Journaling for beginners

13 miraculous benefits of journaling consistently

The incredible benefits of journaling consistently that will make you journal every single day without fail.

Remember your teenage phase when you used to keep a locked diary to write your secret stuff!!

I used to have one though I had no such secrets lol. I used it for recording my thoughts, converting them to poems, and drawing doodles around.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought of becoming such a huge advocate of journaling and nonetheless, a journal coach.

Journaling is indeed totally (like a 360-degree spin) different from maintaining a diary and this is where most of us take things lightly.

The benefits of journaling are deeper than just recording the events happening in your life or dumping the thoughts. Do you know journaling can help you access and reprogram your subconscious mind?

Well, this isn’t even the most astonishing benefit of journaling. Let me show you how powerful journaling is!! 

benefits of journaling

The miraculous benefits of journaling:

Here’re some deep reasons why you should pick up your journal and start this beautiful practice right away. Journaling has been proved to be beneficial for mental, physical, and emotional wellness. 

1. Journaling provides you a non-judgemental space

Longing to pour your heart out to someone who isn’t judging every sentence of yours?

Your journal can be a powerful medium to pour your feelings without being afraid of judgment. Journaling gives your the space where you can spill your worries, doubts, fears, and literally anything.

Let’s e honest. being human we do long for the space to be ourselves, a space where we can freely dump our thoughts and emotions without being counter-questioned. Your journal is that ‘safe-space’.

This is where my journaling journey started. Being an introvert, it was super challenging for me to talk to someone without being afraid of what they’re thinking of me. And when I started pouring my thoughts into my journey, it gave me a sense of security and peace. My journal became my ‘safe-space’ to pour my heart out.

If you’re just beginning your journaling journey, here’s my detailed guide on journaling for beginners.

Try this out, sit today in peace and write all your thoughts, fears, or worries. Just let them flow.

2. Journaling helps you tap into your inner wisdom

Believe it or not but we all have everything we need within us. However, we’re so unaware of this greatest resource that we seek validation from outside.

Journaling helps in unraveling the deepest magic that we have within, it helps us dive deep and listen to our inner voice.

benefits of journaling

When you journal consistently, you will experience some ‘aha’ moments, the unknown yet amazing things about your own self and it will make you believe in the magic that resides within us all. Just sit with yourself and ask some tough questions; you will be amazed by the answers you never thought you already knew.

3. Journaling makes you ‘self-aware’

For all these years, we have been living ‘doing’ and accomplishing things which made us forget that we are in the real sense a ‘human being’ and not a ‘human doing’.

We have lost connection within and are not aware of who we truly are. Journaling will help you in going deep and knowing who you are at the soul level, this beautiful art will reconnect you with your own self.

benefits of journaling

You will be able to notice your though-patterns and be aware of them. This will provide you with an opportunity to dig deeper and question yourself about your actions.

You see, awareness is the first step towards healing or bringing any change. Journaling enables you to dive deep into the roots of your action, acknowledge them and shift the patterns or behaviors. 

4. Journaling helps you process heavy emotions

Being in this human experience, we’re bound to feel some tough, heavy emotions which is totally normal. However, many times we mask our feelings, shield them with busyness and behave as if everything is just fine.

This masking will just serve as a protecting layer for a while because there will be a time when your heart will feel heavy and you will need to process your emotions in order to heal them.

Journaling renders you the space to feel your feelings, pour your heavy emotions on paper and peel off the unnecessary masks.

5. You become more conscious by regular journaling

Journaling provides you an opportunity to be conscious, in the present moment and be aware of what’s happening within and around you. It helps you slow down and notice the things that are really important and necessary in your life.

Just by being in the moment, being mindful can help you bring so much peace and clarity to your life. This is why journaling is a powerful meditative practice.

6. Journaling helps you with self-introspection

Journaling pushes you to be more attentive, to pay more attention to the life events and happenings around you. This art helps you with self-introspection.

benefits of journaling

Introspection is a deliberate process of reflection and let’s be honest, we often run away or find reasons to run away from this. We really don’t wish to pay attention to our life, where we are going, or where we wish to go and yet we want things to magically turn in our favor in the end.

Learning more about yourself is the key to manifesting your desired reality.

7. Journaling helps you prioritize things in your life

One of the major benefits of journaling is that it makes you aware of what you should welcome in your life. Journaling lets you know what your heart needs more of, what makes you feel more energetic, what you should be prioritizing in your life.

This is more than just making a TO-DO list or a priority checklist. It’s about being mindful of which things you really need to let go and release in order to create space; an abundant space for the things that truly light you up, that truly make you feel alive.

