Grab your backstage pass to access the exclusive 5-day Aligned Client Alchemy challenge which I’m conducting inside my membership.
You’ll have access to this two-day event forever along with the 5 day challenge on how I called in aligned clients as a new business owner, my proven process and energetics.
Buckle up for this is the season of raining aligned clients and bringing in the influx of cashflow into your business.
Here’s what you get inside the membership besides the 5-day ACA challenge:
  • Sell your offer masterclass bundle (six masterclass to sell out)
  • 7 day Business glow up challenge (everything bite size from content to consult calls to sales)
  • 5 day SOLD OUT OFFER challenge (become the fcking selling machine and sell through roofs)
  • Business bootcamp (plan and map out your unique biz blueprint masterclasses)
  • BIG MAGIC ENERGY curriculum (power infused masterclasses to charge your CEO energy)
  • Content Alchemy masterclass
  • BIG MAGIC SPELLS (an audio experience to get your questions answered)
Coaching session replays of the entire year which is around 12+ hours of content to help you re-wire your brain and tap into your unstoppable business women energy 🔥
Oh yes, it’s as good as it sounds and you also get LIVE 1-1 coaching session with me every month where you get to ask me anything about your business.