5 Self-love practices that helped my anxiety

In this fast-paced world, we have almost forgotten how much little things on the internet are affecting our mental health.

The urge to do more and rapid has caused me worst anxiety and I am always in my head for more than needed, worried and troubled about uncertainty, future, things from the past and whatnot.

The only thing that helped me with anxiety and is still helping me is the power of Self-love. I started writing three years before and found my inclination to write on motivation and inspiring poems through which I started writing on self-love and how it has a great impact on our mental health. It can help a total shift change with mental well being and positive self-esteem.


I then wrote a book of poems focusing on self-love and empowerment. Here is the link to grab my ebook.

I started practicing self-love and came to know about the wonders it does, its miracles. I was so surprised to include it in my routine and see myself growing.

I have a 7-days of self-love course which focusses on a different aspect of self-love for over seven days along with daily positive affirmations and exercises to help throughout the journey.

But out of all the practices of self-love, here are the 5 super effective self-love practices that I inculcate in my daily life to reduce my anxiety.

  1. I started doing more of things that made me happy

Doing things that makes you cheerful is absolutely #1 way to reduce your anxiety. I noted down all the things that makes me feel happy and started doing them more often, just like writing this blogs, poems, practicing lettering, learning new recipes, learn blogging and different artforms of poetry, interacting with people via facebook, instagram, taking long rides alone and also with friends at times, etc.

Dream on

Sit down and make a list of things that sparks the light of joy, a kind of twinkle in your eyes. These can be absolutely anything ( watching The Big Bang Theory refreshes me), try to examine how you can inculcate those things in your daily routine and prioritize ‘ME-TIME’

  1. Stayed away from toxic environment/relations

I was stuck among the people where my growth was completely shunned and my anxiety grew because of overthinking and mental pressure. The little voice inside my head pleaded me to leave that place or just run away but it took me six months to realize and finally take a step forward for my mental health. I left that place where my mornings felt like torture and I would come home totally drained and exhausted, not because of the work but because of the toxic environment there.

I even left the relations that had nothing to do with my growth instead they were the kind of one where I always felt so low and kept thinking the ways to be like them and impress them. It was hard but I learned to let them go before they turn out the biggest weed in my garden.

  1. Realized my worth and stopped settling for less

Once you realize and get to know yourself, you will look up into the mirror questioning as if what are you doing with your own self, are you degrading yourself just to fill their cups?

Knowing your kind is the gentlest thing you can do to yourself. The next step is learning to tell NO for settling, refrain from giving out yourself for less, settling for less, for now, you know your worth. Cherish it. You are more than what everyone thinks of you.

There is no shame in uprooting yourself from the place that belittles you or makes you feel less. Leave it proudly, with honor.

  1. Started Journaling

I followed a few accounts on Instagram that inspired me to write the morning pages, seeing those badass women challenging their fears and welcoming the growth through writing has pumped me up for doing the same.

Also, by reading The Artist’s Way I found the exercises that focus on the benefits of writing morning pages. Along with that, I surfed for a few journal prompts and also made a few of my own and started practicing them. Journaling was the way of killing my demons and knowing my actual self.

Here is the detailed post on Journaling prompts and how it has being a miracle in my life.

  1. Started having Positive self-talk

The words that we tell to ourselves have a deep impact on us and it has been hugely focused on practice positive self-talk or pep talks. Sophie King emphasizes a lot of positive self-talk too.

Once a while, go in front of the mirror and appreciate yourself for being you, for being there when no one was, for being the sunshine in your own life, for being the incredible human you have ever met. You see, such positivity spreads the vibe of gratitude, you are thankful for your existence and you value your worth. This will also let you stop degrading and being hard on yourself.

Here is the post on How to stop being hard on yourself.

There are so many self-love practices that you can inculcate in your routine and they all work miracle, however; these five are my go on and whenever I feel low or lost or have an anxiety attack, I just take long breaths and engage in some of the activities I mentioned above.

Living with anxiety is a really hard thing and we cannot expect everyone to understand our state of mind, the only thing we can do to helps ourselves to calm down and feel better.

I am also working on some anxiety relief worksheets which I have used regularly and it made me feel relaxed and mindful, I will be giving those away shortly.

Feel free to tell me about your self-love practices or what you do in your anxious state. My inbox is always open for you all and it is a safe place to share your thoughts. I do reply to every mail maintaining privacy.

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