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Full Moon Journaling Ritual – Journaling prompts

Intrigued by the power of the full moon? Here’s a power journaling ritual that will help you harness full moon power.

Recently, I have been obsessed with all things universe; the vibrations and frequency, understanding psyche and subconscious, and getting into alignment with my higher self + connecting them with journaling.

Undoubtedly, the moon has always lured me and I couldn’t stop myself from going deep into understanding all about its phases and rituals.

full moon journaling

As I started practicing full moon and new moon rituals, I started feeling more aligned to my purpose, to my own being and I had to share this. But before jumping in, let me tell you; this is all science – the whole woo-woo stuff people run from is basically physics. I used to be of a similar kind but when I started experiencing change, things started shifting within.

So if you’re looking for bringing in abundance and releasing the things that no longer serve you, this post is for you.

In this post, I’m going to guide you to harness the energy of the full moon through journaling prompts and rituals that you can use every month.

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The power of FULL MOON:

The full moon is the fifth of the total eight phases of the moon and it literally means the time when you can fully see the moon. The full moon represents the energy of rest and reflect while the new moon represents the new beginnings and manifestations.

This is the time to really look within and reflect on what you need to let go of, what you need to surrender in order to welcome new energy, new opportunities that are truly aligned to your purpose.

The full moon is the perfect time to write down the list of things you have welcomed in the past two weeks. It’s time to sit back and dive deep. Be conscious of your feelings; how the things you welcomed are making you feel.

The full moon is a time of cleansing. It’s a time to surrender, release and let go of what is no longer aligned with us energetically. Journaling is the best way to ponder and reflect on all the energies that you manifested through the new moon’s intentions. This is why I always say, journaling is more than just writing.

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Why journal on a full moon?

Journaling is a powerful way to reflect and introspect on how we’re actually feeling. besides, the full moon is all about reflection, and through journaling, it becomes easier to dive deep within. I have always believed that everything we need is within us and journaling is the medium through which we can harness the power and magic within. Here’s what you will need for the full moon journaling ritual.

  • journal
  • pens
  • candles
  • a dedicated space

I usually prefer to journal near nature because that makes me feel connected and aligned to mother earth. Journaling under the bright light of the full moon is extremely soothing and peaceful. However, if you’re not able to be around nature, just have a dedicated space where you’re not interrupted during the ritual. Light your candles or incense sticks to set the mood. Let’s get started with the journal prompts for the full moon ritual.

Journaling ritual for full moon:

1. Always begin your journaling ritual with some relaxation exercise. Breathing or staying in mediation helps to recentre our busy thoughts.

I love practicing box breathing exercises with my clients for this ritual. Inhale at the count of 5, hold for the count of five and exhale at the count of 5. This will make you focus on your breathing instead of your daily thoughts.

Let yourself feel the calmness around, feel the smell of your candles and just be in the moment.

Leave the energy, the busyness of the day, and everything that you no longer wish to carry into this full moon ritual.

2. What did I welcome in my life in the past two weeks?

Write about the opportunities, abundance, energy, new relationships you welcomed in these two weeks. How did that make you feel?

Make a note of all the things you welcomed in your energetics and how they made you feel?

3. How did that make you feel?

‘I noticed that ____ made me feel ____’

During these two weeks, you welcomed new things in your life. It’s time to ponder on how that made you feel.

  • Do you feel aligned with the life choices you made?
  • Are they serving you?
  • Are they bringing you closer to your envisioned future self?

Be utterly honest with yourself here because this is solely for you.

4. Get in touch with your feelings.

This full moon, I’m feeling ____

Be really conscious of how you’re feeling your body.

  • How do your relationships make you feel?
  • How do the people around you make you feel?
  • Are you energized by their company or does that drain your energy?
  • Are you frequently picking up their energies?
  • What do you feel has expanded within that you need the space with?

Full moon journaling is all about being conscious of your feelings, reflecting on what’s serving you, and surrendering the ultimate ‘HOW’.

5. This month I surrender to……

This has been really difficult for me because I always get caught up with how.

How are things going to work, when are they going to work?

This is because I’m not minding my own business, this is because I’m interfering in the Universe’s business, the source’s or higher power’s business. When I learned the power of surrendering, I started feeling more at ease, more at peace, and more in alignment with what I was meant to do.

Where do you feel resistance in your life? Where could you let go and surrender a little more?

Ask the universe for what you need at this full moon and trust that you’re always truly guided.

6. How are you celebrating yourself?

We get so caught up in all the doing and accomplishing things in our life that we forget celebrating our wins, we forget celebrating ourselves. The full moon is the best time to celebrate yourself, celebrate everything that you welcomed this past two weeks, and be proud of yourself.

What are you proud of? Which situation did you handle really well? What conscious changes did you welcome that you’re proud of?

Journal it out.

7. 3 energetic ties I need to release to move closer to my dreams_____

Knowingly or unknowingly, we get affected a lot by the people around us.At times, we even pick their energies so it’s necessary to release such energy. Be conscious about how you felt during these two weeks and ponder if the feelings were yours!! Think about the little things that you can release yourself from that might be weighing you down.

What can you release to experience more freedom?

8. How do you feel when you imagine your dreams coming into life?

Dive within and write about how you feel when you visualize all your dreams coming true.

Close your eyes and visualize your dreams coming true. How does that make you feel? Just so long as you’re honest with yourself and you give yourself permission to believe it is possible. You don’t need to know how or when it will happen, you just need to think about what your dream is…

9. Choose one wildest dream and write it down. Leave all the how and when on Universe and just feel the beauty of your dreams coming to life.

What does it feel like? What does it look like? Who’s there? What’s the weather like? What are you wearing? What can you hear? What can you smell?

10. Repeat the full moon affirmations.

You can create your own affirmations or just repeat these. Write them down or say them aloud; anyway let yourself feel the words as you recite or write them.

I release all the energy that’s no longer serving my purpose. I welcome abundance in my life. I trust that everything I asked for is already done.

The universe always delivers. I am walking towards the path of my higher self. I choose to believe it’s done. I surrender the how knowing that the Universe always delivers.

My dreams come from the higher power and he/she has the power to accomplish them. I choose to feel at peace.

11. Close your full moon ritual with a meditation

Now that you’ve welcomed new energies and released the ones that aren’t serving you, the last step is to sit in peace and meditate on your wildest dream. Practice some breathing exercises and calm your mind. Let yourself know that whatever you wished for is already granted. Stay in the energy of certainty and faith.

Full moon journaling ritual – conclusion

I’m so glad you made it through here, know that it takes time to believe and pour our faith in rituals. However, this is more science than woo-woo and I’m certain that you will reap the benefits as you dive deep within and honor yourself.

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