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We welcome you to attend our NO CHARGE GRAND JOURNALING event to seize your Super Attractor energy but there’s more to this and you don’t want to miss it.


A great opportunity for you to experience the magic of coaching. Upgrade for $9 or INR 700 to receive a special pass to attend LIVE group coaching session with Sonia on 8th October.

You’ll receive an email with special link to join for the Golden hour group coaching shortly after you upgrade. Do check your promotion or spam folder for the emails.

(**This is free for The Journaling Collective Members)

Hey gorgeous soul,

Welcome to the free LIVE grand event of journaling. We at The Journaling Collective are so excited to host you and let you experience the magic of your super attractor energy.

You’d have received an email with all details.

Session 1 – Tapping into your true self
In this session, I will take you on the journey of exploring your inner Universe, to understand who you truly are and what are your wildest desires. We’re going to cast a grand vision for the rest of 2022 and shift your identity into becoming that version of you. (1st Oct 12:30 PM EST, 10PM IST)
Session 2 – Maneuvering through messy middle
On your journey of seizing your super attractor power, you’re meant to experience the messy middles. There’re going to be times when you feel nothing is working and it’s not worth. In this session, I’m going to equip you with the tools that will help you maneuver through these messy middles. (3rd Oct 12:30 PM EST, 10 PM IST)
Session 3 – Seizing your Super Attractor Energy
To be honest, I’m most excited for this one!! I’m certainly biased but here we’re going to dive deeper into understanding our own super attractor energy and how to step into our Super Attractor version to reclaim the WILDEST. PHENOMENAL life we’re meant to live. (6th Oct 12:30 PM EST, 10 PM IST)

Some important steps before to prepare for the grand event:

1. Join our Facebook community

For any question or interaction, use the Facebook community. We’d love to know you more and help you throughout this training.

Go ahead in the group and introduce yourself. Let us know where are you from and why did you join this event.

Make some sister – friends and start showing up for yourself.

2. Check out the podcast

Do you know we have an amazing podcast with all stuff journaling, coaching, mindset shifts, manifestation to help you prepare better for the grand sessions.

You’ll love the latest episode if you’ve been feeling that you’re behind in life and that you need to do more.

I design my podcast episodes in a way that helps you shift your perception with simple analogies which will leave you spellbound.

3. Upgrade for VIP session

Here’s a twist this time!!

We’re inviting people who are really passionate about their growth and transformation to attend a LIVE coaching session with Sonia.

On 8th October, after the grand masterclasses, Sonia will be conducting a group coaching session. This session will be packed with learning, transformation, mindset shifts and so much more. If you’ve taken coaching session with her, you’d know how amazing these are.

Our students coined these sessions as GOLDEN hour coaching.

Get an upgrade pass for just $9 or INR 700.

You have everything it takes to create an aligned, abundant, authentic life for yourself.

I truly believe that we are the Universe in human form and we have everything it takes to create the life we desire. When you master the skill of shifting your thoughts, managing your emotions, channeling your inner-wisdom; you’re bound to create the life you deeply love. Heaven and earth will align to make it happen for you when you choose to show up for yourself.

This is the core reason why I created The Journaling Collective Membership.

Meet your journal coach

Hey there, I’m Sonia, Certified journal coach, an author, podcast host and founder of The Journaling Collective.

Three years ago I was stuck in a toxic workplace where I lost my sanity. I was extremely frustrated and anxious with the happenings in my life. This was when I started journaling to help myself heal and manage my thoughts. I started writing morning pages and what once was an outlet for my heavy emotion, became the medium to connect within and explore my hidden magic.

It was through journaling that I found myself, I found my aligned purpose, my dharma on earth. Journaling helped me explore my inner magic which led me manifest my deepest desires such as manifesting the perfect marriage partner, our aligned businesses, soulful friendships, thriving relationships and so much more.

I’m incredibly grateful to my younger self who decided to journal and build the life she always desired.

Let me teach you the same inside the membership community.