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This year, 2019 has been the worst and best year for my mental health and I will tell you in detail ‘ why so’. There were many occasions, incidents where I totally neglected my mental health and just focused on an appraisal or pleasing others. I pushed myself so hard to get things done even at the cost of my own wellbeing.

Hustling is indeed essential and sometimes we aren’t left with any other option because we are driven by the fire of our passion, but in meanwhile we often forget to reflect back and see how our actions affect our mental state. I was in a job that was physically as well as mentally draining and not a single thing about that place is worth cherishing.

Being at that place indeed worsened my mental health but it also made me realize to prioritize it, to put it foremost and the best thing I did for my mental health was leaving that job. It wasn’t easy, I was filled with feelings of insecurity and uncertainty but it was high time and I needed to devote that past of my life in self-recovery.

It has been three months since I started being mindful and practicing different tactics for helping my wellbeing.

However, this radical change would never have been possible without giving up these 5 things. I am so proud that I gave up these things and still practicing to not inculcate them in my life for my mental health.

Here are the 5 things you should and must quit right away for your mental health:

  1. Comparing your journey

We are often so intimidated by the others’ success or their stories of reaching the milestone in just numbered days that we start blaming ourselves for not being enough.

It is never so. No one ever conquered anything great in a day or some mere numbered months. You need to put trust in yourself and your journey. Know that each individual is unique and it is all okay to take your own time to reach some point you always wanted.

Comparing yourself with others is only going to make you miserable and in this, you will also dishonor your journey that the universe has designed for you.

Trust that you are in the right place and are doing the best of your capabilities. Do not ever compare your start with someone’s middle.

  1. Allowing toxicity

I had this tendency and habit of giving myself completely to others even when they don’t. I never realize this as an act of self-harm until the day I started writing about all the weeds that such life out of my garden.

I had to realize that it was high time that I need to stop watering all those weeds. Knowingly or unknowingly I allowed them to spread toxicity in my life and in no time I was surrounded by all of them.

My first step was to know such weeds and then cut them off from my garden.

My darlings, learn to value yourself enough to stop letting others harm your vibe. Learn to tell NO when you don’t want to indulge in the activities they are up to. Stop showing up every time for someone who was never there for you. Stop harming yourself because of their behavior and actions.

You are more, more than everyone who thinks you less. Leave and cherish your wellbeing for YOU MATTER.

  1. Negative self-talk

I am the firm believer of words, words create miracle but could also turn the tables upside down. It is scientifically proven that the words we speak to ourselves have so much impact in our life, they radiate thoughts which sparks into action.

We are sometimes so hard on ourselves that we start playing the blame game and all the blame is thrown upon ourselves.

We start telling ourselves that we aren’t enough, we need to stop trying this, we lack this skill, we are not made for this and whatnot.

We fail to realize the power of words and their ability to change reality.

I have been practicing morning affirmations and have been writing morning pages which has helped me so much in putting aside my inner demon and yell in its face that yes I AM ENOUGH.

Stop degrading yourself and start practicing these affirmations.

  1. Unhealthy eating

I must admit that this is something I am practicing hard and trying to implement in my routine. Due to our hustling life, we don’t pour efforts into healthy eating and rush to grab convenience food which disturbs our mental state.

It is scientifically proven that the food we consume has a great impact on our inner self. It actually can boost our mood.

There is a strong link between inflammation and depression. You can read the whole post here.

Here is the list of healthy recipes that you can try out.

Remember, eating well is really important if you want your mental wellbeing.

  1. Overthinking

I can tell you, without a doubt that this is the main reason for all the problems I have faced in my life. I tend to overthink/ feel things and it was until later that I realized its major drawbacks on my mental health.

Every time when I am caught in the maze of thoughts, I remind myself that it is all inside my head. The brain of mine is just an expert in enlarging the tiny things which otherwise would have never affected me so deeply.

I used to over-analyze things and scenario and make some weird stories all in my mind which lead to anxiety and all I was left with were my thoughts and I used to find ways to escape from that terrible place which was my own mind.

I tried to put a big STOP sign there but nothing helped until I started morning pages and meditation.

I poured all my anxious thoughts on the paper and let it absorb my anxiety. Writing has really helped me a lot in curing anxiety, I am not saying that I got rid of it but it is reduced to a greater extent now.

I even used journaling as the medium of my self-recovery where I gave myself a few prompts and wrote about it. You can grab my journaling prompts from here.

Build a creative outlet for your thoughts and see them vanish in the air.

There indeed are many other things that you get rid of for your mental health but these five things are so essential to be knocked out if you really want to live a better life.

Above all, know that your mental health is solely your responsibility to take care of. You cannot expect someone to be accountable for it. Take in-charge and set on the journey of self-recovery. The world seems better only when the world inside is better.


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