The four step method to manifest anything you desire

What is this art of manifestation and how to manifest anything in your life?

I had always been wanting to talk about this topic on how you can manifest the life of your dreams using the power of journaling and now is the aligned time for this post. If you’re someone who wants to learn more about manifestation and is curious to know how journaling can actually speed up this process, this post is for you.

Now, before diving into some powerful journaling techniques; let’s talk about manifestation and what it actually is.

I came across this term in mid-2020 during the pandemic and decided to dive deeper into this art. To be honest, at first, I was skeptical about all the woo-woo stuff but when I understood the scientific logic + spiritual connection behind manifestation; my mindset completely shifted. I took a 5-month detailed course of manifestation and learned in-depth what this art actually meant.

Let’s talk about what actually is manifestation before learning about the journaling technique.

What Is Manifestation?

There’s this misconception about manifestation that it’s magic, it will help you bring anything you desire into your life, into your reality. Well, this isn’t entirely accurate.

how to manifest anything

Manifestation is the art of being energetically aligned with your desires. Everything you ever desired or want is already yours but you need to be an energetic match for your desired reality. It’s already yours and the Universe has declared it to be yours ever since you were born.

You may ask – then why am I not able to manifest my dream home, dream business, dream lifestyle etc. Well, the answer here is you’re not in alignment with your desires, you’re not able to clear the resistive blocks that are coming in your way to living your dream life, you’re not ready to surrender and trust Universe enough.

To manifest, you need to first believe and this is where the huge resistance lie. What you believe, shows up in your reality. If you’ve always believed that you cannot be enough to have your desired home, that you’re not worthy of having your dream business, well the Universe is just a mirror and it proves you right.

This is why the first step towards manifestation is to work on your beliefs, is to work on your mindset, is to clear the resistance, and heal yourself.

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It’s in believing that you can manifest what you want and you’re so worthy of living your best life that you can actually manifest your desired outcome.

Here’s the detailed post on overcoming your limiting beliefs.

The Scientific explanation of what is manifestation:

I have always loved digging deeper into human psychology and understanding how our mind works. When I learned the connection of manifestation with age-old scientific theories, I started believing more in this art.

In psychology, manifestation generally means using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to our physical reality. It’s the act of conscious creation and outcome in our life that makes this lifetime a fulfilling one.

(If you’re new to journaling and would love to explore this art deeper, here’s a beautiful journal that I created last year to support you. It’s not just a journal prompt journal but has my personal transformational story with each prompt. You will fall for this)

manifesting journal

This is to say that everything is created with our thoughts. If you can think, feel and be in that state for at least 68 seconds, you can manifest it. Our mind is our greatest resource and hence if you learn to create the thoughts that align with your desires, you can definitely experience the desired outcome. The human brain thinks of 2.3 million thoughts per second and it’s literally impossible to have all those thoughts as useful ones.

Hence it’s so necessary to filter the unwanted thoughts because you cannot always think highly positive ones or be in the high vibe state. This is why I love journaling. When I journal, I pour all my thoughts onto paper and only carry the ones that help me, that serves me.

how to manifest anything

How to get started with manifestation?

As this is the first post in the manifestation series, I wanted to give you a detailed understanding of what manifestation actually is and clear some misconceptions around this beautiful art. So here is how you can get started with manifestation.

Step 1 – Declare your desire

Be clear on what you want and ask for that from the Universe. I would highly recommend focussing on one thing at a time and asking for something you feel most aligned for. You can declare your desires by praying or even writing. I usually write my desires on the new moon and the full moon.

Here’s the complete journaling ritual for the full moon that I practice.

Step 2 – Clear the limiting beliefs

Now that you’ve declared your desires, you’re bound to have some limiting beliefs around those desires. This only means that there’s something unhealed, suppressed that you need to heal. The universe is giving you this opportunity to heal yourself through this step and overcome the blocks.

When I was manifesting my current business, I had so many limiting beliefs around money which kept me stuck. It was only when I understood and healed my money story that I was able to manifest my dream business. Again, being self-aware is so necessary here and I cannot recommend journaling enough to bring you into alignment.

Always remember, it has to be in your internal reality before it comes into your outer reality.

Step 3 – Take inspired actions

Manifestation doesn’t work if you just rely everything on the Universe. You need to take some inspired actions to let Universe know that you’re putting effort and doing your part. Think of this as a relationship, if you don’t show effort, your partner won’t feel appreciated, and this at times ends the relationship.

Where does this inspired action come from? For example – When I declared that I wanted to start my own business and leave my toxic workplace, the first thought was to hone my skills, get aligned to my message and purpose and yes, take the hard step of quitting my toxic job.

When you stand up for yourself, you signal the Universe that you’re ready to uplevel. Now, on this journey of taking inspired actions, you can always ask for the signs from Universe to show you that you’re always guided and protected. But know that your beliefs and faith will do wonders here. Just trust the process which brings us to the last step.

Step 4 – Surrender to the Higher power

Taking action is more of masculine energy while surrendering is of feminine and we need the balance of both in order to manifest and live our desired life. Just when you choose to believe that there’s some higher energy/ God/ Universe helping you, you lean into surrendering your desires. You don’t have to stress on how things will work or when your manifestation will come to fruition, believe that it’s all taken care of.

When I chose to lean into my faith and chose to believe that everything is taken care of, I started feeling so relaxed and calm. This is the energy of alignment when you feel calm, peaceful, and joyous. Know that you’re truly guided and oh so supported.

how to manifest anything

How to manifest anything you desire? – End-notes

I love how this post turned out to be and hope that it gave you clarity on how manifestation works. In my next posts, I shall be sharing more of the journaling techniques you can use to manifest your desired life. Do feel free to reach out to me on IG @yourjournalcoach to learn more about this beautiful life.

I want you to live an aligned, abundant life. Besides, if this felt aligned to you and if you’re ready to manifest your desired life + work on your limiting beliefs; my 1-1 sessions are just a click away. It would be an honor to serve you.

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