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How did I overcome my limiting beliefs through journaling

How I used the power of journaling to crush my limiting beliefs:

Have you ever questioned yourself or your potential and felt that you’re quite not enough?

Have you ever experienced the moment when you’re about to start a brand new project or do something out of your comfort zone and the little voice inside your head says, ‘You aren’t really capable of doing this!!’

And the worst of all; you’re all set for a new chapter, a new journey of your life ( be it a relationship or a new business), and all of a sudden you feel you’re not worthy or you don’t deserve this!!

These are nothing but your limiting beliefs that are blocking your way to live an aligned, abundant life.

We all have our own limiting beliefs and it indeed becomes difficult dealing with them; however, it’s necessary to bring these beliefs to light and reframe them. This is why I have some amazing journaling exercises and journal prompts to help you crush your limiting beliefs. But before beginning, let’s address the elephant in the room – What exactly are these limiting beliefs?

journaling for limiting beliefs

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the self-limiting stories you keep telling yourself that make you feel stuck in your life. Your limiting beliefs are your thoughts that you kept feeding your subconscious mind with until they became your absolute truth.

You indirectly convinced yourself to believe in these stories through various factors like childhood experiences, stories of your caregivers, stories from society, past life experiences, surroundings, etc.

Whenever you’re about to make some tough life choices or make life-changing decisions; these stories/beliefs refrain you from embarking on your highest potential and embodying your desired reality.

Ideally, you’re standing in your own way. This is all because you have convinced yourself into believing those stories that aren’t doing any good to you.

Now the question is – Why do we believe in these stories even when they’re doing no good or they aren’t beneficial?

The answer to this is – Our brain loves to protect us and keep us safe and hence whenever you try doing something new, your nervous system freaks out and keeps you in your comfort zone by making you believe in your limiting beliefs. Let’s discuss where these limiting beliefs come from.

Where do these limiting beliefs come from?

When I started working on my limiting beliefs around money, I realized that I had them from my parents and everything I observed since my childhood.

Money was a very rare talked subject inside our family and it was something my parents were really protective of. Growing up, I always considered money as something you earn when you sacrifice your family time, and thus I developed the limiting stories around money which kept me stuck from living an abundant life.

This doesn’t really mean that I’m blaming my parents for this because healing is our own responsibility and they did the best with what they had during that time. I indeed honor them for this life but it was so necessary to understand where my beliefs seemed from.

Journaling exercise to crush limiting beliefs:

Here’s an exercise for you: close your eyes and pick one limiting belief that’s refraining you from having the best experience in your life. Ask yourself – what’s the earliest memory do I have around this belief? How old was I? What triggered my beliefs?

benefits of journaling

When I picked my journal and started writing about my past experiences, I gained so much awareness about my beliefs and this is why I’m so passionate about teaching this beautiful art of journaling. Let me elaborate on why you should journal to overcome your limiting beliefs.

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Journaling to overcome limiting beliefs:

Journaling isn’t only simply writing or maintaining a daily log of life activities. This powerful art can be used to reprogram your subconscious and change the neuropathways. When you make yourself believe in your new reality and embody the same, the next thing you need is to keep repeating.

Our mind needs reminders, repetition in order to accept new programming, in order to accept new beliefs. You don’t wake up one day and start believing you’re enough or you’re worthy. This needs daily work, consistent reminders and journaling here plays an important role.

I have some beautiful journal prompts to help you crush your limiting beliefs which if you use them on daily basis can help you tremendously with reframing your stories. It was only because of journaling that I was able to bring awareness to the limiting stories I was feeding my mind with.

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Your limiting beliefs are not FACTS!!

It took me a whole year to understand this and when I finally realized that these beliefs were actually my very own thoughts and my thoughts are not the facts – my mind was completely blown. Now, if my thoughts are not facts and they can be changed – I certainly have the power to shift my beliefs and change my reality.

Sit in peace today and think of an area of your life where you feel stuck. What beliefs do you have about yourself? What do you think is true for you in this particular area of life? Do you think this is the absolute truth? Is there any evidence that someone else is thriving in that area? What do their beliefs sound like? What do they think to be true?

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journaling through limiting beliefs

How to convince your mind into believing something you don’t really believe in?

Do you really think your mind is going to accept your new, reframed beliefs all of a sudden without any question?

Imagine this, all my life I had this belief that you need to work hard and sacrifice family time in order to earn money; do you think my mind is going to accept the new belief that money is abundant and it’s flowing with ease all of a sudden?

Well, you might trick or convince your mind for a certain period of time but as soon as you find the evidence for your old belief, your mind will go back to the old patterns. This is why I love bridge beliefs or bridge thoughts.

Instead of fooling my mind into believing that money is abundant; I used this belief: I choose to believe that money is abundant. I choose to believe that money is flowing to me. I’m open to believing that money comes with ease. These are nothing but ‘bridge beliefs or bridge thoughts’!!

This trick really helped me reframe my limiting beliefs without forcing myself into believing something I really didn’t believe in!! Let’s discuss some journal prompts for crushing limiting beliefs.

journaling through limiting beliefs

Journal prompts to overcome limiting beliefs:

1. What beliefs are holding you back from living your desired life?

2. What is the evidence that supports this belief?

3. Where did this belief come from? Is this yours to carry forever?

4. Is this belief helping you where you want to be in your life? How is this belief serving you?

5. How does this belief make you feel?

6. What small things you can do differently to limit yourself from reinforcing this belief?

7. What are some of the bridge beliefs/thoughts you can choose to believe in?

8. What does the version of you who’s living your desired reality believe in?

9. How can your new, reframed beliefs help and serve you?

10. How does the day in your life look like when you start adopting, embodying new beliefs?

journaling through limiting beliefs

Journaling to crush limiting beliefs – Endnotes

Reframing your limiting beliefs will always take some time and there will be moments in your life when you would be tempted to go back to the old patterns. However, during those times remind yourself how you were able to crush your limiting beliefs earlier and if you could do then, you certainly can do now. Remind yourself of your power and come back to journaling!!

I hope this piece gave you insights into how you can use journaling to overcome your limiting beliefs and build the abundant life that you desired. I will be sharing more of the money mindset and how to use journaling to get aligned in the next post.

Do not forget to grab your free workbook on crushing your limiting beliefs. I would love to know your thoughts on the power of journaling to crush your limiting beliefs in the comments below.

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