Not so obvious habits of successful women who run the world

The revolutionary habits of a successful woman:

Let me begin this soulful piece with a beautiful, personal favorite quote by none other than Oprah Winfrey herself:

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.

I’m so in love with this quote that it always stays high on my vision board. And not to confuse you further, aren’t we all looking to be successful and live the life of our dreams? I know you are and this is the very same reason that brought you here and I’m so proud of you for just being aware of what you deserve. The successful women are the ones who have literally revolutionized the world, changed it into something better, and always worked on becoming better.

Why do you need habits in the first place?

So if you’re someone like me who isn’t convinced quickly on adapting new things without possibly knowing their positive outcome, this is for you. Your habits totally define the way of your life because what we do daily is what we live by. It’s in your powerful daily habits that set the vision of your future self.

It’s in your daily habits that determine the type of person you actually are and aspire to be. It takes around 21 days of continuous practice and dedication to develop a new habit but once you’re focused and devoted to creating life-changing shifts; every damn thing is possible. I have been personally implementing these habits of successful women to help myself grow into my highest, grandest vision. 

The term success is very subjective and it totally varies accordingly. However, last year I got so obsessed with the success stories that I decided to dive into their routines and grab all the pieces of wisdom that led them where they’re today. The only answer to my quest was their HABITS.

When the book Atomic Habits was literally hyped around, I had no idea why was it so necessary to have certain habits to live a successful life. But here I am today, urging you to develop, work on and follow these habits of highly successful women. This is all tried and tested so do not hold yourself back from implementing them.

habits of successful women

13 powerful habits of successful women who revolutionized the world

Here’re some powerful habits of successful women that you totally need to take inspiration from. They

1. Work on their mindset

These incredibly powerful women always work on their mindset the first thing in their personal development journey. You can literally attract thousands and millions of dollars but if you’re not adopting a growth mindset and changing your limiting beliefs; the sum is not going to stick around. Always remember, it all starts from within and you possess limitless power to change your life. So, put everything else aside and work on your mindset. This is where great thoughts are born and life gets its meaning.

Here’s how I conquered and reframed my limiting beliefs in order to live the life of my dreams.

This is how I’m working on my mindset currently:

  • Reading books that help me grow ( I’m a firm believer that powerful books can literally change your life)
  • Listening to some amazing podcasts
  • Writing daily morning pages ( Oh my, this has a huge impact on my mindset)
  • Investing in courses that help me grow

2. Practice self-care

I can never stop preaching the benefits of having a daily self-care routine. These successful women always prioritize themselves and include self-care activities in their daily life. Ask yourself: Are you doing something that’s soothing your soul or something that’s providing you immense inner satisfaction?

This is what self-care is all about. If that means taking a day off, do it; if that means going on an unplanned trip, hell yes to that; if that means bringing out the playful inner child by engaging in some hobbies; go for it. The habits for success totally lie in how you treat yourself and self-care enables you to do so.

Here’s why I say a big NO to hustle culture and invite intentional living.

3. Know productivity ≠ busyness

One of the most powerful habits of successful women is in their awareness. They are so aware of marking a thin line of difference between productivity and being busy. If you think working for the whole day makes you super productive, my darling you got this so wrong.

Your productivity is equal to the effectiveness of your work instead of the time you spend behind it. You can dedicate yourself for one hour and get your work done or can totally spend the whole day circling around the work you intend to do. These powerful women know that their time is invaluable and so they always strive to use it wisely.

Here’s how you can quit being always busy and get your work done.

4. Follow strict routines

Having a strict routine creates so much difference in everyday life. These successful women make sure that they have their morning and evening routine fixed + execute them. If you’re someone like me who’s a night owl, it can be challenging to have a magical morning routine; however, when I started waking up early and following my morning routine, it made my day super refreshing.

Besides this, having a schedule helps in planning your day. Successful women always know how their day will roughly look like as they plan it well ahead of time. This happens when you follow your routines and have a dedicated time slot for planning things.

Here’s how I created a magical morning routine and set a habit for success.

5. Set healthy boundaries

This is where we all struggle. However; while studying the habits of successful women, I was amazed at how they’re all so fluent in setting healthy boundaries be it with family or friends. It’s such an important aspect of practicing self-care to know where to draw a line. You cannot let everyone consume your energy and be emotionally drained all the time. This is where setting boundaries help in maintaining healthy relationships.