8. Improves your connection with others

How would a person who is self-aware, connected to their own authenticity interact with others? The number one reason why we fail to build strong connections with others is that we hold ourselves back, we hide our authentic self, we’re scared to be vulnerable.

But when you have journaled your feelings, known yourself well, you already are aware of your emotions. You already know that what others think of you is none of your business and you are so shinning bright standing in your own truth.

Won’t we love to have some deep conversation with such people?

9. You don’t seek outer validation

To all my people pleasers out there, one of the incredible benefits of journaling is that you won’t seek any outer validation. You won’t need people’s approval for doing the things that your soul longs for.

I have seen dreams die, people falling apart, relationships suffer just because we look for others’ approval for our thing. When you’re journaling consistently, you will get in touch with yourself and build such a deep connection that you won’t care about what others think of you.

You will simply present your truth and be in peace with who you are. Isn’t that the kind of life we all wish to live like forever?

10. Journaling reduces stress and anxiety

One of the many reasons I fell in love with journaling is because this art helped me with my anxiety. I was in a rough patch of my life when I started journaling. All the anxious thoughts and stress were just eating me up and I had no way to help myself out from this maze.

That was the time when I was carrying so many overwhelming thoughts as I has just left my toxic job and it was a dreadful period to get back to myself after a very long time of being lost.

I used to journal every single day in the morning to pour my anxious thoughts and stress out. Mind you, I was not looking for answers or any breakthroughs, I just needed a space to get my thoughts flowing.

Whenever I get caught up with anxious thoughts, I ask myself to write the worst-case scenario. I then pondered on their possibility of manifesting in my life.

You see, our brain loves to make us keep thinking but almost most of our thoughts are super hypothetical. They’re completely imaginary. This is where journaling helps.

Writing them down makes you aware if they’re even true and this in itself will take so much stress away from your headspace. Ahh, it got a little longer but the benefits of journaling are so impactful that I cannot stop writing them in detail.

11. Journaling helps with physical healing

Studies have shown that journaling has the power to heal your physical injuries. This makes me take you to how we can reprogram our subconscious mind using journaling. Our mind doesn’t really know what’s real and what’s imaginary and if we keep repeating things that we believe in, they become our reality. This is how literally everything in the Universe is manifested.

You can welcome healing through journaling. Let me share my story of PCOD with you. When I left my toxic job, I had already accumulated so much stress and anxiety in my body that it lead to hormonal imbalance. I suffered from irregular period cycles and all other physical changes.

However, when I read about how journaling can even heal your physical injuries, I was curious to try it on myself. I wrote in my journal every single day about how I feel being healthy, being totally free from PCOD without taking any medication, how grateful I was for my body.

It was difficult to believe this at first but I really wanted to give it a shot. After three months of writing, I broke the cycle and had my periods. Obviously, I changed my lifestyle and diet because I wrote about healthy eating and healthy living in my journal as well. This made me truly believe in the power of journaling.

12. Journaling helps you sleep better

Hola my insomniac peeps!!! If you’re struggling with sleep, journaling will be super helpful, and let me tell you how.

There are millions of thoughts running inside our heads just before we’re about to sleep. These thoughts make it impossible for us to have a peaceful slumber and if this is happening with you, you’re not alone.

I use brain-dump exercise before sleeping which has really helped me a lot in getting better sleep. Pour your thoughts on paper and leave them there. You will feel much relaxed after this quick brain-dump exercise.

13. Journaling boosts your creativity

This goes without saying that journaling is an artist’s lifelong companion. If you’re looking to enhance your creativity and create your next masterpiece, use journaling for divine guidance. I truly believe that any form of creative expression is directly connected to the divine power of the Universe because we, creatives create things out of nothing but our imagination.

Journaling lets you explore uncharted thoughts and emotions. Writing about your recurrent thoughts gets them out of the way and clears your mind to make room for other ideas.

Writing on paper also lets you examine your ideas from various perspectives. Journaling is a safe space for you to write and create freely without worrying about others’ judgment.

Writing also makes you aware of your inner critic and helps you silence this voice that stands in the way of your creation.

Journaling helps you boost your self-esteem and makes you realize that you’re worthy of creating the phenomenal artwork that you keep delaying because of self-doubt. The benefits of journaling are truly limitless because I cannot find a single area of my life where journaling failed to help me.

The miraculous benefits of journaling – conclusion

Journaling has incredibly helped me in healing, finding clarity, and above all re-discovering my authentic self. If you made till here, I’m sure you’re excited about your journaling journey. It may seem overwhelming in the beginning but trust me, you will fall in love with this art.

Besides, I’m always here to support and guide you on your journaling journey. Feel free to drop an email or DM me on IG @yourjournalcoach. Here’s to the new beginnings.

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