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Personalized poem for any occasion

In December 2019, I started a new project to spread poetry and help people heal through words. People from all over India and abroad send me their stories and I wrote a poem for them and sent them through email and post. Poetry Postcard Project helped them to heal and feel better. I wanted to continue this project throughout the year and hence had an idea of writing a personalized poem for any occasion. How amazing it feels to receive the poem on your birthday or anniversary or for your loved ones that resonate you and your world.

Here is what my readers say about their personalized poem

The personalized poem by Sonia was so enchanting and soulful. It was like receiving a personal letter from someone own. I loved the way she used her words to heal people. her poem gave me hope and I read it every day in the morning.


Gujarat, India
I received the letter on new year and it wasn’t less than a huge surprise wrapped in motivation. Each word was so inspiring, I loved reading it and it made me aware that I am not alone.I loved the poem and it gave a beautiful message and left an essence in my heart. All in all it was perfect.

Priyanka Sharma

Delhi, India
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Personalized poetry for words matter

Gift yourself something that stays with you forever and reflects your true self. Order now the custom poetry for any occasion and allow me to get connected with your story.