It's time to invoke your inner creative goddess and channel powerful content that speaks to the hearts of your aligned clients.

My dear creative entrepreneur,

I know you must be wondering why am I calling you creative when you’re a coach, healer or therapist; and the simple answer to this question is – because we are all creative.

You don’t have to be an artist or a professional writer to gain the title of being creative.

Just by being a human you are creative. You’ve in fact created your entire business, you create new offers, you create content roughly every single day – aren’t you a creative?

However, on this journey of building business according to the rigid structures and following rules by some IG guru or business coaches; you’ve fcked up your creativity.

I know you want to be different and uniquely YOU online and create content that spreads your fragrance but you’re stuck between following content strategy, hooks, tips and tricks.

It pains my heart to see you suffer with your content because of this. And to be honest, creating content isn’t about any of these things which is marketed to you.

What if I say there was another way, a unique, soul-soothing way of channeling powerful content and ideas for your offers?

What if you didn’t have to follow all such BS business rules of copywriting or content pillar thing? What if creating content was a deep inner exploration?

Well, here’s what I mean by this.

Why creating content feels hard:

Let me explain why creating content feels hard before I reveal ‘my way’ of channeling powerful content:

1. Creating content feels hard because you’re following way too many ‘rules’

Raise your hand if you’re following random content rules of using ‘X’ problem for ‘Y’ solution and planning your content with such strategy?

The content rules like – you need to post only once a day at certain time, you need to use certain language which is understandable, you need to make sentences shorter, you need to have aesthetic feed, you need to engage for 30 mins after posting, you need to create content that’s engaging and relevant.

All these things have fcked up your creativity, it’s like cage-ing yourself in some pre-defined box of rules. This ends now.

2. You are creating for performing

You want to create content that converts, you want your content to perform and give you the validation of being liked by others.

When you create content with the agenda of performance aka number of likes, comments or even clients; you drive yourself crazy with perfecting every single word, every single piece of content and it feels exhausting.

For example – If I was to write the perfect sales page, it would have taken me months to write and I’d have given up eventually.

Perfection kills your creativity.

3. You’re creating to convert clients

You desperately want your content to convert clients instead of establishing genuine connection and long-term relationship with your people.

You’ll write the content that will manipulative and convincing; and that’s the energy your clients will sense through your words.

Your content isn’t here to convert or to make you money (it obviously will when you start building relationships)

This kind of content will gain you sales but the relationship will be all transactional. Your won’t have heart to heart connection with your clients.

4. You’re hiding yourself in your content

I know a part of you really wants to get loud and proud online, share all the things you love and let your people see you in your power; however, you’re told to stick with certain template.

You’re told to follow random strategy to impress algorithm and you keep doing that with the intention of signing clients.

But in that process, you start losing yourself, your inner voice, the voice that desires to speak about all the weird quirks that make you, YOU.

You tell yourself all about using perfect words, aesthetic graphics, polished feed but deep down you want to write your heart out.

People desire to work with you regardless of the color of your feed, fonts or the words you use.

5. You want to make it ‘right’

You want to create ‘right’ kind of content to gain more followers and clients which is why you have certain ideas about what kind of content is right and what is not.

Speaking from heart kind of content – not right, wanting to share the picture of your dog without explanation – not right, talking about in-between mess of your life – not right.

This black and white thinking about content has led you to dim your light.

What if there was no right way and everything about you was worthy of sharing?


Here's what content is truly about:

Writing is exploring your deeper self, meeting your shadows and bringing out the gold. Writing is knowing yourself and using that truth to help people connect with you.

Creating content is similar. You create because you’re creative and there’s an idea inside of you that you no longer could contain. You create because you desire to express yourself to your people, to allow them to truly see you, to make them feel heard and seen. You create because that’s who you are – a creative human being.

Creating content is about connecting with your inner creative goddess, invoking guidance from spirit realm and surrendering to this process of alchemizing your creative guidance into words.

Creating content is about building genuine connection and relationships with humans you deeply care about, it’s about getting curious to help them and market them with utter transparency.

I present to you, the most powerful content channeling program - The Content Verse 🪶

My content program will not teach you to follow trends, attention grabbing hooks, tips or tricks, manipulative marketing in order to sign clients.

Writing was never meant to be so agenda heavy.

However, when you get in, you’ll learn about your hidden self, the one that yearns to break the cage and share her brillance with the world.  

You’ll burst open the pandora box within that will bring out all your hidden treasures; the good, the bad, the ugly and all in-between.

and when you write from that very place, you’ll never need any template or hooks or any content strategy because your life in itself will become a never ending generous flow of content.

This is also when you’ll bring out your magic, your charisma – the very reason that makes you unique and different from the crowd.

The vibe of the program is – Write content so good that makes AI doubt itself.

The story behind the birth of this program:

It was a bright sunny afternoon when I had an amazing download while I was about to take my afternoon nap. The idea was incredibly exhilarating and I have no idea how it landed on me.
This is quite the similar feeling I felt when I was creating my 9 week intensive business coaching and training program – Aligned Business Alchemy.
I kept hearing the word ‘verse’ again and again until I woke up, grabbed my journal and wrote it down. In next 30 mins, I had an entire structure of the new content program. I was in awe because I have always loved writing, journaling, creating content and teaching the same. I knew it was divine guidance and I straight away acted upon it.
If you know me, you’d know how much I love talking about content, creating content that feels liberating, the one that breaks the social media rules and boy, do I love teaching this!!
For me, content isn’t some business thing on my checklist to do and I certainly don’t feel the pressure to post every single day, yet I do post multiple times a day and I fcking love it.
Content to me is the most freeing form of self-expression where you let yourself loose and allow your people to see you, build connections and genuine relationships and let them know WHO YOU ARE beyond the IG feeds or stories.
Content to me is the way to channel my creativity, to let my people know how I can help them, to tell them stories and analogies that helps them in their day to day life.
Content to me is my way of breaking rules of social media that says when, how or what to post.
I don’t give a flying fck to any content strategy and I’ve grown my business to multi-five figures without following any such thing.
Creating content is meant to liberate you and awaken your inner genius so that you don’t sound like everyone online.
And, I’m going to teach you exactly the same.
When you create content that speaks from your heart, it touches the hearts of your aligned clients letting them know that you actually do give a shit about their issues and problems, that you’re the one they were looking for, that you’re here to lead with love.
Your content is the bridge that brings your people closer to you and it’s your responsibility to learn how to build that bridge.

Program details:


Duration – 2 month and we start from the second week of May

Weekly live calls on – Channeling content aka writing content together, Content Alchemy (I audit your content), Group coaching call – 8 weekly calls available with me of 75 mins each (the replays and recordings will be available)

Time of the session – 7PM IST with recordings available

Modules – 7 in-depth modules (the details are below)

Investment – INR 60K OR $700 (instalments available – DM me and if you’re a part of my other programs, DM me for the discount)

Access to the Telegram community for sharing throughout the program



Modules :

Week 1: The Creative Alchemy🔮 

Week – 2 Becoming the Content Witch🪄

Week 3 – Storytelling prophecy🔥

Week 4 – Magnetic messaging🧲

Week 5 – The Launch content🚀

Week 6 – Body wisdom for writing🪶

Week 7 – The Journaling Magick ✒️

( Note – The instalment option is available and as this is the first round, the investment is the lowest it will ever be, besides if you’re in any of my other programs, I’d love to offer you discount. Reach out to me on IG @thesoniamotwani.)