11 things to tell yourself when you feel discouraged

11 things to do when you feel discouraged

The steep road of life is never meant to be smooth. There are times when we all feel discouraged with no one at our sight to help and these are the times when you need yourself the most. You need to have a positive prep talk with self. It is very easy to let negative thoughts occupy your mind but to come out from that web is the real hard work which affects the state of mental wellness too.

Here is how writing helped me reduce my anxiety.

Here are the 11 things that I tell myself when I feel low.

  1. This too shall pass

This quote has made my life a bit easy when I hit the rock bottom. I have a very bad habit of imagining things even before they come into existence because of which I get anxious when things don’t happen according to my planned way. But slowly, I am trying to learn to know this fact that everything is temporary. The thing that is affecting me know so much won’t be even in existence after ten years of my lifetime. This has helped me to reduce my stress and anxiety.

  1. He will make a way

Prayer is so very powerful. It brings and ignites in us the new kind of energy. Just by knowing that the Supreme Lord, our almighty always has a better plan for us, gives an assurance, a hope of seeing things getting better. He is able and he will surely make all the things alright in his time. He will hold us up whenever we feel low. Trust his powers, he is miraculous.

  1. Don’t worry about the things you can’t change

If the things are under our control, we should certainly try our best to make them work. But if we are dragging along the baggage of future worries or uncertainties then we would surely end up with getting worn out at the end of the day. This takes us away from the joy of the present. Why worry about something which is not in our hands.

  1. Count your blessings

At times, we tend to forget how truly blessed we are. Everything, every single moment of taking a breath is the reason to be grateful of. You have reached the place you once thought impossible to travel even. The scary mountains are now traveled ones. It is alright if some things didn’t work out as per your wish because they will be coming live as per his wish. Write down three things you are truly blessed with. The result will surprise you with what Lord has done.

  1. If it is meant to be, it will be

There is this powerful Arabic word ‘MAKTUB’ which means it is all written. This also doesn’t mean to stop trying and leaving everything on fate or destiny. If the thing is meant for you, it will surely happen no matter how hard you try to avoid. Trust the magic of the universe, it always helps the seekers.

  1. I am able

I continuously remind myself of my lost strength which I had always possessed at the time of difficulty. Sometimes the little reminders help us grow out from the state of giving up. Tell yourself that you possess all the strength to overcome all the difficulties you are facing. You are a fighter and it is all okay to stand up again and conquer the within. Remind yourself that I will get through this for if life is tough, I am tougher.

  1. Everything is not meant to be perfect

Things work out at their own pace and perfection is a vague myth. Planning for everything getting at the pace at once is the cause of worry. Life is not smooth to travel on. Tell yourself that it will take time but it will happen. You don’t have to make everything right at once, at one moment of time. It is alright if you haven’t yet figured out the solution, you will soon. In the end, you will find the way.

  1. Things will get better

Hold on and have patience, little heart. Things will get better with time. If they can get worst, they can also get better. I usually teach my heart to be patient, to have the skill of waiting with hope. Tell yourself, it will get better, sooner. Such affirmation has helped me throughout my difficult time. You will get it just you have to wait a little longer than expected but never forget you are always tested.

  1. I need to stop blaming

When things don’t work out, we often blame people or situations for that instead of taking the charge. Sometimes we even blame ourselves and get into negative self-talk. Things happened or went wrong because they were supposed to, it isn’t because of you or someone else. All you can do is to take charge and help yourself to come out from the mess. Tell yourself that you are capable enough to set everything all right.

  1. Do not compare

We are in a competitive world where every moment is a race. This is completely fine if the race is with your own self. But the worry occurs when we compare our journey with someone else’s. No two lives can be the same and hence they should not be compared. We all get our share of success when the right time arrives. Don’t compare your real life with their reel highlight.

  1. I can make a change

Take a charge of the things happening and know that you have the power to change them as per your wish. The happiness is an inward element which cannot be found anywhere else but you. You can change the environment, your state of mind and hence feel better and empowered. Take a lead for it’s your life and we live only once.

These points have really helped me in a difficult time and I hope they help you too, Do let me know your views in comments


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