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Welcome, welcome to the LIVE event – Alchemize your business where I’ll guide you to transform your biz from ordinary to exceptional.

Buckle up!!! We are going deeper and I have a ‘cherry’ on cake for you.

A Live business coaching session experience with me....

To celebrate you and this beautiful event, I’m hosting a live business coaching session after the event. I want you to have a remarkable experience and integrate the learnings of this event. 

Nothing is off-limits during this coaching session. Ask away anything that’s blocking your way to creating a simple, sustainable and scalable business. 

We discuss all things from ‘not knowing what to say on IG stories’ to ‘scared of showing my fucking face’ to ‘launching my new offer’ to ‘understanding boundaries’ to ‘creating rebel content’ and so much more.

These coaching sessions are EPIC and I’d love to coach you.

 Upgrade for $9 or INR 700 to receive a special pass to attend LIVE group coaching session with me on 26th May Saturday.

You’ll receive an email with special link to join for the business group coaching shortly after you upgrade. Do check your promotion or spam folder for the emails.

(**This is free for all the members inside Becoming Limitless membership)

Hey gorgeous soul,

Welcome to ‘Alchemize your Business’ – three day LIVE event to transform your business from ordinary to exceptional.

I’m excited to host you and invite you to experience the magic of building the business that’s simple, sustainable and scalable.

Session 1 – Activate your Inner Alchemy
In this session, I will take you on the journey of exploring the Universe within, understanding the spirit of your business, building ‘energetic’ foundations and discovering your ‘magic’ as you co-create your business with divine intelligence.

This will serve as a base for our three day event and help you understand the importance of ‘mindset and energetics’ while signing on clients, creating your offers and selling online.

(22nd May, 8 PM IST, 10:30 AM EST)


Session 2 – Unfuckwithable Business skills
How can Business Alchemy be ever tied without learning those ‘unfuckwithable’ skills that lays strong foundation for your business and helps you stay afloat during high tides.
As a brown woman from third world country, running business is completely different. We have our own healing work to do alongside building and growing our business.
In this session, we dive deeper into decolonizing our power, standing in our truth, voicing out our opinions and ‘fuck the capitalist’ norms.
These aren’t ‘funnel building’ or ’email marketing’ skills, it’s much deeper and much needed.
 (23rd MAY , 8 PM IST, 10:30 AM EST)
Session 3 – Rebel Instagram Alchemy
To be honest, I’m most excited for this one!! This in itself could be an entire course. 
If you’re ready to blow your business on IG without cold DMs or using ‘boring’ engagement tactics or feeling ‘icky’ while selling on IG stories; you’d want to come LIVE for this session.
I’m pouring all the things that I use to grow my business on IG and all my sales come from Instagram alone.
We shall dive deeper into energetics + strategics of building an IG flow that’s simple, fun and less time-consuming.
I seriously cannot wait for this session!!
(24th May, 8PM IST, 10:30 AM EST)

Some important steps before to prepare for the grand event:


One of the business values that will help you in long run is ‘taking responsibility’ for your business and life.

Block your calendar and show up for the sessions. Consider this as a paid event and show up with the energy as if you have invested in this alchemy.

Just by you being here, I know that you have big visions for your business – it’s time to make it happen. Not tomorrow, not next month but NOW.

2. Check out the podcast

Let’s get you prepared for the event even before starting the event. Check out my podcast on Spotify and iTunes – ‘Aligned Business Alchemy’ to dive deeper into various business concepts from the lens of ‘love and service’.

You’ll love the latest episode if you’ve been following all strategy and feeling overwhelmed while growing your business.

I design my podcast episodes in a way that helps you shift your perception with simple analogies which will leave you spellbound.

3. Upgrade for VIP session

EXCEPTIONAL Upgrade for your exceptional business!!

I’m hosting a VIP LIVE business coaching session to dive deeper into integrating the learnings of the event. This event will be packed with so many beautiful concepts and to support you further, I’d love to offer you a coaching experience with me so that you don’t have to sit and figure out things all alone.

This session will be packed with learning, transformation, mindset shifts and so much more. If you’ve taken coaching session with me, you’d know how amazing these are.

My students coined these sessions as GOLDEN hour coaching.

Get an upgrade pass for just $9 or INR 700.

(If you’re inside the membership, you get an automatic special upgrade) (Also, for my Indian community, reach out to me on IG @thesoniamotwani for Gpay details)