for you.

When you’re on this journey of finding yourself, you need to own your life, you need to be the in-charge of the choices you make. This is where journaling plays a life-changing role because as you sit down to self-reflect on pages, you will realize how powerful you are and that your life is solely yours, you don’t need someone’s permission to live the kind of life you always wanted to.

5. Find what you’re passionate about

You see, the reason life feels stuck, dull, and boring is that we are not really diving into the things that we are passionate about. For a long time, I was stuck in a toxic workplace and every day was a new struggle. I didn’t wish to wake up and go to my soul-sucking job every single day for the rest of my life. We are not meant to live a miserable life and if you’re convinced with the thought that sacrifice and struggle are the only way to succeed; you really need to change your thoughts.

Find something that you truly enjoy, that you can truly dive into. Read new books, watch adventurous documentaries or travel to some peaceful place where you can sit with yourself and know your being.

We are all different, what works for me might not work for you so be patient while exploring your inner-self. Finding yourself is more of being yourself and losing yourself in this journey but trust me; you will find the spark that you’re looking for once you dive inward.

6. Ask yourself some tough questions

I love doing some tough self-exploration on pages. Ask yourself some hard questions about life, the things that you’re scared to meet, the choices that you made, and the direction that you wish to go onto. Get into a conversation with yourself and write down what makes you think you really want to re-discover, why do you even feel the need of finding yourself and how is this going to change your life.

These questions often seem really simple but when we dive deep, we realize there’s so much unheard and unspoken of. I love writing morning pages because of the very same reason. These pages bring out the truth on paper and I’m so certain of what I really want to do with my life as I journal my thoughts. If you’re new to this practice, here’s a guide to write morning pages and get aligned to your life’s path.

7.  Get in touch with your inner-self

Are you living the life directed by others? Are you looking for their approval to live the kind of life you really want to? Or Are you listening to that little voice within that says ‘ You are meant to do magical things here’? You see, as we grow, the noises around us also grow, and there comes a time when we totally shut down our inner voice and start listening to the chaos around us.

This is exactly when we feel disconnected within. When you’re on the journey of finding yourself, you are more on the path of listening to that inner voice, trusting your instincts, and believing that voice within. Every morning, take some time and get in tune within; know what makes you feel ‘you’ and how you can get connected to your inner voice.

Journaling for finding yourself ( self-discovery journal prompts)

When I say journaling is powerful, I truly mean it because this beautiful, sacred art taught me to live an aligned life, find my purpose, heal my inner child, and manifest the kind of life I wanted to live. Here’re some powerful journal prompts that will help you dive deep and find ‘who you are at soul level‘. These are the journal prompts I use for self-exploration.

1. Who you are at the soul level? What is your truth which is not influenced by your surroundings?

self-discovery journal prompts

2. What are the three self-criticizing thoughts that come up in your self-talk? How can you reframe them and encourage yourself instead?

3. When do you trust yourself the most? When do you find it harder to have faith in your instincts? Why?

4. How do you show compassion to others? How can you extend the same compassion for yourself?

finding yourself through journaling

5. What are your non-negotiable core values? Why are they so important to you?

Sit down today in peace and answer these journaling prompts with utter honesty. I always make sure that the prompts are mindful and effective + I have already journaled on these before presenting it to you. I hope this helps you in your journey of finding yourself and rediscovering your inner magic.

If you’re called to do more inner work and live an aligned life; I have a gorgeous journal waiting for you to transform. This journal is more than just some prompts and you can check it out here. Do feel free to send me an email or say ‘hii’ on IG (@yourjournalcoach) and get connected at a deeper level.

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