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Creative Journaling Techniques to blow your mind

Bored of regular journaling techniques and methods? Here’re some innovative journaling techniques that will amaze you!! Keep reading.

Hey gorgeous soul, welcome back to my blog. I’m so very excited to share some really creative journaling techniques that would seriously blow your mind. You see, I have been journaling for over two years now and this beautiful art has helped me heal my inner child, made me aware of my negative thought patterns, guided me to find clarity and purpose and so much more.

When I say journaling is life-changing, I really mean it to the core of my being. Besides, I really want to share my journal with you. I just recently launched her and the response has been amazing. It’s so much more than just some journal prompts, I have shared my real-life experiences and mindset shifts that happened because of journaling. Take a look at this phenomenal journal!!

Okay, back to our topic. You’re here because you already know that journaling is super helpful and can completely change your life. However, I can totally understand that practicing a similar form of writing every single day could be tiresome and we as humans need variety lol. We need different, innovative techniques for every single thing and journaling is no different.

Journaling, as a habit could be really challenging to build and stay consistent. Because of this, I want to share these super easy, fun, and creative journaling techniques to help you on your journaling journey.

Creative Journaling techniques you need to try right away:

If you’re into journaling or even a beginner; these journaling methods will really help you in staying consistent with your journaling habit. And as we know, consistency is the key to receiving results. Let’s explore these unique and stunning journaling methods.

1. Perspective Journaling

As the name suggests, perspective journaling is a form of journaling where you write the thoughts, events or circumstances from a different perception. This allows you to ponder deeply on what happened and actually view it from the place of an observer. Writing the same event from a different perspective gives the chance to analyze the situation from a different angle.

Let’s be honest, we as humans are prone to make mistakes when we try to solve the matter looking from a single perspective. This is where ‘perspective journaling’ really helps. This kind of journaling technique mostly helps in resolving conflicts or relationship issues because you open yourself to look at things differently and this makes so much difference.

For example – whenever I get into a conflict with my husband, I space out and journal my thoughts on what happened. I write the situation from my perspective, from his perspective and from the observer’s POV. This gives me the space to bring some clarity and different opinion to actually solve the matter. Try it out if you haven’t already.

2. Proprioceptive Journaling

This beautiful method was created by Linda Trichter Metcalfe and Tobin Simon in 1976 which is used to find your authentic voice. This technique is immensely helpful in getting connected to your inner-self and reflect on the thoughts as you get in tune with your inner voice. It involves inner listening and honest exploration of your thoughts and feelings. In addition, it connects your mind with your emotions, and it strengthens your sense of self. Begin this by writing whatever thoughts are coming to your mind and just be in the state of the flow. If your thoughts wander, go with them and pay close attention if any word or phrase speaks to you.

Ask yourself: “What do I mean by _____” whenever something you write down catches your attention. This will help you to amplify that thought and will allow you to reflect on it more meaningfully. Proprioceptive journaling brings clarity to your thoughts, makes you in tune with your inner voice, and brings you in touch with your raw, authentic self.

3. Essence Journaling

Are you struggling with having no time for journaling? Do you feel you’re not consistent enough because you can’t seem to find enough time to sit down and journal? Essence journaling is specifically for individuals who find it hard to take time to journal. In this kind of journaling, you capture the essence of the day or the feeling in a sentence or two.

For example; ‘Today was a wonderful day as I received an amazing response to my new product’ or ‘The workshop was fun and I’m looking forward to attending more of those’. This kind of journaling technique is used to summarize the day or feeling when you’re running out of time.

I can totally agree that this creative journaling technique might not provide the psychological or philosophical benefits as compared to the deeper, conscious journaling but at least it will keep you in touch with your inner-self. You can always expand on your essence journaling later whenever you have sufficient time.

4. Bullet Journaling

I have heard a lot about bullet journaling but I’m yet to try this out. Bullet journaling is essentially used to keep you on track with your daily routine, current projects or important tasks. This kind of journaling technique is also called as productivity journaling. You can get creative here and create colorful spreads for your bullet journal and use it to beat procrastination and enhance your productivity. I guess I will use this to build my lost habit of exercising lol. Besides, you can track your journaling habit and stay on track using this method.

5. Collage or scrap-book journaling

This is more of an art journaling where you use mixed media to capture your feelings, emotions or any situation. Collage or scrap-book journaling is more of visual journaling where you can combine art + words to process your emotions and reduce stress. Use words, images cut out of magazines or snapshots. There’s no right way to journal and hence feel super free to do it your way. 

6. Turn the Journal

This is such an innovative technique that I came across and totally loved it. When you feel bored or stuck with your journaling practice, turn your journal and start writing from a different direction. Write in spirals, circles, or even on the borders. This journaling technique is immensely soothing and will help you remove mental and emotional barriers. I would highly recommend adding colors or using color-pens.

7. What-is-going-well journaling

We are so programmed to look at the darker side of life that we fail to see the things that are actually working. There’re definitely times in our lives when everything sucks and nothing makes sense but at the same time, there are moments when things click, something goes your way or you stumble upon a miracle. How about focusing on those things instead of whining about the negatives. Take five minutes today to sit with yourself and actually ponder what went well today.

These are the seven most creative journaling techniques that I absolutely fell in love with and had to share with you. I’m sure these will really help you stay consistent with your journaling practice. I would love to know which of these creative journaling techniques spoke to you the most. Also, do not forget to check out my journal or sign up for my free journaling course, I would love to have you in our community. 

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