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Anger Journaling course

An intensive 5 – week self-paced course to help you manage your anger by practicing deep inner-healing work while utilizing the power of journaling.

Bring that rage on the page.

Lets break this cycle of suffering and letting anger define you. You are more than your emotions and now is the time to take back your power. Heal your anger by practicing sacred inner-child healing and forgiveness work in this course. This course is all you need to bring your peace back.

I know how it feels when the inside of you is burning with anger.

For a very long time, I kept suppressing my anger – the anger I had for my ex-toxic job, for the unjust society, for discrimination, personal life issues and so much more. This just started getting stacked up within. 

I admit, living with anger is the most difficult experience because it not only hurts you but is also painful for the people around you, people you love. I have felt guilt, the shame of roaring my anger on my people though they weren’t at fault. I felt utterly helpless and disappointed with myself. It was only when I dived to the roots of my anger that I was able to heal myself.

I want you to experience the same through this course.

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anger journaling

Anger Journaling Course

Anger Journaling is for you
if -

Anger Journaling is an intensive 4 – week course to help you manage your anger by diving into the science behind anger, healing angry inner-child and practicing the art of forgievness. 

If you’ve been feeling that anger is taking control over your life and not letting you live in peace, this course is exactly designed for you.

The coaching sessions during the calls are the invaluable assets that will guide you how managing your anger will lead you to an aligned, abundant life.

Besides this, there’s a detailed journal for every module with powerful exercises and mindful journal prompts to support you on your anger healing journey.

You struggle managing your anger

If you're always feeling anger and are not able to being any subtle change or shift in your behavior.

Anger is ruining your relationships

When we're angry, we really have no idea what our mind is thinking and what our tongue is speaking, this breaks relationships.

You're constantly yelling, screaming at your kids and feeling frustrated

Things can get overwhelming to handle and manage at times; however, yelling and screaming isn't always an option. You really need to help yourself if you're doing this.

You find it extremely hard to forgive and let go

The anger inside us grows when we fail to practice forgiveness and letting go. We dive deeper into how you can forgive in order to bring peace into your lives.

I don't want you to let anger ruin your life.

It was difficult to deal and manage anger until I learnt the science behind my anger. As I dived deeper, I realized that my anger was connected to my inner-child and I needed to heal her in order to heal my anger. 

Anger is not an ugly or evil emotion, but when we fail to manage this emotion and lose our mind over it – we make it ugly and evil.

There’re so many different, suppressed emotions hidden behind your anger and I want you to uncover them all. Through this course, I teach you to understand what’s beneath your anger and how you can bring it to the surface and heal yourself.

It solely is your responsibility to heal yourself and end the cycle of suffering.

Here's how my amazing student healed her life through Anger Journaling

There have been lots of amazing things that I experienced in my life. One of them must be told. That’s coming face to face with my anger through the help of my coach, Sonia. To be exact, I never perceived myself as an angry person, but once I looked further I was angry at many things, people, myself and it showed. Before the course, I was feeling irregulated with my feelings and emotions. My thoughts got the best of me and I was not functioning at a level that I was pleased with. After spending four weeks with Anger Journaling, I not only realized how to become in charge of my emotions, but also accepting myself, who I was, what I went through, serving myself right, and implementing the SUPERHERO qualities Sonia helped me see I had all along. My adult life as a mother of three and wife will never be like it was, but much more enjoyable. I am now able to care for myself in ways I neglected before and can nurture my inner child when she needs me. It’s substantial, the positive shift I have made in my life since then. I am so, so forever grateful, forever a changed person. Thank you to my favorite coach.

Souraya Matar

Marriage and Family therapist

anger journaling

The Ultimate Anger Management course

With over 5 * 60 min video learnings, four uniquely designed journals, four pre-recoded coaching sessions; anger journaling is the most comprehensive course out there to lead you from feeling helpless and frustrated of your anger to healing your deepest wounds and experiencing the most aligned, peaceful life.



De-briefing Anger and Anger management workbook

This is the foundational module of the anger journaling course where I will guide you on the folowing topics:


Psychology of Anger and workbook

This is the heart of the entire course. The psychology of anger is all about diving deep into our human brain psychology and understanding our anger at deeper level so as to heal our relationships.


Inner-child healing and inner-child healing journal

I love this module the most of the entire course because we are diving deep into healing our angry inner-child. Inner-child work is the most potent thing you can do for yourself.


The vital skill of letting go

The perfect closure for Anger journaling – learning the skill of letting go and forgiveness. This module will make you realize how important it is to have peace in your life and how to bring it.

anger journaling

Here's what you receive:

anger journaling

5 x 60 mins
in-depth learning videos

There's a detailed pre-recorded video of around an hour for every module that will allow you to understand the concepts in-depth and with utter clarity.

5 x mindful

The thoughtfully designed journals to help you understand the concepts of the course in much better and crisp way. Journals are the center of this course and I don't take it lightly when it comes to having deep, soulful journaling exercises + prompts.

anger journaling

5 x coaching session

The pre-recorded coaching sessions are the assets of this course. In every session, I'm debunking common anger questions and we're diving deep into solving the real-life anger issues.
These are all for over an hour each.

anger journaling

Grab your spot and heal your anger

The only intensive course out there to heal your anger by healing your inner-child and teaching you the powerful way of practicing forgiveness.

I was able to heal my relationship through this course.

I joined Sonia’s Anger journaling course to help me calm my temper and improve my relationship. The learnings from this course helped me so much to realize my triggers and most importantly the beautiful technique to heal my angry inner-child. I particularly loved the coaching calls though I wasn’t able to attend them LIVE. I’m grateful that I took this course because it really made me understand my inner-child and how I was getting in my own way of having healthy relationships.

Lauren M.

LA, California

Listen up - I want you to heal your anger but it always starts with YOU

Are you willing enough to get out of your own way and heal yourself? 

Listen up, I can provide you with deepest knowledge and information but it won’t work until and unless you show up for yourself, until you take your power back, until you realize that you are here to live an aligned, abundant life. It always starts with you.

The only question always is – Are you READY to live an aligned, abundant life that you have always envisioned for yourself?


Healing yourself is the most courageous act you can ever do for yourself.


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This course requires spending an hour a week for the modules and the time you spend on exploring the workbooks. Also, there are coaching calls that you can binge listen to.

The course is self-paced meaning you can finish it at your own timeline. There’s no rush.

You can always reach out to me @yourjournalcoach on IG or send me an email at [email protected]. Besides, you can check out my 1-1 details.