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9 amazing poems to read before 2020

Poetry has filled my life with joy and it has always made me wonder about life’s miracles. These words have the power of making us feel strong, empowered, and safe and most of all connected.

Writing has improved my life and above all, it made me a better person. It made me realize my true self by connecting with the inner power and making me believe in the miracles of the Universe.

With this year coming to an end, I thought of sharing these magical poems and wrap this decade with an empowering note.

Here are the 9 most empowering poems I came across in 2019 and I am thankful to all the rebellious poets for sharing their gift with the world.

9 amazing poems to read before 2020

(Note: The list isn’t chronologically arranged. There is no topmost poet or the average one. All these 9 deserve to share an equal stage)

  1. Shilpa Goel ( @meetlife240)

Shilpa Goel is an Indian author of Poetic Letters to God. She has edited five anthologies of poems and short stories about romance and travel.


     She writes on Instagram as meetlife240.


  1. Yashi Shrivastava

Yashi is a prolific writer and the most amazing human. She writes on healing, empowerment, and her words are soft and strong at the same time.

Here is her poem that I adore the most:



   She shares her work on Instagram wingedpen.

  1. Mansi Jora

Mansi shares her classic work using art journal and she surely is a gift of aesthetics. I personally admire her brilliance and her deep sense of carving magic out of words.

Here is her art journal spread that appeals me to a greater extent.

She shares her work on Instagram under tiara.less. Check out her beautiful process videos too.


  1. Priya Dolma Tamang

Priya is an author of the book, Ivory Gleam which received lots of appreciation from all over the world. Besides being an amazing wordsmith, she is such a humble soul.

She writes on Instagram as proseandpoetrybyk


  1. Nikki Banas

Nikki writes phenomenal prose and poems on the topics that will fill your heart with the passion of accomplishing anything in life. She writes as a way of saying no matter what you’re dreaming of or working towards: you can do it.

She writes on Instagram under walktheearthwriter


  1. Sian Wilmot

Sian weaves words as magic. She will make you fall in love with poetry and yourself all over again with her soft words. 

   She writes on Instagram under srwpoetry

7.  Lorelei Poetry

Lorelei is an outstanding wordsmith who knows how to hit a punch in just a few words. Her writings are just remarkable.

She writes on Instagram under lorelei.poetry


  1. Gabriella Alziari

Gabriella is a poet living in Wahington, DC and she has been writing since the age of 14. Her poems mainly focus on spirituality and self-empowerment. Apart from writing, she loves making art, practicing mindfulness and taking walks in nature.


She writes on Instagram as gabriellaalziari


  1. Mariam Abbasi

Mariam is a brilliant writer who knows how to play with words that hit you right at your core. She challenges the societal norms in her writings and embarks wisdom to her readers.


    She writes on Instagram as miserable_writes 

 Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did!!

 I wish you all the happy last weekend of 2019 and may 2020 bring in lots of joy and poems.

 To celebrate all the love and support that I have been receiving lately from all my readers, I decided to give you all an exclusive new year gift.

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