You are here for a reason

Do you have the courage to become the most aligned version of yourself?

The fact that you’re reading this is in itself a sign that you truly want to transform your life and unravel the massive power within.

My 1-1 coaching framework is designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom. I am a firm believer of the fact that everything we need is within us and once we stay in connection with our innermost self, we become our own guide.

What my 1 - 1 coaching can help you with ?
  • transform your mindset in order to uncover your true potential
  • to reframe your negative/limiting self-beliefs into empowering ones
  • unleash your creative self by overcoming block/resistance/ procrastination and stay connected to your ‘flow’
  • to bring back the joyful/worry-free inner-child and calm your inner-critic
  • to guide you from ‘perfectionism’ to freedom
  • to help you tap into your power and become confident enough so that you don’t seek outer validation
  • reconnect and re-parent your inner-child through inner-child journaling
Here's how my 1-1 coaching framework is designed

In the first phase / week, we will be reaching to the root cause through questioning.

I have a series of powerful questions that will help us understand ‘what actually is the core / origin’ of your suffering.

The second phase, which I call the heart of the framework is designed to get in alignment with our end goals.

Here, I will curate personalized strategies to help you get closer to your heart’s desire. You will also be provided with the various tools for your personal transformation.

In the third phase, you will be guided to take inspired actions and learn how to practice embodying yourself into your future self so as to achieve your goals quicker.

The weekly tasks will enable you to get a deeper understanding of self and lead you to take actions from the place of your authentic being.

In the last phase, we will be integrating everything we learned, our entire journey and document it.

Now that we have established the foundation of growth, I will guide you on keeping the momentum and staying in alignment with what you learned.

You will be provided with the tools to keep you going even after our coaching period ends. My purpose here is to guide you to become self-reliant so that you can continue your journey independently.

The tools I use for 1-1 coaching:
  • Customized Journal prompts
  • EFT tapping ( Emotional Freedom technique)
  • Morning pages
  • Shaking / Rage dance
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Guided journaling
  • Customized Affirmations
  • Re-writing your story
  • Subliminals

An application and complimentary discovery coaching call are required before enrolling. This helps me learn more about you – where are you at and what are your goals. 

Why makes my approach unique?

As a practitioner of Mindfulness and NLP as well as being an expert and coach in Journaling, I will help you discover the source of untapped potential in you. I have uncovered my true potential through the power of journaling along with practicing other tools that I’m going to equip you with. However, my unique approach of bringing self-awareness through customized Journaling always remains to the core of my coaching framework.

As your coach, my prime focus is to provide you with a head-start in the realm of rediscovering your authentic self through journaling and build a deeper connection with self.

My unique four – phase approach will make sure that you are equipped with the powerful tools that will allow you to overcome any emotional, mental, or physical blocks that hinder you from living your desired life. Not only that, through this journey I will make sure that you develop a mindset that enables you to stay consistent with this process even after the completion of the coaching period.

If you choose to invest your energy in coaching with me,  I’ll ensure that you leave with the mindset that allows you to prioritize your inner-self; that you no longer seek the answers in the outer world.

1-1 journaling coaching package :
  • One zoom session (45 – 50 mins) per week for a month based on my signature framework. ($197)
  • Guided journaling prompts after every session specially designed to cater your needs. These will be specifically curated by me. ($97)
  • Personal email support throughout the journey (coaching period). ($97)
  • A complimentary follow up session after a month (only if you submit a brief (1-2 min) before and after video)
  • Limited spots per month ( I take only 5 clients for a month)



Your investment for changing your life :

What my clients say

Sonia’s journaling challenge was just what I needed. I was going through some changes in my life at that time and there was a lot of noise in my mind. The activities that Sonia guided us through allowed me to dive deeper and deeper into my mind day by day. By the end of it, I found that I had unraveled some of the mess and gotten clarity in areas of my life that desperately needed it.

If you’re on the fence working with Sonia, I definitely recommend it. She pours so much love and attention into creating the best experience for you. If you give it your all, you’ll definitely see a transformation in your life as well.

 Parm S.                                                                                                                                           Spiritual healer at


I had never journaled in my life and I was already under psychiatric medication for my mental health but something in me told me that this coaching would help me. I was so inspired to share my story and be vulnerable. I also started journaling regularly and it helped me uncover my true self. I’m glad, I took this step.

Thank you Sonia, for guiding me and showing me the right path.

Rachana Bhar                                                                                                                                        Medical Student                                                                   


Sonia’s journal coaching not only got me into the habit of journaling but also made me work on the block I had in reaching my higher self. It helped me a lot with healing my past and stay connected to my best self.

 Raji Ashok                                                                                                                                                                       Crochet pattern designer at Yarn ‘n Me