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Silent Defiance

Silent Defiance: An open refusal to everything that hurts the soul (Kindle Edition)

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‘There should at least be one person with you even at your worst and may that person be you’

The self-love warrior, the dreamer, blogger and the author of the book Sonia Motwani firmly believes in the power and magic of self-love. By profession, she is an educator transferring her love for language to the next generation. An international essay award winner and the Creative Instagrammer as awarded by Women’s Web’18 aims to heal people through her words. She found her home in poetry while she was in high school which was supported by TOI by publishing her poems in various issues.

When she is not writing or working on her blogs, she plays around with the brush pen and snuggles herself in her world of books.

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A few poems from this book

And then
there are the seeds
which will absorb and absorb
until you’re left dried.
– do not water them

Shout aloud
at the universe
and it shall listen,
shout aloud
at the universe within
and it shall answer.

When wind speaks
to the leaves
it flutters.
when wind speaks
to the clouds
it rushes fast.
when wind speaks
to rain
it changes its direction.
so why do you
hesitate to let
that blow of wind
accelerate your world?
– change

When people leave,
don’t forget them
too quickly.
let your mind play
the rewind cassette of
all those moments and
remember them as if
they are still with you,
remember everything
so much that you fail
to miss them.
after that,
render peace and forgiveness
to yourself,
wash them off
as the stink on your favourite cloth,
stitch on it the memories
of new fabric,
weave the patches with
self-love and gratefulness,
make it so inevitably new
that even nostalgia fails
to haunt you
with their memories.
– when they leave

They called it
courage when all
you could do is swallow up.
Swallow up your words
and lock your tongue
in the closet of your shame.
Swallow up your existence
and treasure it in the
cage of recognition,
swallow up your choices
and bury them in the
graveyard of chances.
just as one day you will end up
swallowing your whole self
like some trashed being.