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Future Self Journaling – The art of bringing massive change in 30 days

The journaling technique that helped me welcome massive change with ease – Future Self Journaling

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns and behaviors every single day though you know that these patterns aren’t doing you any good?

Do you wish to break free of these shackles that are holding you back from living the kind of life you envisioned yourself?

Are you willing to do the work that literally takes 8-10 mins per day to re-wire your mind and create massive change in 30 days?

Well, when I read about this journaling technique – Future Self Journaling; I was suspicious as well. I know journaling has massive power to create our desired reality but was it really possible to shift your mindset in just 30 days!!!

If you’re in the same dilemma, let me ensure you; this post is going to solve all your questions around future self journaling. 

My story of practicing Future Self Journaling:

So like any human, I was super resistant to change even when I knew that this was what I needed to live the life I envisioned. My sleep cycle was messed up because of which I found very little time to do the things that really brought me joy and lit my soul. As a result, I used to get super frustrated and irritated all the time. I always found myself saying; ‘I don’t have enough time!

I knew that if I create a change around my night routine, I will be able to dedicate more time to my morning rituals and things that actually mattered to me. However, I didn’t know-how. I did keep writing in my journal about this but I had no idea how to help myself.

During this time, I found @the_holistic_pyschologist on Instagram and she initially shared this concept of Future Self Journaling. I even saw people following this journaling technique and fetching the results. I was so intrigued.

Now here’s the thing, journaling has always helped me. This art has healed my inner child, helped me gain clarity, and led me to my soul’s purpose. I had to try this ‘ Future Self Journaling’ myself.

Let’s get into this step-by-step, and unravel what future self journaling actually is!

What Future Self Journaling actually is?

Even if you’re reading this for the first time or haven’t ever journaled; I will break this down into very easy, digestible pieces. Future self journaling is a type of journaling where you journal about where you’d like your life to be in the future. 

Future Self Journaling is a daily practice that will help you break out of your subconscious autopilot or daily conditioned patterns or habits that are keeping you stuck repeating the past.

In simple terms, future self journaling will make you aware of the repeating patterns that are keeping you stuck, and with that newfound awareness, you will be able to break those patterns. These patterns or habits can be anything you wish to transform in the next 30 days but focus on bringing one change.

( If you’re a beginner and would to explore the realm of journaling or if you have been journaling and would love to dive deeper; here’s my bulky, gorgeous journal to help you unravel your deepest truths)

The three-step process of Future Self Journaling:

Here’s how future self journaling works:

  • Being aware of the way you’re stuck in your habits (awareness is the key, remember)
  • Setting daily conscious intentions to change
  • Setting small, actionable steps towards the beginning of the new outcome you envisioned for your future self.

Let’s break this down:

The first step here is to be aware of the patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck. You might have the counter-question here; ‘What if I’m not aware of which habits I need to change?’

Here’s a little exercise for this: Imagine your future self, what are the habits that the future version of you is practicing regularly that you lack. Start from there. Pick the small one initially because your brain will always want to go big and bring big changes but take one step at a time.

The next step is to set daily conscious intentions to change. What I did here was, I instructed my brain every night that I’m someone who wakes up early and had a strong intention to bring the change. Write in your journal how it feels to you when you adopt new patterns, behaviors, and habits. (I have some prompts to help you with this)

The last step is to set small, actionable steps towards the beginning of your new outcome. This can be going to bed a little early, eating healthy, no electronics an hour before bed (these are for my case). Let your brain know that you’re truly into this.

Now, you might question if this technique – Future self journaling actually works or not!!

Why Future Self Journaling actually works?

Here’re some science-backed reasons why future self journaling actually works. 

Your brain always keeps evolving and is capable of incredible change 

It has been proven that our brains are wired into accepted new changes over time because it always keeps evolving. Science has proven that our brains are capable of changing throughout our lives and is able to grow new cells and neurons. This is neuroplasticity. We can bring in new changes by being conscious about them and fire-new neurons.

If you can dream it, you can create it

Visualization creates a long-lasting impact on our brains. If you can mentally rehearse the things you wish to welcome in your life, they will be created in your reality. Our mind doesn’t know what’s real and what’s imaginary hence it’s easy to trick our mind into believing the things we want to believe.

However, conscious and intentional efforts play a huge role here. Writing in the present tense (I AM) sends the message to your brain that these changes are already taking place and it welcomes the new reality.

Repetition is the key to re-wire

When you keep telling your brain that ‘ You’re not enough’ over a period of time, it gets stored in your subconscious. Similarly, if you keep journaling about your new patterns, they too get stored in your mind. This is why daily journaling is so very beneficial. It helps in letting your mind know what you actually want your future self to be.

I hope this helps in understanding why future self journaling is so very powerful.

5 steps to use the Future Self Journal:

  1. Be aware of the area of your life you want to bring the change. What specific behavior do I need to change to become my future self?
  2. Pick ONE small area of your life. (we really don’t want our brain to feel overwhelmed)
  3. Set conscious intention to bring change in that area of your life. (journaling is the best way to do so – wait for the prompts ahead)
  4. Start practicing new thoughts and feelings around your envisioned change. (I explain how our subconscious works in detail in my 1-1 coaching service)
  5. Repeat this consistently for 30 days to bring the change in your life. (I know we’re not perfect and it’s okay to miss a day or two but the important thing here is to not attach any meaning to it. You’re not lazy for skipping one day)

Journal prompts to get you started with Future Self Journaling:

1. What specific behavior do I need to change to become my future self?

2. How will changing these behaviors positively affect my life?

3. What opportunities will I have today that will allow me to practice these behaviors?

4. Today, I’m practicing…………………..

5. I’m grateful for……………..   

6. When I think about behaving as my future self, I feel………

7. To step into my future self today, I will……..

8. Today I AM…..

Do not forget to grab my free guide on future self journaling and if you’re curious to change your life and shift your mindset using journaling, consider grabbing my journal, ‘Unravel Yourself’.

Besides, I would love to know your thoughts on Future Self Journaling. Which habit are you looking forward to breaking or establish? Remember, you’re magical and I’m always in your corner. Just hit an email and I will get back to you.

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