Successful women know their limits and are so firm with not crossing the line as well as not letting anyone cross that. I can totally get it if at times having boundaries make you feel selfish or someone who always separates themselves, but understand your time and energy is limited and invaluable to just let it flow. You’re not being selfish for protecting yourself.

habits of successful women

Here’s an amazing piece on setting healthy boundaries and quit being a people pleaser.

6. Move their body

Successful women know that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body so they always prioritize their health. I was amazed reading the healthy lifestyle of these women as they’re super-mindful about their eating habits as well as they don’t leave a chance to move their body. Whether it’s hitting a gym or going for long walks in nature; they have a habit of releasing stress from their bodies by moving it.

This may seem simple and easy to do but the temptation to stay indoors and get extra sleep is so much intense!! If you don’t always like going to the gym and having some hardcore workouts; try dancing your heart out.

I do this frequently; shut the doors and play loud music and just dance forgetting the world even exists. You will be amazed feeling this rush of wild energy vibrating in your bones.

Besides, if you’re wondering what’s mindful eating all about; I have got you covered here.

7. Invest in themselves

I found this habit of successful women so enticing and fulfilling. They know that the only way to grow is to invest in themselves and hence they never hold themselves back from experiencing new learnings. Ask yourself; what are you doing in order to grow? Are you investing in yourself?

habits of successful women

However, if you think that by investment I mean throwing away a huge sum; you totally are mistaken. You can always start small and invest in yourself through inspiring books, giving yourself some alone time, helping yourself cope with emotions, rendering yourself the support you always needed.

Besides, these successful women always know that their investment is all worth it and it’s going to pay them back. Get some coaches to guide you or invest in some courses; you never know whose words ignite your inner spark.

8. Financially savvy

Being financially savvy is crucial once you start working and maintaining finances. Creating a budget, having a plan, keeping track of money, and saving for hard times will help you understand the flow of money and all about your spending habits.

By this, I don’t mean to not use your money and always work on adding it up in your bank account. However, I so much emphasis on being smart with your finances and practice mindful spending. If you’re looking for a starting guide on how to spend mindfully; here’s your help. Successful women know what they’re up to and it’s their habit to build a strong relationship with money and to nurture it.

9. Are in integrity with their words

The most profound thing about these powerful women is that they walk their talk. They’re living the life that they’re preaching and it’s 100% the truth. They don’t believe in faking up or making some shit out of their imagination. And this is what makes them authentic inside out.

You can totally fake your reality but you will never be able to bring that lively, refreshing energy in your words and work. When you’re true to yourself, you’re authentic to the world and that’s what we are here for. You will never find someone successful and empowering not living up to their words.

10. Practice gratitude

Being grateful for the wonderful life we’re living is so underrated. It’s necessary to take some time from daily routine and practice the art of gratefulness. We’re indeed blessed beyond our imagination and it’s time to realize and be thankful for everything we have. This habit of successful women is what grounds them and makes them a magnet to attract opportunities.

habits of successful women

It’s in gratefulness that we find the beauty in little things. I practice this exercise of writing three things I’m grateful for every single day with my husband and we have felt such a mindset shift.

11. Surround themselves with like-minded community

Being with people that help you grow is not only beneficial for your business but also for your mental health. When you find peace and joy in seeing others grow and accept collaboration over competition, you immediately stop comparing yourself, your journey with others. This in itself is a sign of a growth mindset.

One of the inspiring habits of successful women is in their efforts to find the community or create one + being involved in that sisterhood. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have people in your life who are on the same page as yours and are so focused on achieving their goals + building meaningful relationships. I have known how worst it feels being with a toxic friend and would totally recommend cutting the cords from such relationships.

The revolutionary habits of successful women – conclusion

I so hope that this list of habits of successful women would have inspired you to implement a few in your own personal life. However, if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start from; I would highly suggest going with the few habits in beginning and just doing it.

Implementing habits need self-discipline and if you’re focused and dedicated to changing your life; you will surely take this seriously. Consistency is the key and you will never be always motivated to follow your habits but be firm and do it anyway. There’s so much power in just showing up and doing your work.

Here’re some books on habits that will help you kickstart your journey.

If you found this piece helpful, do share it with someone in need. Also, do let me know which habits for success are you planning to implement right away. 

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