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Anger Journaling bundle

Get ready to learn some mindful techniques to manage your anger and live a peaceful life. The workshop and workbook bundle is pulled from my paid course. Enjoy!!

Tame your temper by putting your rage on the page.

I am incredibly passionate to talk about managing anger through journaling because anger if not controlled can really ruin your life. Think about the regretful words you may have spilled for your spouse in anger or just blasted off in front of your kids – I don’t want anger to run and ruin your life.

I know how it feels when the inside of you is burning with anger.

For a very long time, I kept suppressing my anger – the anger I had for my ex-toxic job, for the unjust society, for discrimination, personal life issues and so much more. This just started getting stacked up within. 

I admit, living with anger is the most difficult experience because it not only hurts you but is also painful for the people around you, people you love. I have felt guilt, the shame of roaring my anger on my people though they weren’t at fault. I felt utterly helpless and disappointed with myself. It was only when I dived to the roots of my anger that I was able to heal myself.

I want you to experience the same through this course.

Here's how my amazing student healed her life through Anger Journaling

There have been lots of amazing things that I experienced in my life. One of them must be told. That’s coming face to face with my anger through the help of my coach, Sonia. To be exact, I never perceived myself as an angry person, but once I looked further I was angry at many things, people, myself and it showed. Before the course, I was feeling irregulated with my feelings and emotions. My thoughts got the best of me and I was not functioning at a level that I was pleased with. After spending four weeks with Anger Journaling, I not only realized how to become in charge of my emotions, but also accepting myself, who I was, what I went through, serving myself right, and implementing the SUPERHERO qualities Sonia helped me see I had all along. My adult life as a mother of three and wife will never be like it was, but much more enjoyable. I am now able to care for myself in ways I neglected before and can nurture my inner child when she needs me. It’s substantial, the positive shift I have made in my life since then. I am so, so forever grateful, forever a changed person. Thank you to my favorite coach.

Soraya Matar

Family and Marriage therapist