13 self-love poems you need for yourself

1. In that vast valley of love, I made the river of self-love run, endlessly.



2. I always dreamt of someone tearing up the sky to bring me the sun. Now instead, I became the one.

self love


3. Amaze them by the way you warm yourself out of their cold.


4. There is no shame from uprooting yourself from the garden that shunts your bloom.


5. Self-love will root your foundation even when your leaves shed.


6. There should at least be a person even at your worst. – be that


6. Don’t let the flower in you wither just because someone refuses to water it


7.  They are terrified, they will be terrified witnessing all the love you dug for your own self.


8. I don’t mind even if it takes the lifetime. I will make sure that every cell of mine breaths the home within.


9. Scribble love notes on the wall of your heart, you will know what homecoming feels like.


10. The way you heal yourself tells everything about the love you conceived within.


11. Today, I am writing a thank you note to everyone who left. Because of them, I got united with the one who will always stay.


12. You owe yourself an apology. An apology of considering yourself less than the magic.



13. No one in this world is unloved. We just seek flowers watering the cactus.

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