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How to be in alignment with your inner-self through journaling

How to bring alignment into your life using journaling?

Last year, I had been seeing this word ‘alignment’ a lot and I roughly knew what it meant but I wasn’t deep into it until I started using journaling for the same. I thought being aligned meant being in good mood and with that definition, everything was going well. However, when I started diving deeper into my spiritual practices and helping my clients with the same, I started understanding this word better.

Journaling for alignment

Alignment comes up often frequently during my 1-1 coaching sessions because when you’re in alignment with your inner-self, life starts flowing with ease, their more joy, more peace, more fulfillment in life. This is when you know that you’re in alignment with your inner-self, with your purpose, with your core being. And when you be in alignment with who you truly are, you stay connected with and live your life with utter bliss.

However, what does being in energetic alignment with your inner-being mean and how can you get into alignment?

What does being in alignment means?

Being in alignment means your energy and frequency are a perfect match to what you desire in your life. Got too woo-woo and spiritually technical?

Let me explain it to you in simple terms. Being in alignment means being in the flow of life, bringing ease and play, being in alignment means being true to yourself and showing up as your authentic self, being in alignment means having your thoughts & beliefs aligned to your actions, being in alignment means being the energetic match for desired life.

Alignment is when we listen to our intuition and move through the world embodying our true selves. Alignment is function and action with ease.

For example – If you’re someone who is manifesting 10K months but you don’t quite believe that you deserve that amount, you don’t quite believe that you’re worthy of having 10k months then you’re not in alignment with your desires.

This disbelief and resistance around your desire will not let you be an energetic match for your 10k months.

journaling for abundance

What is being in alignment with inner-self?

In order to have your desired reality, you need to embody and BE the one who is already living that life. You need to get your thoughts and actions aligned to your desired reality.

All of our life we have been taught to do, do, do but we forget that in order to be in alignment, we don’t have to do anything but just BE in our power, in our truth.

When you know yourself, you will know what’s happening inside of you, your head – what kind of thoughts and disbelief are blocking your way to manifest your desired reality.


What does being in ALIGNMENT look like? 

To me, whenever I feel calm, fulfilled, and joyous; I know I’m in alignment. Think of the time when everything was in flow, everything made sense. What were you thinking during that period? How did you feel about that time? What was happening?

Let me tell you a story of my 21 days journaling challenge launch. After I launched my first ever course on Anger Journaling in December, I was not sure how to begin the new year with something hardcore journaling that my peeps would love.

I kept journaling every day asking for the sign, for the nudge on what I should be launching next that would help my people/students get back to journaling. An idea strikes me about a journaling challenge to build a consistent journaling habit.

And during the same period, I received an email from Gabby Bernstein about her 21-day Manifestation challenge. This was when I became so certain of my next offer and planned to announce + pitch it to my people. To my amazement, I had over 40 students join the first round!!

You see, when you’re in alignment, things start aligning themselves because you’re already an energetic match for receiving them.

Now the main question here is how the heck do we get into alignment when we have bazillion thoughts to deal with and gazillion tasks to do?

journaling for alignment

How to get into alignment with all the bazillion thoughts?

Let me burst this misconception first – you don’t have to be all-time positive and think ‘good thought only’ in order to be in alignment. You’re just a human and in this human form, we’re bound to have different thoughts, which cannot always be only positive.

We deal with tough emotions on daily basis, we try our best to navigate through uncertain times, we have a lot of shit going inside our head and in our life – so it’s not realistic to expect ourselves to be positive all the time. You can be in alignment even when you’re processing all those negative emotions, all those tough events in your life, all those difficult situations.

manifesting journal

However, the catch here is in word processing. It’s okay to be in a negative state of mind but it’s so not okay to be in that state longer. There’re different modalities that I teach my 1-1 students where we practice journaling, rage dance, EFT, meditation, breathwork to get back into alignment. In this post, let’s talk about journaling. How can you use journaling to be in alignment?

journaling for alignment

How to use journaling to get into alignment?

Every time I sit to journal, I feel the heaviness getting lifted, I find peace and solace on those blank pages and all the chaos turns into calmness. Journaling isn’t just simply venting your heart out though it’s incredibly helpful in finding peace through emotional dump exercises. It’s more of a ritual to practice to bring oneself back to the alignment and this is how I use journaling to help me be aligned.

To be aligned is to be present and when you journal you are in the moment, you’re present and mindful + you know what’s going inside your head. Sometimes, I think of writing these blogs as journal writing because I pour my thoughts here.

journaling for alignment

Journaling makes you aware of who you are and what you’re here to do, this art connects you with your higher purpose and this is when you know you’re in alignment. It gives space to your anxious thoughts and lets you bring in peace and calm.

I started journaling to clear my head initially but as I journaled consistently, I realized that this art was actually helping me become self-aware, heal my inner child, and most importantly journaling was making me live an aligned life.

benefits of journaling

Journal prompts to be in alignment with inner-being:

Sit in peace, take deep breaths and get into the present moment. Journal on these questions.

1. What does your heart need to hear today? How does it feel to be living in the moment?

2. What does being in alignment mean to you? How do you know you are in alignment?

3. What you can do today to be present and mindful?

4. What are your non-negotiable values? What are some things that matter to you the most?

5. What is your aligned message on earth? How can you be who you are, authentically?

6. Where does your mind wander and how can you bring it back to the present moment?

7. What are the things that bring you joy, ease, and fun? How can you do more of those on daily basis?

8. How can you find time for yourself and listen to your inner whispers? What does that voice say to you?

9. What are you open to receiving? How can you practice more surrender?

10. How can you nurture your being today?

Journaling to get aligned to your inner-self – endnotes

This post got longer than I intended it to be but I’m so sure that you will find so much value here. Being alignment is all about being you, when you know how you’re and are being in your absolute truth – you’re always aligned. I always go back to journaling whenever I need some guidance and I hope you inculcate this beautiful ritual in your life as well.

I have a podcast on journaling that will help you get more connected with this beautiful art. Listen here on Spotify.

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